Review of Sun Express flight Antalya Zurich in Economy

Airline Sun Express
Flight XQ120
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 08 Nov 15, 15:15
Arrival at 08 Nov 15, 17:55
XQ 19 reviews
By 2224
Published on 10th November 2015

Welcome to my first flight report which cover flight XQ120 from Antalya back to Zurich.

Preface: My grandparents wanted to go on holiday in Turkey with me and some other relatives. So my grandpa asked me to look for nice hotels near Antalya and I found a holiday package which included flights, hotel accommodation, transfers and more for a decent price. There were two airlines options: SunExpress or Pegaus Airlines via SAW. We choosed for SunExpress, although the other option would be a bit cheaper. After the decision, my grandpa went to a travel agency immediately and booked this holiday package.

On 31 October 2015 and after four months of waiting, I flew from ZRH to AYT. In my opinion, this flight was worse than the outbound flight for some reasons. I'm not going to make a flight report about this flight, because I didn't take enough pictures.
However, I had eight great days there and I was really satisfied and I would like to come back again. You will see some pics of my vacation at the end of my report (Tourism Bonus)!
This was my second trip to Antalya. Last time I flew with Sky Airlines in 2010 which doesn't exist anymore.

All shots are taken with my phone. I apologize for the quality.

After eight days relaxing and exploring, it was time to leave.
This is a pic of my room's balcony. This pic was taken right before I left my room. I was sad at this moment and also happy that I was going to fly soon.

photo 20151108_092655photo 20151108_101003

Checking out. Our hotel was really nice! Was sooo sad to leave. Our bus came 20 min after we checked out.

photo 20151108_101657

This was taken on the ride to the airport.

photo 20151108_113111

I really like the landscape there!

photo 20151108_113327

The Turkish flag and there's an A330 in the background.

photo 20151108_121127

We arrived Terminal 2 after a good hour of driving. It was at 12:20 (local time) and almost 3h before our flight started.

photo 20151108_121909

We had to pass a security check after we went into T2 and there was a long line, so we had to wait for 5-10 minutes.

photo rsz_20151108_122138

After passing security, I went to the FIDS and looked for our check-in counters.

photo 20151108_122838

Our check-in desks were still closed at the time because we were too early.

photo 20151108_122907

Terminal 2

photo 20151108_123016

SunExpress check-in counters for flights to Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.

photo 20151108_123019photo 20151108_123624

I walked to the FIDS again and I noticed a Metrojet flight. This Metrojet flight was scheduled to fly to Domodedovo but it was delayed for 10 hours. Unfortunately, a Metrojet A321 crashed 8 days before this flight. R.I.P. :(

photo rsz_20151108_123115

Then we noticed that the line at our check-in counters in getting longer, even though they weren't opened.

photo rsz_20151108_124630

After we checked in, we went to the second security check which was located in the upper floor.

photo rsz_20151108_130052

Here you can see many people and the check-in counters. There were Germans mostly, like me.

photo 20151108_130206

This model of T2 was interesting. I stopped there and my relatives walked on towards the security check. So I lost them for a short time.

photo 20151108_130227

On the way to the security check.

photo rsz_20151108_130146

Now it was time for the Passport Control after security check. I didn't have to wait there which was nice.

photo rsz_20151108_130817

After Passport Control

photo 20151108_130927

There was a large Duty Free Store, but I don't like them.

photo 20151108_130931photo 20151108_131354

This is the departure area. Starbucks, Subway Sandwiches, Burger King and other stores are located there.

photo 20151108_131704

I went to Starbucks and ordered a delicious Caramel Macchiato which was much cheaper than at ZRH

photo rsz_20151108_133335

After going to Starbucks, I looked for planes and saw a Metrojet A321. I apologize for the bad quality.

photo 20151108_131920 (2)

Departure Area…..

photo 20151108_132739

FIDS. Time to go to my gate! It was Gate 64.

photo rsz_20151108_132835

This looked interesting.

photo 20151108_141239

This plane came from Stuttgart and it was getting ready for the next flight.

photo rsz_20151108_134554

That's my boarding card. My seat would be 26B, but then I changed it with my grandma and so I got 26A.

photo rsz_1rsz_unbenannt5

The boarding started at 14:45 (15 min late).

photo rsz_20151108_144720photo 20151108_145124

Flight information:

Airline: SunExpress (XQ)

Flight number: XQ120

STD (Scheduled time of departure): 15:15

ATD (Actual time of departure): 15:32

STA (Scheduled time of arrival): 17:55

ATA (Actual time of arrival): 17:58

Scheduled flight time: 3h 40 minutes

Actual flight time: 3h 26 minutes

Origin: Antalya

Destination: Zürich

Route: AYT-ZRH

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Registration: TC-SEN

Age: 0.4 years (11 November 2015)

I was really happy when I saw the new cabin. In my opinion, it looks much better than the cabin in older XQ planes.

photo 20151108_145259photo 20151108_145338photo 20151108_145433

An AtlasGlobus A321 next to us.

photo 20151108_145442

I was really happy when I saw this beautiful SU A330-300! Love it!

photo 20151108_150745

Safety card

photo rsz_20151108_150115photo rsz_20151108_150120

XQ offered this 'SunShop', but I didn't buy anything.

photo rsz_20151108_150128

The flight attendants were very friendly. They could speak German well and one flight attendant even talked with my grandparents in Russian. I was really surprised about that!

photo rsz_20151108_145529

The seats were okay. To be honest, the seats are more comfortable in the older XQ planes. The seat pitch for my thin and long legs was absolutely okay.

photo rsz_20151108_145544

Taxiing to RWY 18L.

photo 20151108_152129

My good friend from Sweden managed to track my whole flight! Thank you very much my friend! He (Rl 777) also made some amazing flight reports.

photo IMG-20151108-WA0060

There were many charter airlines like Freebird Airlines or AltasGlobal.

photo 20151108_152317photo 20151108_152254

Ready for takeoff!

photo 20151108_152723

The takeoff was really nice, although we took off 17 min late.

photo 20151108_153322

Thank you again, Rohel!

photo IMG-20151108-WA0059photo IMG-20151108-WA0058

I couldn't take a nice shot from this window, because the sun was disturbing. So I asked my cousin who sit on Seat 26F if she could take some decent shots.

photo 20151108_153950

That's better! The mountains looked really nice.

photo 20151108_154127

Unfortunately, XQ doesn't serve food and drinks for free. Passengers can buy some snacks or drinks. The prices were okay.

photo 20151108_162939photo 20151108_162946

I was hungry, so I decided to buy a sandwich for 4€. The Simit Sandwich tasted better than I expected. My grandma bought a tea, but she told me that it wasn't so tasty. At this time, we were flying somewhere over Istanbul.

Beautiful sunset!

photo 20151108_164033photo IMG-20151108-WA0054photo IMG-20151108-WA0056

XQ's In-flight Entertainment was 'looking out of the window'. They didn't offer an Overhead TV or so. I get bored, so I decided to read a book for school which was also boring.

photo 20151108_164958

Somewhere over Croatia!

photo 20151108_165251

After I went to the toilet, I asked a flight attendant if I could have a look into the cockpit. The friendly flight attendant told me that she has to ask the pilots first. Later she came to my seat and told me that they allow me. I was really happy at the moment. So I really looked forward to meet the pilots.

I think there was Venice somewhere. I'm not sure about that.

photo 20151108_170909

Flying over the Alps. The sunset and the Alps looked so beautiful!

photo 20151108_171744

Descending into ZRH.

photo IMG-20151108-WA0050

Flying over Konstanz / Kreuzlingen.

photo 20151108_174449photo IMG-20151108-WA0049

Unfortunately, I couldn't take decent pics in the darkness. You can see ZRH in the background.

photo rsz_20151108_175153photo IMG-20151108-WA0045photo IMG-20151108-WA0046

Welcome to Zürich! Turkish Airlines A321 with Sharklets in the background.

photo 20151108_180218photo 20151108_180222

Nice lighting!

photo 20151108_180227

While all passengers were leaving the plane, a flight attendant opened the door to the cockpit. The pilots welcomed me and said that I can seat on the jumpseat. The friendly pilots and I talked for 5 minutes and one pilot was called Martin, like me. Although he is from the Netherlands, he could speak German fluently. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take a pic of the cockpit, but I accepted that.

I was the last passenger who left the plane.

photo 20151108_181521

On the way to the Skymetro.

photo rsz_20151108_181813

The ride was really nice.

photo 20151031_171114

After passing the quick Passport Control, we went to our Baggage Claim.

photo 20151108_182614photo rsz_20151108_182944photo rsz_120151108_183234

That's it for this flight.

ZRH is such a nice airport. It is clean and modern. I've never flown from this airport before and I was really satisfied!

Short Tourism Bonus:

See more


Sun Express

Cabin crew8.0

Antalya - AYT


Zurich - ZRH



I had a nice experience with SunExpress. It was actually better than I expected. The crew was very friendly and helpful and one of them could speak Russian as well which surprised me. The prices were acceptable and the Simit Sandwich was decent. The seat pitch was also acceptable for me and XQ’s cabin looked nice and clean in my opinion. I'm bored of the B737s because it was my 10th B737 flight, so I would rather like to fly on another plane. Having a look into the cockpit was also nice. XQ doesn't offer an In-Flight Entertainment which wasn't a problem for me, although I got bored. I don't think that an Overhead TV is needed and they announced a IFE.
Overall, I was quite satisfied with SunExpress but I would like to choose another airline next time.

Thank you for reading my first flight report and I hope you enjoyed it!



  • Comment 150418 by
    Rl 777 810 Comments

    Welcome to flight-report and thank you for sharing your first FR with us!

    The check-in area at AYT T2 looks huge with quite a few long lines!

    The shot of the different floors with Starbucks reminds me of shopping malls, wouldn't believe it was an airport at first glance.

    Glad you got a new bird, the cabin looks fresh even though the seat pitch seems slightly tight.

    It's good to hear the prices were decent, compared to the overpriced products on my recent DY flight to CPH.

    Np about the screenshots, thank you to you as well for all the screenshots you've provided me with in the past :).

    Great shots from your tourism bonus, I hope we'll see many more reports from you in the future!

    See you!

    • Comment 328435 by
      martin1405 AUTHOR 41 Comments

      Thank you for your comment!

      Np about the screenshots!!! :)

      Yes, the check-in area at T2 looks huge and I liked that.

      I didn't know that DY sells overpriced products on the flights. That surprises me. The prices on my 4U flight last year was slightly more expencive.

      I was so happy about the new fresh cabin. Because I've not been on many flights as you, I can't assess the seat pitch. But it was enough for me.

      Hopefully I'll fly as soon as possible. Flying is such a great experience. I wonder on what airline I'll fly next.

      Thank you very much again!!!

      See you!

  • Comment 150533 by
    KL651 TEAM 4497 Comments

    Thanks for this FR on a rarely reported airline.

    The sky interior is really an improvement of the cabin even if it looks really plastic-like in close up.

    Too bad the catering on the plane had to be paid for, it seems to be more and more the case with package holidays.

  • Comment 151515 by
    NGO85 1622 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this report and welcome to the site!

    Was this a chartered or scheduled flight with XQ?

    The check-in area at AYT doesn’t look very organized. There don’t seem to be any queues set up. Strange since the rest of the airport looks fairly modern and large.

    Flying on a new plane with BSI helps ease some of the pain of the standard ironing board seats. Seat pitch looks decent for a LCC; completely acceptable for a 2-hour flight. The new cabin looks much fresher than some older XQ reports I’ve seen.

    Prices on the BOB menu look fairly reasonable. On a LCC you can’t expect IFE and other in-flight amenities. You just hope for a friendly crew, a bearable seat pitch, and a good on-time performance. It looks like all those criteria were met on this flight so there isn’t too much to criticize XQ for, an overall good experience.

    Pretty harsh on the on-time performance rating, it looks like you landed on time.

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