Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Jakarta Batam Island in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA154
Class Economy
Seat 25J
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 06 Jan 17, 14:10
Arrival at 06 Jan 17, 16:10
GA 207 reviews
By 1324
Published on 15th January 2017
Welcome to my second report here at!

After a while staying in Jakarta just to visit my father and meet up with friends during new years break from Uni life. Without any exact plan I was invited by my father to go to Batam, Kepulauan Riau Province located north-western part of Indonesia and really close with Singapore, for what? I'm not sure what I'm gonna do at first, but my father have something important to do and we're going home to Bandung thru Batam, so it'll be Jakarta CGK - Batam BTH - Bandung BDO trip, as a kid that grew up to like planes and flew so bad I've no reason to say NO and I do insist to go even I already have train ticket to Bandung on Saturday.

So here we start our journey from nearly at the Central Jakarta to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK-WIII) took about 30 to 40ish minute. Driving thru Jakarta's traffic thats not so really bad actually that time .
photo img_1698
The Sedyatmo Toll Road was pretty OK, no traffic at all. So its almost 25 km or about 15 miles journey.
photo img_1700
One of the welcoming scluptures at the aiport by Nyoman Nuarta.
photo img_1702

So since 9th August 2016 Garuda's domestic flight have been moved to the newest terminal expansion of Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. For sure I was excited for the very first time to actually tried the one of phenomenal jokes about the expectation and the reality of the construction of the new terminal expansion. We need to follow the way to the terminal building!
photo img_1704

The Terminal 3 of SHIA CGK

So here we are!
photo img_1708
The drop-off zones 1 & 2 actually will be for International departures and drop-off zones 3 & 4 currently used for domestic departures.
photo img_1709photo img_1710
To the left of information desk is check-in island A, B, and C for international departures where probably will be ready in this spring who knows, and to the right of information desk is check-in island D, E, and F for domestic departures.
photo img_1717photo img_1718
Right after we printed our boarding passes, we went through the second security check before we went to the gates, lounges, shops, and concession area.
photo img_1725
So the gate 13 was not so far away from the escalator, so I still can try to walk to the end of Terminal 3 or gate 17 and manage to bought a hot vanilla latte at the Starbucks.
photo img_1744
Back to the main hall
photo img_1749
Our plane for the flight? It will be PK-GMZ I guess?
photo img_1748photo img_1751

Boarding Time

Boarding commenced lil bit late from the schedule. View of the gate 13 and the boarding pass.
photo img_1757photo copy
Lets walk!
photo img_1758
What I like tho most from Terminal 3, yes the glass wall jet bridge!
photo img_1761
The L1 door, the Flight Service Manager (FSM) in cobalt blue kebaya and one lady in orange kebaya welcoming every pax warmly.
photo img_1762
Skyteam and Boeing Sky Interior sticker so torn out they absolutely need to replace it with the new one!
photo img_1763
Boarding proses took almost 20-ish minute?
photo img_1766
Garuda's Boeing 737-800 seat pitch wasn't so bad for me.
photo img_1767
FSM/Purser announcement.
photo img_1769
Safety video of 737-800 Garuda's
photo img_1773
Taxing to the runway 25L, where its just the opposite side of T3 CGK! The duration of taxing time took us about 15 minutes ish, I wish I seated on the window seat cause we just pass thru T2, T1, Cargo Terminal, and also Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF AeroAsia).
photo img_1776
Visit Jakarta kida promotions videos while we're taxing to the Runway 25L, right after we're on the runway 25L the plane just full speed to climb to the sky!
photo img_1777
Seat pocket containing safety card, 3 magazines, airsickness bag, and headseat for the PTV IFE. The news paper actually offered right on the cabinet when you boarded by L1 door.
photo img_1779
Since its only about one hour flight there's only one option for lunch that day was nasi goreng (fried rice) with chicken curry if I'm not wrong, to accompany my meal I chose orange juice, and I set the PTV IFE to miss peregrine's home for peculiar children movie.
photo img_1781photo img_1783photo img_1785
2nd drink service with Garuda's ads for new route to Mumbai via Bangkok
photo img_1787
photo img_1791photo img_1792
Pretty cool cabin mood lighting that cabin crew playing up with.
photo img_1793photo img_1794
Looking outside. Its super close when you can see Barelang Bridge
photo img_1797photo img_1798
The landing was smooth and we parked next to Wings' ATR.
photo img_1799
Lets disembark people!
photo img_1801photo img_1804

Welcome to Batam

Make sure you're at the right airport Hang Nadim International Airport (BTH - WIDD)
photo img_1807
Thanks for the ride and see you when I see you GMZ!
photo img_1808
Arrival area of BTH, Nothings really change here since 2012 I guess.
photo img_1809photo img_1810photo img_1813
Fish net? Ahh… the ceiling falling apart since the terminal building aging and the poor maintenance for sure.
photo img_1814
Old split-flap display by Solari di Udine, Italy. As I remember back in 2012 the display was still working well. But now?
photo img_1816
The airport arrival lobby was so crowded.
photo img_1817
Thru the HangTuah Avenue to the Harbourbay area.
photo img_1824
Arrived at the Swiss-Belhotel International Harbourbay Batam.
photo img_1856photo img_1829

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So this is the end of my report! Thank you for stopping by and reading my report here. I'm sorry for not so clear quality for the pictures since I lost the pictures on my camera. But enjoy it! If you like it push the Like button and if you've something to ask or just to say anything feel free to comment my report!
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Cabin crew10.0

Jakarta - CGK


Batam Island - BTH



Finally I can flew again with Garuda Indonesia on Jakarta (CGK) to Batam (BTH) route. The cabin crew always delivery the best service I could get, their service wasn't so robotic and not so faked with their hospitality, warm, smiles, etc. I was suprised by a Garuda's cabin crew named Sekar whose taking care the front section of the economy class so warm and absolutely delivery best service to the passengers including me where I asked extra napkin/tissue and also she's so patiently guide a mother with infant that seated next to me to guide the mom to use the loop belts or the infant seatbelt without looking so rushed or anything. Even with full pax and only 4 cabin crew onboard they absolutely rock it! Nice Garuda Indonesia!



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  • Comment 382082 by
    anaknegeri 55 Comments
    Nice report, Sir!

    Our flag carrier is always amazing, with their excellent services and comfortable cabin.

    BTW my last trip to Batam was in 2007, and after seeing your pictures, the Hang Nadim Airport shows similar condition with my last trip. The airport needs to be improved.
    • Comment 414169 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments
      Yes indeed! Before this flight I flew on Garuda back on 2015 to Surabaya from Bandung, but my experience wasn't so good with multiple times of delaying and got the non-PTV AVOD IFE is such a down point right after more than 4 hours delayed (pretty rare for Garuda, but yes it happened to me lol). Gosh BTH need to do total revamp from A to Z at their terminal building for seriously. I actually took bunch of pictures on how the management can't manage and maintain the terminal, but if I'm not mistaken they're undergo the renovation bit by bit right now. Good for them...
  • Comment 382152 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9449 Comments
    Thnaks for sharing this report with us. garuda is really an excellent airlines whatever calss you are traveling. The meals looks very good and the Flight Attendants are close to perfection ( like SQ).
    The new terminal seems to be very nice and those large windows are a paradise for spotters.
    • Comment 414170 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments
      Thanks SKYTEAMCHC! Oh well sometimes Garuda's cabin crew still inconsistent with how they delivery the services is. But for sure Garuda is way better now than then in 2000-2009. The new Terminal 3 is nice but its below expectation. Yes, the huge curtain window was super awesome for spotters and really nice to just see everything on the tarmacs

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