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Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2479
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:08
Take-off 02 Nov 15, 18:40
Arrival at 02 Nov 15, 21:48
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Published on 14th November 2015
Once again hello everyone.
This is part two of my trip to London.

Trip Overview
1. MUC-LHR (LH2482 | A320-200) Can be found here:
2. LHR-MUC (LH2485 | A320-200 => Originally - was cancelled the night before and changed to LH2479 | A320-200) You are here

Some pictures of London
Weather in London during that weekend was brilliant. Clear sky, lot of sun and very warm. The warmest days in October and November in London since they started with weather recording.

Convent Garden
photo IMG_20151031_105729118_HDR

Jubilee Market
photo IMG_20151031_112917342_HDR

Rugby World Cup FanZone in Richmond
photo IMG_20151031_152030752_HDRphoto IMG_20151031_162059913

NFL Internationel Series Game @ Wembley
photo IMG_20151101_113715353_HDRphoto IMG_20151101_134350459_HDRphoto IMG_20151101_171058929_HDR

Flight Cancellation
During Saturday night heavy fog was building up and already delayed a lot of flights on Sunday morning @ Heathrow. During the day the fog cleared up, but came back in the late afternoon. When we arrived at our hotel the first thought of my father was, if Heathrow is still open because of low visibility - it was very low.

When we arrived at the hotel and I had WIFI access, I checked my Emails and got one from Lufthansa. You can see it in the picture blow. It was the first time for me and my father, who has more than 100 flights, that a flight was cancelled.

photo Flight_cancelled

Well my first thought was Great that is the only information?. So I checked my online booking and there was the following.

photo 2015-11-02_Flight_cancelled_2

Red sentence: Unfortunately your flight was cancelled. Therefore your booking has changed. Please check in for an alternative flight.

Wow great LH I was not able to choose any alternative flight. After getting a little bit angry I tried to call the LH service hotline. After about 50min on hold I was able to talk to an service agent. I told him my problem and asked for an alternative flight with the earliest arrival time in MUC. I did not care if the alternative flight would be via FRA, DUS, HAM or any other airport, but the service agent told me that LH had to cancel a lot of flights from Germany to London because of the heavy fog. So finally there was just one opportunity with only 8 free seats - LH2479 on Monday, November 2nd 2015 with departure at 05:50 pm local time - 10 hours later than my originally flight.

After the phone call I got a new email with the updated booking details. This time I was able to check in and selected new seats for that flight - I paid 10€ per seat per person per route, so I was quite happy that that worked after that little mess.

photo 2015-11-02_New_Seats

My updated trip

photo 2015-11-02_New_Flight

Finally I checked the Economy booking class and was surprised, because as you can see I got 10x more Miles as I would have got on my originally flight. So overall a nice compensation for that cancellation and 50min hold.

photo 2015-11-02_More_Miles

I asked at the hotel if it would be possible to get a later checkout time than noon. It was no problem to stay in the hotel until 3pm which was just right for us.

On Monday morning the weather was the same - still a lot of thick fog and mist in London.
I took some pictures during the morning hours when we were walking around the area of Hounslow.

photo IMG_20151102_105929344photo IMG_20151102_110307381photo IMG_20151102_110313290

British Airways beauties B747 & B787

photo IMG_20151102_114702387

View from our hotel room.

Taken at about 9am
photo IMG_20151102_085517425

Taken at about 1pm
photo IMG_20151102_135208441_HDR

The fog cleared a little bit during the day was still there in some areas.
At 3pm we checked out and went to LHR via Metro.

And now I start with the second flight segment LHR -> MUC on Monday, November 2nd 2015.

When we arrived at the airport it was very very busy. A lot of people with cancelled flights were asking the service staff what they should do and when they will get an alternative flight.

photo IMG_20151102_151510501_HDR

To sum it up, it was quite lucky to get the late afternoon flight to Munich, because 2 of the the morning and early afternoon flight from LHR to MUC were already cancelled or hat a lot of delay. For example the 8am flight LHR -> MUC departed at around 1-2pm local time .

Another surprise was that when we checked in the New Zealand Rugby Team (World Cup Winners 2015) and South African Rugby Team (finished the World Cup in 3rd position) arrived at the terminal and checked in for their flights back home. I got an photo with on of the Springbok players which was another highlight for me during that weekend.

MUC -> LHR | A320-200 | LH2479

Registration: D-AIZH
Delivered : 23rd June 2010

Scheduled Departure: 05:50pm
Push Back : 06:40pm
Actual Departure : 07:17pm

Scheduled Arrival : 08:35pm
Actual Arrival : 09:43pm
Parking Position : 09:48pm

(All times are local)

Flight Ticket
photo LH2479

South African A340
photo IMG_20151102_174630741

Singapore Airlines A380
photo IMG_20151102_174838346

During our time at Heathrow we checked several times to see if the inbound flight LH2478 was on its way because the fog got worse from hour to hour. With quite a big delay LH2478 departed MUC and arrived at around 05:35pm local time @ LHR.

Boarding begun at about 06:15pm and was done within 20-25min. The flight was of course 100% full and the whole crew, including the captain during his announcement, tried to do their best to keep everyone happy - a few passengers were a very long time at the airport and had to wait.

With a delay of 1.5 hours we departed LHR into the heavy fog - which we left behind us after just a few seconds of climbing.

Boarding and Seat pitch, which was the same as on the previous flight.

photo IMG_20151102_182330643_HDRphoto IMG_20151102_182350643

We had to wait at the apron.

photo IMG_20151102_184300443photo IMG_20151102_185336564

Meal service began shortly after the seatbelt sign were switched off.

photo IMG_20151102_192708058

We headed south straight over Belgium and with the clear sky around you were able to see the lights of Paris at the horizon.

Magazines onboard

photo IMG_20151102_192735568

Again, there were two sandwiches offered - Beef Pastrami or Tomato & Mozzarella. (the same as on flight LH2482)
I choose the Beef Pastrami one again.

photo IMG_20151102_193349310_HDR

The rest of the flight was calm and nothing special. We arrived in Munich about 1 hour later than scheduled.

Finally at the gate at Terminal 2 in MUC

photo IMG_20151102_214823937

Bonus: EK A380 and EY A380 departure from LHR
On Saturday morning I was able to get the two A380s of EK and EY on tape.
You can see both departures in the videos below.

Etihad Airways Flight EY 12

Emirates Flight EK 8

Thanks again to everyone for readiny part 2.

See you soon.
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Cabin crew8.0

London - LHR


Munich - MUC



A special flight for me, my first ever cancellation of a flight. I hope it will be my last.
Overall, firstly I was a little bit disappointed in LH because of lack of information when my flight was cancelled. But every LH staff, hotline agent and cabin crew were very friendly despite some tired and angry passengers - they handled the situation very professional, no doubt.

You can't blame anyone for that cancellation. As someone who is interested in aviation, I know how difficult and stressful it must be for every airport worker and the crew during such difficult weather - and the weather was obviously very bad.

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    Thanks for this report,

    I understand your opinion about LH according this experience. Anyway they should do something concerning it.
    It would be much more easy to get some solution online rather than calling them during one hour^^

    Classical LH flight and apparently really sad weather

    See you

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