Review of Avianca Brazil flight Sao Paulo Passo Fundo in Economy

Airline Avianca Brazil
Flight O66178
Class Economy
Seat 12K
Aircraft Airbus A318
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 11 Mar 17, 12:30
Arrival at 11 Mar 17, 13:45
O6 16 reviews
Published on 19th August 2017

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After my flight from Porto Alegre and some planespotting on a bad weather, it was time to go back to the airport.
Since the government granted Guarulhos to the private initiative, the airport has improved a lot. Not only they finished an amazing international terminal (Terminal 3, which some of you may have already visited), but they revamped the other terminals.

Terminal 1 - Azul and Passaredo (I was thinking of making a FR on Passaredo, what do you guys think?)
Terminal 2 - Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroméxico, Air Europa, Austral, Avianca Brasil, Avianca Internacional, Boliviana de Aviación (BoA), Copa, Delta, Ethiopian, Gol, LATAM Brasil (domestic flights), Royal Air Maroc and TAAG.
Terminal 3 - Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Alitalia, American, British, Emirates, Iberia, KLM, LATAM Brasil (international flights), LATAM Internacional, Lufthansa, Qatar, Singapore, SAA, Swiss, TAP, Turkish and United.

When I got to the airport there was not much time left to the boarding. But as I had already made the check-in by the cellphone, I got time to take some photos in the renewed airside.

Departures from Guarulhos
photo dscn9988photo dscn9991
Then they called our flight.
It seemed that few people knew that this was the last flight of ONE to Passo Fundo. We would fly in PR-ONC, a 9-years old aircraft. It was originally delivered to LAN in January 2008. It operated for LA as CC-CVP until March 2012, when it was stored. ONE brought it to the fleet in August, with which ONC is flying since then. By the way, at the time of my flight, ONC had just been put back into Avianca's fleet - it was stored since November 2016, when it suffered a birdstrike in Rio de Janeiro.
At first the FAs kindly greeted me. I'd seat on 12K, in the back half of the aircraft. It's funny to think that Avianca's A318 have only 20 rows! Their A320 have 27, for example. I went to the rear galley and asked to the FA if I could take photos of them and also take their names for a flight report. He said he would ask it to the leader FA.
Wingview from my seat
photo dscn9993-2
Anyroad, as the A318 is small and the flight was not that full, in a few minutes boarding was over. Of the 120 seats, 85 were occuppied, that is, 70,8% of them. At 12:11PM, 14 minutes before STD, the doors were closed. At 12:17, we were pushed back. Safety instructions were made by a recorded audio in Portuguese and in English.
At 12:30PM PR-ONC took-off to Passo Fundo for the last time.

Weather in São Paulo region was kinda nice, but we found some big clouds as we were climbing.
photo dscn9995photo dscn9996photo dscn0003
I was expecting the overhead screens to appear and show any kind of show, but they didn't. Entertainments we had were Avianca Brasil's Magazine, Avianca em Revista, which showed Hugh Jackman in the cover. Also, we had eight audio channels, that played several song styles.
photo dscn0019photo dscn0032
I thought we would feel the hot food smell, as I had already felt in other ONE flights. So I noticed the sandwiches unfortunatley wouldn't be heated. That's sad, cos' this is the main differential of Avianca when you talk about catering!
They offered a cheese sandwich, which I had already eaten in another flight, and I liked. It was good, but the bread was not very soft - of course I'd prefer it hot. Offered drinks were Guaraná, Pepsi, orange juice, guava juice, light cashew juice, water and coffee.

The flight attendants were mostly nice, but the leader was really polite and friendly. If he saw any passenger reading something, he would turn on the reading light - yes, this makes no difference for reading quality, but it's a very nice gesture! Later I called him to talk about the flight and also about the flight report. He said he couldn't say the crew names to me, neither take photos of them. According to him, that was an airline standard and apologized a lot. He also said that the A318 has only one oven, so there is no hot food in it. When asked about the overhead screens, he said that the aircraft had just been put back in the network, so they had no time to put the new entertainment options (they change it every month). In every month, he was very polite and happy, calling me by the name and smiling.

Exit rows were empty, so I got some time for photographing the seats headrest positions.
photo dscn0029photo dscn0030photo dscn0031
Some photos from my seat. Though the bathroom was clean, the aircraft was not that good. But it's important to say the seats in the A318 are very comfortable, the reclining is very good and so is the space (I'm 5,4ft tall).

photo dscn0013photo dscn0014
A coat hook
photo dscn0036

Dirt in my seat
photo dscn0016
Broken armrest
photo dscn0017
No row 13!
photo dscn0027
Is this an ashtray?
photo dscn0040-2

Weather got cloudy as we got near Passo Fundo.
photo dscn0037-2

In few minutes we were descending.
Ready to land!
photo dscn0045
At 01:46PM we made a rough landing with a strong braking in Passo Fundo's short runway.

Soon everybody had deboarded, so I got to take some photos of the aircraft and also of the cockpit.

Bye bye PR-ONC!
photo dscn0061photo dscn0062photo dscn0064
Passo Fundo airport is really, really small. I know it has only three flights a day, but the city deserves some more structure!
photo dscn0063photo dscn0067photo dscn0069

Avianca's office
photo dscn0086

Before the take-off… let us take a selfie!
photo dscn0070photo dscn0072photo dscn0073
I was quite surprised that just one local newspaper covered the last flight, I met the journalist, who was also an aviation enthusiast, and we photographed Avianca's last take-off from Passo Fundo.
ONE6179 had 91 passengers on board (75,8% of the seats, that is). Of them, 12 were going to Cuiabá, 4 to Curitiba, 4 to Brasília and one each to Aracaju, Rio/Galeão and Lisboa. At 2:41PM, PR-ONC left Passo Fundo for the last time.

After that, we went to Avianca's office to talk with the ground crew, many of them were crying. We heard that everybody was invited to work on the airline's new destination, Navegantes, but few of them actually went there. The rest of them left the company.
Passo Fundo Avianca's ground crew!
photo dscn0093

My photo on the local newspaper cover
photo capa1403
Now I had to wait until 7:00PM for my bus to leave Passo Fundo… besides the long wait, this trip was really worthy!
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Avianca Brazil

Cabin crew10.0

Sao Paulo - GRU


Passo Fundo - PFB



Flying Avianca Brasil's A318 was a very nice experience, even if the reason wasn't that nice. Unfortunately, PR-ONC was a little bit dirty and the overhead entertaiment was not available, but it was really worth the price.
FAs, mainly the leader, were friendly, happy and polite.
I thought the catering would be hot, but it wasn't... if it was, I would give a higher grade.



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