Review of Lufthansa flight Denver Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight 481
Class Economy
Seat a33
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 10:45
Take-off 03 Feb 17, 16:00
Arrival at 04 Feb 17, 10:45
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Published on 14th February 2017


Although the duration of the trip was only five days it was a trip of many firsts. My first time flying a foreign carrier (Lufthansa), my first trip alone, my first time in Germany and my first time flying the A330. Though the thought of traveling to Germany this time of year might seem strange it was technically a business trip for my startup as I was attending a trade show called ISPO Munich (a trade show for outdoor clothing and athletic brands). I will be honest however, during the days and hours before the travel date I was riddled with anxiety and stress with concerns ranging from if the trade show would be a success to basic worries such as finding my way in a foreign city making me short tempered, sweaty and a little irrational. In any case I bet you're ready for some pics!

The Beginning

Taking into consideration my worries, my mom drove me to the airport and decided to stick around until it was time to proceed to TSA to ensure I checked-in ok and possessed the necessary information. We reached Lufthansa check-in desk and there was virtually no line as we were among the first passengers to arrive. The agent invites me over to proceed and I hand him my passport upon request. Interestingly enough for some reason his polished appearance and calm/professional demeanor instantly cleared my anxiety and assured me that I was in good hands (or it could be that the reality of finally being a paying passenger on one of Europe's most well know and respected airlines was beginning to set in!). As a small celebration of victory I grab a small handful of LH bag-tags, raise one to my mother and proclaim that i've finally earned a Lufthansa tag!
photo img_2530photo img_2529

Departure Gate

After check-in mom and I decided to wait in the commons area to review last minute details such as making sure my translator app worked and that my valuables were properly stored. Sure enough 3pm came around it was time to proceed to the gate and bid my goodbyes. A47 was my departure gate with the star of the show already waiting for me!
photo img_2531photo img_2534photo img_2535

Ah! Guten Nachmittag Frau Lufty!
photo img_2532photo img_2536

More pics of the departure gate. This time the area began to fill up with the guests.
photo img_2537


At around 3:30 the boarding call was announced and great anticipation was building. I almost still couldn't believe I was boarding Lufthansa! I get in the queue and eventually hand over my passport and ticket to the gate agent who quickly glanced at the photo, scanned my boarding pass and with a friendly "Thank You, Bye!" I was merrily trotting down the jetway like a giddy 7 year old smiling like a psychiatric patient. Reaching the A330 boarding door I was greeted by a pleasant FA who guided me to the correct aisle. Holy cow! Im in! Once onboard, its easy to forget how much time it can take to reach your seat onboard a widebody. The seat itself although on the firm side was comfortable enough for a long haul and pitch was surprisingly decent with no entertainment box in the way. I will admit once settling down and looking out the window I felt high and mighty looking down at the domestic jets. After getting settled I was joined by my seat mate, a gentleman from Fayetteville on his way to Prague.

Some cabin shots containing the potpourri of passengers and crew. During boarding the first officer introduced himself on the intercom and briefed us on the flight with the announcement in German first then English. He stated that there was some last minute cargo to load and paper work to sign and afterwards we should be on our way

photo img_2548photo img_2544

An FA coming through with what appears to be a box of small toys for the younger passengers. What a nice gesture
photo img_2547

Push Back & Taxi

Not surprising for a German airline our flight pushed back right on the dot. During push back the safety video commenced which was a smart and efficient presentation with soothing electrica background music. Once Frau Lufty regained consciousness and slowly sailed away from the gate we stroll past other wide bodies: A BA747, Mama Lufty 747 and a sleek looking Icelandair 757.

photo img_2551photo img_2552

Take-off and first few hours of flight

The aircraft reaches the active runway and we sit for a few moments waiting for the go-ahead from tower. Finally, the RR's come to life and once again in typical DIA fashion Lufty takes her sweet time getting airborne. I will note however, the take-off was a little strange. Minimal power was applied initially and little by little increased until we lifted off. The airbus confidently soars into the sky and we quickly disappear into the dense clouds not to be seen again for another 10 + hours. The first few minutes were quite bumpy as we flew through dense clouds and clear air turbulence from the nearby mountains but over time dissipated. Later, the purser comes through the intercom to inform us on the inflight service and then roughly 45 mins inflight the FA's offer drinks and a light snack. Feeling festive I order a glass of white wine.

Inflight Service

Once the snack was finished I took the time to familiarize myself with LH's inflight entertainment OS. A good selection of movies both domestic and foreign along with a travel guide that gave insightful tips on what to see and do in Munich as well as advice on German culture. The overhead lights and the FA call button were also operated via the touch screen PTV. First these buttons were above, then they migrated to the armrest controller and now you access them through the screen. The music selection was a little disappointing as the OS did not come with a radio stream but instead a pre-programed limited selection of music that I've never heard of as the artists were predominately German and Scandinavian. The biggest let down was the dysfunctional inflight map. It constantly froze and flickered thus rendering it impossible to watch. Everything else worked fine.
I decide to stretch my legs for a few moments to review the lav. Everything appeared to be in order. Once returning to my seat the FA's begin a hot towel service in preparation for dinner. A welcome relief for my dry skin.
photo img_2564photo img_2565

No menu was offered as the FA stated the options to the passengers. The predictable usuals of chicken or pasta were offered. I chose the chicken but the pasta option with garlic pesto was quite tempting. Despite reading numerous trip reports I forgot how tiny the portions were. The food was actually quite good as the rice was tender and sticky, the chicken was moist and flavorful and the salad cool and crisp but the brownie (although decent enough) was unremarkable. The only downside was the ciabatta bread which was cold and hard and as mentioned already the small portion but it did the job and kept hunger at bay.

Bone app the teeth!
photo img_2568photo img_2569photo img_2574

Cabin walk around

After the dinner service had concluded why not take a quick lap around economy!
photo img_2575photo img_2576

And we're finally entering the pond. Only 3812 miles to go
photo img_2579

Lights out
photo img_2580

At this point I've already consumed two servings of two-buck chuck quality wine along with an after dinner hot tea which was making it extremely difficult to stay awake and since i've already watched the films I was interested in I might as well catch some zzzz's while I still can. On the PTV's, there is a function on the screen that enables passengers to set a message that states "Please wake me for meal service" to the FA's. Despite welcoming this feature I was highly doubtful the busy FA's would bother to look and notice so I set my phone buzzer to the estimated time they would commence the breakfast service. All in all, I've managed to achieve about 2 1/2 hours of poor quality sleep (I don't sleep well on planes)

Wake-up, breakfast and arrival

By the time I woke up we were well within EU aerospace with the breakfast service commencing somewhere over southern England with about 90 mins before landing. Again with a hot towel service then shortly followed by the actual meal.
photo img_2581photo img_2585

No options were given for breakfast (usually there isn't an option for economy) but offered on this flight was an egg omelette served with potato cakes and a side of spinach (nice and hot) along with a fruit cup (frozen solid and had seen fresher days) and a roll that was again cold and hard (why don't airlines ever warm up the bread) along with an assortment of jams and butter. It was a little greasy but overall a surprisingly good meal and definitely hit the spot although the spinach was inedible.

photo img_2584

After the final meal/beverage service ended the captain (or was it the purser?) comes through the intercom notifying passengers that we would be arriving in MUC shortly and to take care of any last minute tasks before the seatbelt sign switched back on.

Last minute packing and preparation for descent and arrival
photo img_2586

One of my favorite aspects about this flight was the landing. An absolute visual treat to view the quilt like patchwork of farms and rural villages. Willkommen in Bayern! A magical land with fine beer, luxury cars and all the bratwursts to your heart's desire. The song "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka came to mind during the process. Fun Fact, the 1970s film Willy Wonka was actually filmed in Munich!
photo img_2592photo img_2593

"If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it"

photo img_2594

Arrived at last! During touch-down we made what was arguably one of the smoothest landings i've ever felt. My only indication that the wheels hit the ground were the deployment of the spoilers
photo img_2598photo img_2600

This Shark Fin A330 next to us ended up being the aircraft I take on the way back
photo img_2602


photo img_2603photo img_2606photo img_2608

It was a pleasure flying with you Frau Lufty!
photo img_2609

Our flight was parked in terminal 2, which means you'll have to take an underground tram to get to the main concourse for customs, baggage, external transport etc. Once disembarking, it took me a bit of minute to figure out where exactly I needed to go as I had to inquire an agent as to where customs were located. Eventually I make it to baggage but it took ages for the luggage to be delivered I began to think that maybe I missed the window. Customs was across the hall where I joined a long queue for non-EU citizens. I hand over my passport to the customs officer where he asked the usual questions such as my purpose in Munich and for the duration. For whatever reason he takes a longer time to analyze my passport and it begins to make me somewhat anxious and I almost replied "Ist da etwas falsch mein herr" but by then he stamps my passport and says "thank you" and from there I was exposed to the crisp Munich air.

photo img_2611


Despite the fact I spent most of my time at ISPO Munich I still allocated plenty of time for leisure. Enjoy!

photo img_2614

Marien Platz with the Frauen Kirch in the foreground

Odin's Beard! By the God's of Asgard we feast!
photo img_2659

Incase you wanted to know what the world's largest outdoor gear trade show looked liked
photo img_2689

Nymphenburg palace
photo img_2683

View from the Olympic Park tower with BMW Welt below
photo img_2706
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Cabin crew8.5

Denver - DEN


Munich - MUC



I did it! I survived and prospered from my first foreign trip alone. Overall aside from the technical and catering quirks I enjoyed my flight with Lufthansa and will certainly consider travel with them for future star alliance flights. However one aspected that really erked me was having to shell out 35$ per leg per seat in order to pre-select my assigned seat. Please don't go the way of LCC's Lufthansa you're too good to having to stoop that low. Having a non-stop option to Munich from Denver is terrific and Flughafen Munchen was one of the coolest airports i've visited so far. Its so clean and modern and I love the commercial plaza. As far as the trade show ISPO it was enormous and frankly a little overwhelming but I've managed to make some great contacts. The night before I flew back I had dinner with the family of an old friend of mine that I haven't seen since I was 8 and they treated me like I was apart of their family. This trip ended up being more than simply a business trip but more so of an enriching cultural exchange filled with opportunity and challenges and with that i'm thankful.

Thanks for viewing!



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    KL651 TEAM 4511 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Decent flight with LH but again the small quantity of their meals and the lack of snack between meals is problematic.
    The hot breakfast is a pleasant surprise though.
    The new IFE of the A330 seems really good.

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    757Fan 604 Comments

    Great report. I've also been through Munich, and agree with you as to how cool that airport is! Nice photos from your trip and I wasn't aware that LH offered a non-stop DEN-MUC flight. Very nice. I've been through DEN a few times and seen the 747, but never a LH A330.

    The food looks okay, but I'd agree as to the portion size - it looks very small. I've flown LH before but it's been a few years and I think they're a really good airline, but their Economy Class isn't as nice as others is my opinion.

    Thank you for sharing!

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