Review of Iberia flight Madrid Lisbon in Business

Airline Iberia
Flight IB 3118
Class Business
Seat 1F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 15 Mar 16, 22:50
Arrival at 15 Mar 16, 23:05
IB   #51 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 349 reviews
By SILVER 1380
Published on 27th June 2016

This series covers a two week vacation to Europe that will feature stops in SOF, BEG, TIV, LIS, ARN, and ATH. For background and planning, please refer back to Part 1. As a reminder, the routing for this series is:

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This report will cover the trans-Iberian flight from MAD to LIS on IB. Since there was a short connection in MAD and a nighttime flight, this will be a short and sweet report.


Since I had a 55-minute layover in MAD, there was no time to doddle. I left off the last series as I rushed to immigration and cleared security. After taking the elevator up to the main concourse, I still had a ~7 minute walk to my gate. MAD is a ghost town at this hour.

photo 1photo 2

The awesome ceiling in MAD T4.

photo 3

By the time I finally reach my gate, boarding is well under way. I decide to just wait and board last.

photo 4

I just grab a seat by my gate and admire the terminal while I take a breather.

photo 5photo 6

My boarding pass for this flight.

photo 7

My plane waiting outside, it will be in the new livery.

photo 8


Iberia, IB 3118
Equipment: Airbus A321 [EC-JDR “Sierra Cebollera”, delivered June 2006]
Departure: 22:50 (ATD: 22:59)
Arrival: 23:05 (ATA: 22:53)
Flight time: 0:54

When last call is made, I join the queue and head down the jetbridge.

photo 9

Traffic jam.

photo 10

Fuselage shot.

photo 11

Finally entering the galley, the male FA greets me in Spanish, followed by English (after seeing my blank stare). The male FA working the F cabin was actually British and had been working with IB for over 5 years now. A picture of the bulkhead row and my seat.

photo 12

Seat pitch is generous in the bulkhead for European J standards.

photo 13

Our next door neighbor is a BA ERJ-190.

photo 14

The bulkhead has a “You are here” sign.

photo 15

The bulkhead pocket in dated grey leather.

photo 16

Safety card for this A321.

photo 17photo 18photo 19

The FA then came through and offered me an English newspaper.

photo 20

He also offered a pillow.

photo 21

We fired up on time and were quickly leaving MAD on this quiet night.

photo 22

The J cabin was only 2 rows on this flight and the load was 3/8. The 2nd row remained empty. The only other passengers were seated in 1A and 1C. The FA asked if one of them wanted to move back to Row 2, but they both declined and talked to each other the entire flight over whiskey.

photo 23

As soon as signaled, the FA immediately was up and taking drink/dinner orders. There was no option for main. The tray as delivered.

photo 24

I asked for water and Irish cream. He returned with my water glass, he set up the tray table next to me for my drinks, and poured the Irish cream in front of me. This seems to be a service protocol on IB, where they show the bottle and pour the liquor in front of you.

photo 25

The salad was the same as on the last flight.

photo 26

The main was better than the tasteless pasta served LHR-MAD, but the green beans were very dry. The chicken was stuffed with some sort of olive and apricot filling?

photo 27

Two pieces of cheese and ONE grape comprised the cheese plate.

photo 28

The dessert. I didn’t even try and open this up to see what it was, I didn’t want to touch it.

photo 29

Bread was offered from a basket.

photo 30

Instead of the separate coffee/tea service, the coffee cup and chocolate was pre-placed on the tray and filled immediately.

photo 31

I didn’t finish the meal by the time we started our final descent. Before I knew it, we were dropping into LIS on a clear night.

We touched down on time and had a short taxi to our gate.

photo 37

We pulled into the last gate, to our right was some TP A320s at remote stands.

photo 38

Deplaning into the neon LIS terminal.

photo 39

Following the signage to the baggage claim.

photo 41photo 42

After collecting my bag, I went straight to the subway station where I bought and charged an IC card and took the subway to my hotel. The Lisbon metro is very clean, convenient, and cheap.

photo 43photo 44photo 45

I’ll leave off this series here as I begin my 3-night stay in LIS. I’ll pick up this series as I begin the BA portion of the itinerary up to ARN.

Lisboa Tourist Bonus:

Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

photo 104photo 112photo 111

Raccoon Graffiti

photo 105

Torre de Belém

photo 106photo 107


photo 109

Bright colored houses near Belém

photo 110

Estádio do Restelo, the home of C.F. Os Belenenses

photo 113photo 114

Jardim Afonso de Albuquerque and the Palácio de Belém

photo 115photo 116

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

photo 117

Praça do Comércio and the Arco da Rua Augusta

photo 118photo 119photo 120

Streets in downtown Lisboa.

photo 121

Sé de Lisboa

photo 122

Azulejos de Lisboa

Castelo de São Jorge

photo 127photo 128


photo 129

Views of Lisboa from Castelo de São Jorge

photo 130photo 131photo 132

Igreja de São Vicente de Fora

photo 133

Sunset from Igreja e Convento da Graça

photo 134photo 135photo 136

Estátua de D. Pedro IV

photo 137

Estátua de Dom João I

photo 138
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Cabin crew9.0

Madrid - MAD


Lisbon - LIS



A decent performance by IB on this short hop. The catering is abundant, but lacks quality. The crew was pleasant and that made it a good flight.

Cabin comfort: The older A321 was pretty average. The seats are what they are, but at least I had the row to myself and the bulkhead legroom is decent.

Crew: A pretty chatty British FA on this flight. He was very attentive and smiling. Probably not a normal experience on IB, but this crew was at least very good.

Meal and catering: No menu or PDB. For a <1 hour flight departing at 23:00, a full meal tray is a job well done by IB. That said, quantity and quality are two very different things. I wasn't so impressed by the quality of what they put on the tray.

Entertainment: Newspaper offered. Standard seatback literature. No IFE.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est TAP Air Portugal avec 7.2/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 31 minutes.

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  • Comment 355101 by
    marathon GOLD 10151 Comments
    It's a short flight and you can't expect a choice of a hot meal. I would have eaten the dessert, and possibly regretted that I had ;)
    A splendid view of Lisbon upon arrival - on par with the cityscape when descending on daytime. (Great view of MAD's terminal too).
    You did not identify your title picture, but most people know this monument (I do!)
    Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 355235 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      Thanks for your comments Marathon!

      A splendid view of Lisbon upon arrival - on par with the cityscape when descending on daytime."
      - The Fake Golden Gate Bridge was hard to get in focus when we crossed the Tagus River.

      "You did not identify your title picture, but most people know this monument (I do!)"
      - The bonus has been added just for you ;)
  • Comment 355105 by
    Numero_2 TEAM BRONZE 10459 Comments
    Thank you Michael !

    MAD makes me think of ZRH after 10pm : Closed shops and nobody in sight.

    The catering looks decent for such a short flight.

    • Comment 355236 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      Merci Clement!

      "MAD makes me think of ZRH after 10pm : Closed shops and nobody in sight."
      - Or most airports, lol^^

      "The catering looks decent for such a short flight."
      - The quantity was impressive given the flight time and duration, but it didn't really taste that great.
  • Comment 355285 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    A very interesting design inside MAD's T4.

    Nice to get some 'proper' legroom on a European flight in J.

    The quantity was definitely great for such a short flight, I didn't excpect a full meal. Quality wasn't the best but still better than a snack.

    Absolutely fantastic shots of Lisbon before landing!

    Beautiful bonus from the Portuguese capital!

    Have a good one, see you!
    • Comment 370935 by
      NGO85 SILVER AUTHOR 2002 Comments
      My bad, never saw this comment!

      "A very interesting design inside MAD's T4."
      - Probably the most beautiful airports architecturally. Can't wait to go back for New Year's for a proper stay.

      "The quantity was definitely great for such a short flight, I didn't excpect a full meal. Quality wasn't the best but still better than a snack."
      - It's the same amount as food as served on LHR-MAD, which is considerably longer.

      "Beautiful bonus from the Portuguese capital!"
      - I also realized I never finished reading your series to LIS, I'll get on that this week ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my report!

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