Review of Sun Express flight İzmir Paris in Economy

Airline Sun Express
Flight XQ916
Class Economy
Seat 3F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 07 May 17, 16:10
Arrival at 07 May 17, 19:00
XQ 16 reviews
Published on 10th May 2017
Hello everyone,

Here is the return flight of the XQ917 (published in my account) a week after, always a Sunday.

We leave Izmir and Cesme for Adnan Menderes airport.

Arriving at the airport, we see the interconnection of the IzBan train with the Domestic Terminal.
photo 20170507_135816 copierphoto 20170507_140005 copier

We enter the International Terminal.
photo 20170507_140424 copierphoto 20170507_144246 copier

The check-in hall is half occupied by its potential. Here is the schedule of scheduled flights over the next 24 hours.

We are heading for baggage check-in and boarding passes at SunExpress counters.
photo 20170507_140946 copierphoto 20170507_142039 copier

After passport control and security, the Dutty Free is attacked frontally.
photo 20170507_153803 copierphoto 20170507_145739 copier

Boarding pass in hand, we joined the waiting lounge for the XQ916.

The waiting lounges (half filled with the capacity of the International Terminal) and our TC-SEY.

The TC-SEY is a recent aircraft, from April 2016.
photo sanstitre1 copier

We board on the plane, waiting for takeoff.

We take off at 4:30 pm instead of theoretical 16:10.

View of the airport south of the city, and Izmir city center, with its "körfez" (basin):

Seat spacing and seating quality, recent and comfortable.

Table and storage section recent magazines, modern:
photo 20170507_161605 copierphoto 20170507_162911 copier

Cabin lighting: blue, yellow, pink and white possible.

SunTimes Magazine (with destination map at the end of the magazine), safety instructions and the SunCafe fee card on board.

Like on the XQ917, I content myself with my own music on mobile during this XQ916.
photo screenshot_20170502-224125 copier

Meals SunMenu chicken (PMIC) ordered 36h in advance minimum on the website in extra, for 14.99 Euros with 2 drinks.
photo 20170507_171110 copierphoto 20170507_171752 copier

Entry, hot dish (excellent sauce), dessert tiramisu and white wine this time unlike the red wine chosen on the go way flight.

Porcelain plates are GÜRAL (reputed in Turkey). On the way, it was KÜTHAYA porselen.
The tray bears the LUFTHANSA logo :))) cf. Explanation on the report of XQ917.
photo 20170507_174227 copierphoto 20170507_174548 copier

The tray is carefully arranged and optimized to facilitate cleaning.
photo 20170507_174505 copierphoto 20170507_174945 copier

Some pictures seen from the air: clouds, sea, mountains.

A little later, we take coffee as a second drink. Excellent coffee in passing.
photo 20170507_183307 copier

We landed for Terminal 3 of CDG at 19:00 pile. Unfortunately we did not make a detour on the north of Paris.
I had specially chosen my seat F in order to have beautiful views but we landed "direct", without detour:

Seen on the car park of Terminal 3 and we recognize the companies usually frequenting this terminal (Vueling, Nouvelair …).

Plane posed, we take the bus for passport control entry of the territory.
photo 20170507_190742 copier

Waiting for luggage.
photo 20170507_192244 copier
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Sun Express

Cabin crew9.0

İzmir - ADB


Paris - CDG



A classic XQ916 flight.
It should be noted that (a priori view of the flight history) SunExpress takes care to place recent (TC-S **) 2016 aircraft on this CDG-ADB (which is expensive for a "low cost" company).

Thank you for reading and traveling on this flight in reading :)



  • Comment 397411 by
    DiegoSS02 46 Comments

    Nice report!!! I really like ADB. It seems modern and spacious. I'm amazed by the meal. It looks tasty and it could easily be considered like a business meal. SunExpress provides a great product according to what I have read and seen. Regards!!!

  • Comment 397445 by
    SKYTEAMCHC 4721 Comments

    Merci pour le récit de ce vol retour.
    L'aéroport d'IZmir semble en effet un peu grand pour le traffic qu'il assure.
    A bord une belle cabine et un repas très bien surtout pour le prix payé : un vrai plus pour agrémenter le vol.
    Thanks for sharing this report.
    Izmir airport looks a bit too large for the actual traffic.
    On baord a nice cabin and a great meal considering the price paid !


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