Review of United Express flight New York Washington in Economy

Airline United Express
Flight UA 4697
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Embraer ERJ145
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 02 Jun 17, 14:40
Arrival at 02 Jun 17, 16:10
UA 68 reviews
Published on 30th July 2017
Hello and welcome to the final segment of this series with a return flight purchased as a LGA-SFO one way with a change of plane at IAD. I used a USD 100 credit that I had with UA and ended up paying about USD 60 (EUR 51.05) for the trip which was quite a bargain for a transcon. I chose this itinerary instead of a nonstop from JFK or EWR because it allowed me to change plane in IAD and that gave me the perfect opportunity to explore the TK and LH lounges. I will only report on the LGA-IAD portion since I had a window seat and was able to get some interesting aerials. At the end of this trip I will cover the TK and LH lounges @ IAD and include a bonus of Flushing, NY.

Here's the summary of my itinerary up to this point:

SFO-SIN on UA Y - click here.
SIN-DOH on QR J - click here
DOh-CAI on QR J - click here
CAI-IST on TK J - click here
IST-JFK on TK J - click here
JFK-IAD on UA Y - you are here.
IAD-SFO on UA Y - will not report

After an interesting lunch which you will find more in the bonus section, I called Uber and I was promptly dropped off by the UA curbside at LGA. Check in was efficient and I made a quick stop at the UA Club which was before security.

UA Club

I took the escalator one floor up to the reception area where a friendly agent welcomed me. The lounge was not particularly big but it was comfortable with lots of individual desks catering to the busy "road warrior". Catering was the usual salad, hot soup and rolls/crackers with cheese. I did not have anything since I ate lunch and was going to save some room for the lounges at IAD.


photo dsc00233 - copy


photo dsc00234 - copyphoto dsc00236 - copy


photo dsc00237 - copyphoto dsc00238 - copyphoto dsc00240 - copy

Plane spotting .

photo dsc00247 - copyphoto dsc00248 - copy

I had TSA-Pre-Check printed on my boarding pass which made the security check quicker. I then went to my gate and waited for the arrival of my plane.

photo dsc00249 - copyphoto dsc00250 - copy

My plane arriving at the gate.

photo dsc00264 - copy

After everyone deplaned we waited for a few minutes and then it was time to board. Priorities were respected and a single FA welcomed everyone aboard with a smile. It was not a long walk to my seat and once I settled down in my solo "throne" I snapped some pics from my window. The ERJ145 might be small, but the ability to score one of these solo seats on the left side make up for this disadvantage in my opinion.


photo dsc00269 - copyphoto dsc00271 - copy

View from my seat.

photo dsc00272 - copyphoto dsc00273 - copy

We taxied away and there were a few interesting views along the way.

Take off and bye NY. Since LGA is so close to the city, the views can be fantastic.

The only service that we were offered on this short 1:30 hr flight was water and a snack mix. However, the FA was proactive and offered a second refill for those who wanted. Just to compare, a similar flight like TPE-HKG manages to offer a meal service to everyone on a widebody plane.

photo dsc00300 - copyphoto dsc00301 - copy

Approaching IAD.

Taxiing to the remote area. We know who rules in IAD.


photo dsc00317 - copy

Walking to the terminal.

photo dsc00318photo dsc00319 - copy

Turkish Lounge

Located in Terminal B by gate B42, this lounge is composed of two sections - a buffet with seating area and computer terminals right after the entrance and a bar/lounge area through a short corridor towards the back. This lounge is part of the Priority Pass network and contracts with other carriers like Saudia. When I arrived there was a big line out the door and it was crowded inside, although not completely full yet. I was able to find a seat by the computer area and a few minutes later the other seats were occupied too.


photo tk lounge iad 1 - copy


photo tk lounge iad 14 - copyphoto tk lounge iad 8 - copy

Bar area.

photo tk lounge iad 11 - copyphoto tk lounge iad 12 - copy


My snack.

photo tk lounge iad 9 - copy

Lufthansa Lounge

The lounge is also located in Terminal B by gates B49-51. The First/Senator/*A Gold area is right after the entrance and the Business section is one floor down. I found the staff to be efficient but "frosty" in the attitude. They definitely did not exude warmth compared to its counterparts at the TK lounge. One advantage of this lounge is that it did not feel crowded even at its peak time.


photo lh lounge iad 1 - copy

First/Senator/*A Gold lounge.

photo lh lounge iad 3 - copyphoto lh lounge iad 26 - copyphoto lh lounge iad 28 - copy



photo lh lounge iad 14 - copy


My snack.

photo lh lounge iad 9 - copy

Business Class section located downstairs.

photo lh lounge iad 30 - copyphoto lh lounge iad 35 - copy


photo lh lounge iad 32 - copy



Bonus : Click here display
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United Express

Cabin crew8.0

United Club (CTB) - B Central


New York - LGA


Washington - IAD



An average flight with minimal service as expected on U.S. domestic flights of this length. I can understand a limited beverage service, but reducing it to water only seems a bit extreme. At least there was a package of snack mix to accompany the beverage.

For this short flight I think the comfort level was fine. The ability to be able to sit by yourself in one of the single seats on the left side of the plane is a major plus.

LGA might not be the best airport in the world, but its proximity to downtown NY affords some of the best aerials for those in a window seat.



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  • Comment 405810 by
    OH-LWE 33 Comments
    Thanks for the great report.
    I happen to visit that area of Flushing all the time - the restaurants there are so unique and amazing. I feel that they provide some of the best traditional Chinese food in the area.
    Hope you enjoyed your stay in New York, and I look forward to reading your future flight reports.
  • Comment 405847 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Good report, Jetsetpanda. I flew on a United Express ERJ-145 flight last year from CID-ORD and the flight was so short no beverage service was offered, but the flight attendant came through and handed out snacks twice, which was very nice (similar to your flight) .

    Cool to see photos from inside the lounges at IAD.
    • Comment 406488 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Hi Matthew.

      "...the flight was so short no beverage service was offered, but the flight attendant came through and handed out snacks twice,..."
      - That sounds like good service to me.

      "Cool to see photos from inside the lounges at IAD"
      - They are nice lounges indeed.

      Thanks for visiting.
  • Comment 406832 by
    indianocean SILVER 7574 Comments
    "Just to compare, a similar flight like TPE-HKG manages to offer a meal service to everyone on a widebody plane. "=> stop dreaming, man. It's a US airline

    What are the common points between TK lounge in IST and DCA? Good catering, quite comfortable and they are both crowded (LOL)

    Thank you my friend. You made me dream (LOL)
  • Comment 406843 by
    socalnow 976 Comments
    Thanks for the excellent FR Jetsetpanda.

    I have never flown aboard an ERJ-145 nor have i ever been to IAD so it was an enlightening read. I am in no hurry to board an ERJ-145 but would be very much enjoy a visit to IAD. Both the LH and TK lounges look quite nice by US standards.

    Thank you especially for the food tour of Flushing Queens. What a fantastic culinary side trip. It is somewhat reminiscent of the San Gabriel Valley area out here in the greater LA area.

    Thanks again for sharing these experiences with us. Happy flying.
    • Comment 407239 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Hi Christian.

      "Both the LH and TK lounges look quite nice by US standards. "
      - For sure they are a cut above. Both of them have views too with the exception of the LH Business lounge downstairs. I seldom use IAD as a connecting point but this time it was worth it.

      "It is somewhat reminiscent of the San Gabriel Valley area out here in the greater LA area. "
      - Sounds like a nice place to explore if I am down there. ;)

      Thanks for dropping by. See you around.
  • Comment 407048 by
    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this final installment with us!

    Window + aisle seat, could be seen as the best of both worlds. That is one advantage with 1-2 layouts.

    Nice spotting shots at LGA.

    Absolutely breathtaking serial shots throughout the report.

    Great shot of your ride while disembarking at IAD. I am a fan of the exterior look of the ER-145.

    Exciting bonus! Thanks for sharing.

    It has been pleasant to read these interesting reports on this long itinerary.

    Have a good one, see you later!
    • Comment 407240 by
      jetsetpanda AUTHOR 2283 Comments
      Hi RI 777.

      "That is one advantage with 1-2 layouts."
      - Or 1-2-1 in some premium cabins. Either way as long as you have a solo window it will make your day.

      "Absolutely breathtaking serial shots throughout the report."
      - Good weather and proximity to the airport in the case of LGA helped a lot. Glad you enjoyed them.

      "I am a fan of the exterior look of the ER-145."
      - It's a small one but it has its charms. ;)

      Thanks for your feedback.

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