Review of KLM flight Atlanta Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight 622
Class Economy
Seat A32
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 08:05
Take-off 08 May 17, 22:45
Arrival at 09 May 17, 12:50
KL   #43 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 818 reviews
By 3698
Published on 9th September 2017

The Why

Late in 2016 my mother suggested to me we take a vacation and initially recommended Cuba but after coming across fares on KLM for tickets going for $435 round trip I'd be a fool to turn down that offer. My mother only decided to tag along two months after I booked my ticket and since the prices for my flight had increased she booked a Delta flight through DTW. We landed within 15 mins of each other at AMS. This was to be a 10 day saga through the Benelux region, France and a quick day trip to Trier, Germany to visit a friend. The video above is the full trip report of the flight from boarding to landing. I'll think you'll enjoy it!

The Adventure Begins

My trip started off in Denver where I catch a Delta MD-90 to Atlanta where I have a 90 min layover until I board my flight to Amsterdam. There was a large thunderstorm cell approaching DIA in which we were unfortunate enough to catch the tail end which made for a "challenging" departure. Afterwards the flight was largely uneventful and I killed time by watching the live map of the flight on my laptop via wifi.
photo 36617864146_6abc1a7eaf_cIMG_2914 by Jesse Hester, on Flickr

Look Who I ran into at Hartsfield! I'm feeling the "Bern"!!
photo 35854995253_8e049d2f64_cIMG_2940 by Jesse Hester, on Flickr

Overview of the Int' terminal shopping/restaurant center. I had at least and hour to kill before boarding so I decided to stop by a seafood oriented eatery for a light snack. Even though I had an hour my phone was low on power and I needed time to charge so I sit down with the intent of ordering to go. I sit down and roughly after 8 minutes no server comes by. Another 5 minutes past and still no server. I look around to survey the area and much to my vexation I witness the undiciplined staff engaging in every boondoggle activity except serving customer in the most leisurely manner. I wasn't the only one as there were other customers waiting too including a man who was on the same flight as me who too was getting equally pissed. Eventually a new server clocks in apologizes for the delay and serves the customers with haste. It appeared she seems to be the only one actually doing any work scrabbling to pick up the slack. Long story short, I finally receive my order which was decent tasting and filling but overpriced.
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photo img_2942

Departure Gate
photo 36494821962_5014e8f3a7_cIMG_2946 by Jesse Hester, on Flickr

The star of the show. After the snafu at the restaurant, i've managed to get roughly a 20 min charge on my iphone only to realize that the aircraft came equipped with power ports.
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The A team or should I say the "K" team
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Boarding queue
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Im in
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Wing shot. After sitting down my mother wanted me to text a picture of the wing to her to show that I had boarded without issues. She was connecting through Detroit. in addition my cousin kept the family informed of our flight via Flight Tracker while we were in the air.
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The FA that took care of us for the flight. I want to say her name was Sandra but in any case she was great and went out of her way to assist passengers
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Leg room decent, except for that bloody entertainment box. As for the seat comfort itself I would say this is where KLM falls short. The updated PTV's are nice but the seat comfort leaves a lot to be desired as it contained hardly any padding plus the 3-4-3 arrangement is no fun ether. I had to use no less than 3 pillows to achieve some semblance of comfort. Give me the A330
photo 36494818472_9a396b8ac0_cIMG_2964 by Jesse Hester, on Flickr

Cabin filling up. My seat mate joining me for this flight was an elderly gentleman on his way to Copenhagen with his family and friends who were seated in the row ahead of us. Quite the kooky boisterous lot with their heavy Sopranos like accents. The middle seat between us was empty and we we're hoping to keep it that way. One of the women in the group stated she would notify us whenever a passenger was coming our way. Every time a passenger was closing in our zone she would shout "brace, brace, brace!", hold on, hold on, hold on!" and once a passenger moved on passed she then followed with "whew, that was close, huh guys?". In addition, they also kept asking the FA repeatedly if the doors have shut yet. Eventually, the FA responded with a playful smile that yes the doors have finally shut and with that the middle seat remained empty much to our relief.
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Seat front
photo 36494818182_c94c93234b_cIMG_2965 by Jesse Hester, on Flickr

Push Back.
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Take off: Take-offs onboard a B777 are always a treat so I was eagerly anticipating the departure. After pushback and a brief skip we approach the active runway. Throttle was increased slowly for a leisurely take-off roll. Not as powerful as I had hoped but still fun to endure with liftoff occurring much quicker than anticipated.
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Above ATL
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Let's get this show on the road
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The cheap clip on headphones. Good lord I can't stand these types! I thought airlines left them back in 2006. (I didn't even waste time with these as I brought my own headphones but kept them anyways for my collection)
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Snack: Shortly after lift off a small snack of smoked almonds are distributed. Wanting to keep it light on the booze I order a ginger ale (the shortbread cookie of sodas) on the side. Afterwards, me and my seat buddies decided to chat a bit before the main meal service. Oh the people you meet on airplanes! He was a retire insurance agent who oddly enough provided insurance "for" insurance companies. I told him I was in university but taking a gap year with the intent of ether launching a startup (which i'm currently working on) or continue on to become an actuary which got him excited and he recommended various programs and schools to reach out to in the Atlanta region which he initially assumed I was from until I told him I was from Denver. While chatting, one of the women in the group offered us some gum.
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Rest a few brain cells before dinner
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Sandra with the goods. My seat mate only had one arm and when Sandra served him his meal she volunteered to unwrap his food even the crackers and silverware which was accommodating of her
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Dinner is served. Choices were as usual, chicken or pasta. Low and behold I chose the chicken entree mixed with curry rice and served with chic pea salad, cherry crumb cake, and this time a warm, flaky roll served separately. A relatively healthy, creative and tasty meal. This time I chose beer which was odd because I don't normally drink beer. Good enough although it still just tasted like a bland energy drink
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Review of Lav. It passes inspection
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Cabin overview
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Sleep time. I usually fall asleep after dinner as the food and booze works it way through and this time was no exception.
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Wake up

With a crick in my neck and the pitter patter of the galley and voices I awake to see this beautiful sight.
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Before breakfast, the FA's went around to serve orange juice and hot towels
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I think she caught me!
photo 35829406964_d596ed5881_cIMG_3014 by Jesse Hester, on Flickr

Breakfast and a hot one at that! Almost non-existent on TATL flights. Egg & cheese omelet, with sausage, yogurt, potatoes and a warm roll. Just as large and filling as dinner. Well done KLM! Delta and United please take note, this is what you're up against!
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Land Ho! its ether Scotland or Northern Ireland. Even though this was my 3rd TATL flight seeing the landmass that is the British Isles always puts a smile on my face :)
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Our flight nearing the end
photo 36525795141_b3566dcf65_cIMG_3017 by Jesse Hester, on Flickr

Over the Polderbaan and Through the Woods to AMS we go. For the full landing please watch the video. I highly recommend it.
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Welkom op de Luchthaven van Schiphol!
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Parking next to a company A330 preparing for her next adventure, i'm guessing for somewhere in Africa or the Middle East
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Thanks for the ride!
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This is the group that I mentioned earlier. Despite being sort of loud they were fun and nice to be around and we've shared plenty of laughs, i'll miss them.
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I know she's exhusted but she's scheduled to fly to Osaka this afternoon
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Off to the AirBNB! I reunited with my mother after customs. We inquired each other about how the flight went and I mentioned i received a hot breakfast while mom stated all Delta served her was a bagel and some fruit, lol! Should have flown KLM. Once reaching the main hall there was some initial issues that had to be sorted out. First off, my phone wouldn't make calls (fixed it soon after) and secondly there was some confusion as to what train to take. I call up my AirBNB host for directions and i confused the train stop for "Ladyland" instead of "Lelylaan" which almost lead us to miss our tram.
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A stroll through Amsterdam!

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Thats all folks!

Off to my next adventure via Thalys to Brussels, but that's another review ;) As always, Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew8.5

Atlanta - ATL


Amsterdam - AMS



Another EU carrier to cross off! For what I paid and for what an awesome trip this turned out to be KLM certainly made it worth every penny. Attentive crew, on-time flight, along with generous catering certainly made this flight standout. My main grudge were against the seats as I had to use no less than THREE pillows to achieve comfort; butt, lumbar and head as the seats lacked adequate cushioning. In addition, thank God for the empty seat between me and my seat mate as a full flight with 3-4-3 would be a real drag. In spite of all this I would certainly chose KLM again if price and scheduling were aligned. Thanks for Reading

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    Thanks for this FR. KL proves again to be a good choice on long haul flight with their good catering and friendly FAs.
    Too bad for the seats, they look nice but that's it. However airlines have this trend of putting a big modern screen and remove the comfy thick seats.

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