Review of Aer Lingus flight Belfast London in Economy

Airline Aer Lingus
Flight EI034
Class Economy
Seat 18F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 16 Mar 15, 13:05
Arrival at 16 Mar 15, 14:25
EI 80 reviews
By 1880
Published on 24th November 2015
For few days, I decided to visit my friend in Northern Ireland. I'm going there each year and each time I'm trying to fly with a different carrier. Often I'm flying with Flybe. But this year I decide to try Aer Lingus. Usually when I'm going to Belfast I have to fly to Dublin and then take a bus if I'm flying with Aer Lingus. But since approximately one year Aer Lingus is flying from and to Belfast City airport. I saw that the A319 is based at Heathrow and the 320 at Gatwick. So to test both I booked one way from Gatwick and the return to Heathrow. I already took the A320 on my flight between CDG and DUB. Let's start my Aer Lingus flight to Belfast experience…



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Few minutes before my flight I arrived to the airport. Like usual I pass the security area quickly. Then I went next to the windows to see which planes where able to be seen. At that time I saw only one Aer Lingus plane, and I guessed that it was the plane which will bring me to London. It will be the first time that I will fly on a Airbus A319 Aer Lingus. During the waiting time, I spoke with some other passengers who will be on the same flight than me. Few minutes after, boarding was call, just time for me to have time to go to buy a magazine.

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Boarding screens were out today. To show you details about my flight, here is a little picture. I enjoy to have an Aer Lingus ticket thanks to its quality. It's becoming rare to get a BP like they have now, due of cut costs that many airlines realized. It is more usual to receive cheap quality BP nowdays. Now I'm ready to board. When boarding to this plane, we were welcome by two flight crew. Here is my seat, aboard this Airbus A319 Aer Lingus. I got enouth space for my legs. Seat was not so hard like the Recaro seats are often. In the seat's pocket we were able to find the safety card, the Aer Lingus mag and the Aer Lingus Shop Mag. After the boarding was completed stewardess made the safety demonstration, and then we taxi for our take off.

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Quickly after take off we turn to the right which offer to see Belfast City Harbor and Airport. Few minutes later, we arrived to our our cruise altitude. The crew made some announcements about the lavatories, the non-smoking policy and what they will sell during the flight (food and beverages and as well some duty free). Then after the service was made, I took the cabin's picture. I really enjoy the cabin's color. Plane was not completly full but the load factor was arround 30%. It was really comfortable. Flight from London Gatwick had an higher load factor. Sometimes the Airbus A319 is used for the flights to Spain from the UK or Ireland.

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I enjoyed this flight because it was not too long, and I had enought time to have a little rest before we start our descent. Over the UK's continent, it was really cloudy. Especially when we start to arrive in London surroundings. A last check was made, fasten seat belt sign was on and the plane was ready to land to LHR. It was a usual approach, apart the weather which was not so good. This year's weather was not really nice. But anyway sometimes I was able to have some holidays and to be able to see the sun. That time we made our final to the opposite side of London City.

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It was a busy time at Heathrow. Many planes were waiting to take off. Then after a long taxi, we arrived to our gate. We parked next to other Aer Lingus planes, and to the Virgin Atlantic's planes which from leased by Aer Lingus. When disembarking I went to visit to the flight deck and to chat a bit with the Aer Lingus' captain. As you can see they still use many papers, but are changing their way how to work thanks to some new devices. I thanks the crew for this nice flight. Before to leave the plane, I spoke a bit with the strward about my previous story on my SAS flight. He was a bit surprised about how it ends and was happy for me.


Thank you to Aer Lingus for this nice flight to London Heathrow. It was a great Airbus A319 flight experience !!! Next time I will try the A321 !!!

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Aer Lingus

Cabin crew8.0

Belfast - BHD


London - LHR



The flight was on time. So that's fine.

The cabin was looking clean. The seat was comfortable with a good pitch for an hour flight.

They made their job during this flight. Before to arrive to Belfast pilot made some announcement about our flight.

Nothing was free on this flight. Everything was for purshase. They were some possibilities to do some prebook online.

This was a good flight on Aer Lingus. I enjoyed to fly for the first time on the litlle 319 Aer Lingus !

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