Review of Singapore Airlines flight Jakarta Singapore in First

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ953
Class First
Seat 2F
Aircraft Boeing 777-300
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 06 May 17, 07:55
Arrival at 06 May 17, 10:45
SQ   #3 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 2513
Published on 16th June 2017
Welcome to a series of flight reports around, you guessed it, the Asia Pacific. This series will contain reports on 6 segments and cover 2 airlines. The final leg on Delta PVG-LAX I will not report on.

The carrier, route, equipment, class, lounge, and procurement method were as follows:

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Cathay Pacific - HKG-TPE - 777-300ER - First- The Wing and The Pier - Alaska Mileage Plan
Cathay Pacific - TPE-HKG - 777-300 - Business - Cathay Pacific Lounge - BA Avios
Cathay Pacific - HKG-CGK - A330-300 - Business - The Bridge and The Cabin - BA Avios
Singapore Airlines - CGK-SIN - 777-300 - First - Esplanade Lounge and a TPR "Arrivals" Lounge Experience - Krisflyer Miles (This Report)
Singapore Airlines - SIN-PVG - A380-800 - Suites - The Private Room - Krisflyer Miles (Coming Sooner or Later)
Delta Air Lines - PVG-LAX - 777-200LR - Business - No Lounge - NRSA (No Report)

My two previous transits at CGK involved tracking down an airline representative and surrendering my passport to them for 30 - 45 minutes. They would return with a boarding pass and escort me to an escalator that takes you up one floor to the departure level. This is what I was expecting on this transit however I arrived to a deserted transit area. No desks were staffed and none of the visa on arrival stations seemed to be open. Granted 0400 is an early arrival but it is a scheduled flight. I noticed that the escalator to the departures level was no roped off as it had been on previous visits so I just proceeded to walk (is was not operating) up to the departures level myself and look for a way to obtain a boarding pass. Security is done before each gate "cluster" at CGK so I was not moving between an un-sterile to sterile area. It did feel strange as a US based flyer I'm conditioned to a strict separation between international arriving passengers and departing passengers.

Now upstairs I walked from one end of the terminal to the other out of curiosity to see if I could find a transit or information desk. No such luck. I was confident I could get assistance at the lounge but I wanted to do a bit of walking before heading to a lounge anyhow. The terminal was surprisingly populated at this early hour. Most of the shops were open and doing business. After striking out on boarding passes and getting my fill of duty free browsing I presented myself at the Esplanade Lounge.

Esplanade Lounge

photo 20170506_063233photo 20170506_063242photo 20170506_063248

Makes you wonder what kind of deplorable passenger behavior prompted this sign.

photo 20170506_063314

I was greeted by a nice and eager young male contract employee. He had no idea how to procure a boarding pass for a Singapore Airlines customer. But he was going to find out. He asked a co-worker that was lingering by the lounge entrance, no help. He made a call on the phone and presumably some information was exchanged however in a language other than my own. Finally he asked be to go inside and make myself comfortable and he and his mates were going to figure this out. He asked if I was in J or F and when I replied F he directed me to the First Class section of the lounge.

The lounge is empty at this hour and I pick a seat at a table. I am approached and offered something to drink or eat but I decline at this time.

It's still dark outside and the window shades are closed.

photo 20170506_051559

The lounge is basic but comfortable. There is a small food spread/buffet.

There is also a separate bar area.

photo 20170506_053453

I chat with the very eager to serve and friendly lounge attendant for a while and he talks me into some noodle soup type thing. I don't remember the name but he went off to the buffet and prepared it for me and delivered the dish. It was a simple, tasty broth and noodle.

photo 20170506_054842

Eventually a positively adorable contract ticket agent for SQ arrived and asked me to join her for a trip to the land-side ticket counter. I asked about just taking my passport and returning with the boarding pass, as I have become accustomed to, but she said they needed to see my face. OK, I gathered my things and off we went, through the lounge across the hall and out backwards through the premium immigration lane and to the ticket counter.

photo 20170506_054124photo 20170506_054122

My boarding pass for CGK-SIN and SIN-PVG were quickly issued and I was led back through the premium immigration lane again not stopping to enter/exit the country. I was escorted back to the lounge and wished a pleasant journey. Always an interesting transit experience here.

With about 90 minutes to boarding I just lounged and watched the final episode of series 1 of Grand Tour on my laptop. I tell you that to say that the wifi in the lounge was sufficient to stream at good resolution. Perhaps this was due to only 3 other guests.

As departure time approached I left the lounge and took a leisurely walk about the terminal and arrived at the gate. I find the design and architecture of this terminal to be very special. The Javanese touches and the "bungalow" style gate houses are very cool to me.

Security screening queue.

photo 20170506_075817photo 20170506_075919

The walk out to D2. Love this part of the airport!

Tough to get a look at the big bird.

photo 20170506_080741photo 20170506_080905


I waited a few minutes and then boarding commenced with the wheelchair brigade and then F.

photo 20170506_082313

The Steward manning the F (1L) door came half way up the jet bridge to welcome me by name and offer to take my bag. The graciousness and attention to detail never ceases to surprise and delight me. I am nobody to SQ but I still regularly encounter staff going above and beyond to make the travel special. What a fantastic culture of service they have been able to create.

It's a well worn cabin on the regional F airplanes. Still spacious and comfortable for a short flight.

Two foxtrot.

photo 20170506_082526photo 20170506_082536

I always marvel at the underutilized space in these cabins. I understand the evolution of why the space is there but still marvel.

photo 20170506_082545

Welcome refreshments flow.

photo 20170506_083047photo 20170506_084101photo 20170506_083140

Some seat details.

My goodness the Dom really goes right through you.

photo 20170506_082813photo 20170506_082816

All buttoned up and ready to push. It was a long taxi over to 25R past the beautiful T3.

We were third in line for takeoff and up after a short hold for a landing aircraft.

I opted to partake in the meal service even though i was planning to have a proper meal in The Private Room upon arrival at SIN. The short flying time makes for a compressed meal experience but i was one of two F passengers and the other slept the entire time.

The table is laid and the DOM resumes.

photo 20170506_093901photo 20170506_093907

I'm pretty sure I was shown a menu but alas, no pictures. I oped for the sambal prawns. I only managed a taste of everything but I must say i was impressed with the sambal. Strong spice and lovely shrimp/fish paste essence to it.

photo 20170506_094110photo 20170506_094119photo 20170506_094130

The rest of the way I did my best to finish the champagne, gaze at the beautiful cloud formations found at the equator, and enjoy the, albeit dated, moving map.

A direct approach, smooth landing, and parking spot next to a Star Alliance friend.

photo 20170506_104443photo 20170506_104554photo 20170506_105116

The Private Room at Silverkris Lounge T3

I am in transit as a First/Suites passenger so lounge access is afforded. Yes, it's a 23hour transit, but still…

I made my way over to T3 via the Skytrain.

Up the escalator.

photo 20170506_111055photo 20170506_130629photo 20170506_130636

The awkward escort past the J lounge, through the F lounge, and into The Private Room. Everyone has their opinion on this lounge but I always welcome an opportunity to visit and have consistently felt comfortable and well care for when I am fortunate enough to visit.

The lavatory is always impeccably laid out but the shower is quite cramped and underwhelming.

To the dining room. The menu has changed style since my last visit and makes much more sense. Instead of 4 different leather bound lists there is one "book" to review.

I order some sparkling water and a couple of dishes to try: The vegetable fritters and onion pakora as well as the Ee Fu. All of the items were freshly prepared and tasted well.

I retire to the lounge area to enjoy a cappuccino and awkwardly try to watch the action on the ramp. I advance to immigration and take a taxi to my hotel when I feel like I have a good chance of checking in, still early.

Tourist Bonus

After a great nap I headed out to the 1 Michelin starred Tai Hwa Pork Noodle for a bowl of bak chor mee. The line wasn't that punitive and I thoroughly enjoed the noodles and minced pork bits.

I enjoy a city skyline at night so I made my way to the CBD. Why not stop for some satay.

That skyline.

Thanks for reading and see you for the next and last installment in this series. If you want to come along in "real time" you can follow me @theonlywaytofly.
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Esplanade Lounge


Jakarta - CGK


Singapore - SIN



The Ground Service: Always an adventure to transit CGK. A lot of well intentioned people without clear processes and procedures. Love the spirit though.

The Lounge: The Esplanade lounge is comfortable and well air conditioned. It isn't on par with First Class lounges operated by airlines. It is the far and away nicest of the three lounges I have visited at CGK T1. The Private Room is a lovely treat and to get to "double dip" on one trip is a great perk.

The Cabin: I never had a chance to fly this configuration when it was the long haul F product. I find it incredibly spacious for a regional hop. I don't find the seat particularly comfortable for lounging.

The Crew: Wonderful, engaging, kind, and sincere. Of course i was the only one they were looking after.

The Food and Beverage: The 2006 Dom Perignon is delicious and the fiery and fishy sambal was fantastic.

Overall: I will take any amount of SQ F I can get.

Thank you for coming along and please check back for the final installment.

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  • Comment 401118 by
    airtraveladdict 117 Comments
    Great review of this short flight.
    Everything looks great considering this is under two hours flight.
  • Comment 401231 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6823 Comments
    Great detailed review on such a short flight. The lounge seems fine and I am impressed that there is an actual separate First class section at a regional outstation lounge. The staff were certainly very helpful and eager to please. That weird gap behind the seats in the F cabin always looks odd. You'd think that if they have the space, they would just have expanded the seat pitch in F. Impressive full F service complete with Dom on a short flight. Great arrival experience and tourist bonus! Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 401232 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6823 Comments
      p.s. that sign in the
    • Comment 401791 by
      socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
      Greetings KévinDC and thank you for the comment.

      "hat weird gap behind the seats in the F cabin always looks odd. You'd think that if they have the space, they would just have expanded the seat pitch in F. "
      -It appears to me that the size of the F seat pod is set and not easily modified. My thought is that moving up the f eats to the front bulkhead and eliminating the space in form and behind could add a row of J. Of course I am sure that SQ looked at this and it was determined to be not cost effective, or even possible. It's just strange to see underutilized space on an airliner in these days of miniature lavs and galleys to cram in a couple of extra Y seats.

      Thanks again and happy flying.
  • Comment 401793 by
    hometoyyz 539 Comments
    Man.... I wasn't hungry when I started reading this. Now I am. Great food all around, from in the air, to TPR, to those Singapore eats.

    I really enjoyed my one time in The Private room. I dream of going back someday. The great nighttime skyline shots also made me long to return to one of my favourite cities.


    Must... not... impulsively... book... trip... to... Singapore.

    Great report, and the service looks amazing for such a short little hop.

    Thanks for sharing.

    And yeah... I agree with you and Kevin... I can't imagine what kind of special souls they must have as frequent visitors if they need to put up a sign reminding guests not to be horrible human beings.
    • Comment 401797 by
      hometoyyz 539 Comments
      Two other things to mention...

      I felt my chest tighten reading your report of previous transits of CGK. I've only had that "hand over the passport" type of transit once, in SGN. After coming in from Taipei, I had to hand over my passport to some airport staffer who went and got me checked in for my onbound flight. But I remember the distinct feeling of dread when I realized "You're in a strange land and have just surrendered your identification to a stranger." It was a tense ten minutes or so until he came back with onwards boarding pass, which... to bring this full circle... was to SIN.

      And I really have to learn how to do the subheaders and stuff. Looks so nice.
  • Comment 402003 by
    socalnow AUTHOR 976 Comments
    Appreciate the feedback Hometoyyz.

    "Must... not... impulsively... book... trip... to... Singapore."
    -Do it... When you're in HKG/ICN/NRT it's not hat much further...

    "And yeah... I agree with you and Kevin... I can't imagine what kind of special souls they must have as frequent visitors if they need to put up a sign reminding guests not to be horrible human beings."
    -Great distillation of the message in that sign. I just shudder to think.

    Thanks again and happy flying.

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