Review of Qatar Airways flight Munich Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR58
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 05:14
Take-off 05 Aug 17, 17:08
Arrival at 05 Aug 17, 23:22
QR   #9 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 626 reviews
By 2600
Published on 16th September 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to this series of flight reports.

This series will cover my trip to Bali, Indonesia with Qatar Airways in Economy Class.

Series overview

1st Part
MUC > Doha with QR58 You are here

2nd Part
DOH > DPS with QR962 Can be found here: QR962: DOH > DPS

3rd Part
DPS > DOH with QR963 Can be found here: QR963: DPS > DOH

4th Part
DOH > MUC with QR59 Can be found here: QR59: DOH > MUC

Flight information QR58

Aircraft Registration: A7-AMB
Aircraft Type: A350-900
Boarding (planned): 15:55
Boarding (actual): 15:55
Push Back: 16:55
Departure (planned): 16:55
Departure (actual): 17:08
Arrival (planned): 23:40
Arrival (actual): 23:22
Arrival Gate: 23:30

*All times are local

Flight Ticket
photo ticket_qr58

Pre Flight @ MUC

I arrived in MUC by car and as always during the summer holidays in Bavaria, the airport was very crowded.
photo img_20170805_140342740photo img_20170805_141521417

Nevertheless, the check-in took awful lot of time.
There were a few Asian passengers, who thought they can take billions of luggage with them for free.
They were not able to speak English and were not willing to pay for their extra luggage.
Well - the whole process took about 45min and they occupied all two check-in counters for Economy Class.
Absolutely well done! Great! Not a single passenger was able to check-in until they took them to another counter for bulky luggage.
I really hate such selfish people. I mean you can read every information regarding your flight in the internet …. and when you want to take more luggage with you, you must pay.

All flights from and to Terminal 1 B in MUC.
photo img_20170805_151344904

When all that was finally done, I passed the security check and enjoyed the great view across the apron from Terminal 1 in MUC.
MUC offers a terrific view across the apron and all the gates.
When I arrived at the gate, the A350-900 was still at a remote stand - she was towed to the gate about 1.5h before the scheduled departure.

Here are a few pictures of my A350-900 in the LATAM paint scheme.
By the way: It was my first ever flight on an A350 and I enjoyed it alot.
photo img_20170805_153635392photo img_20170805_153811550photo img_20170805_154129818

While I was waiting for the announcement, that the flight is ready for boarding - the A380 from Emirates departed for the flight to DXB.
photo img_20170805_161222056photo img_20170805_161312067

Flight QR58

Boarding for QR58 started right on time and was not very eventful.
View from my seat.
photo img_20170805_162541080photo img_20170805_162909001photo img_20170805_163240635

The leg room was ok.
photo img_20170805_164522424

QR uses the hired A350-900 from LATAM for their DOH > MAD and DOH > MUC flights.
Therefore the aircraft is equipped with the LATAM Economy Class.
I have no experienced with the QR Economy Class on the A350 - but I think there is quite a difference in the inflight screen.
Overall the seat was not bad, but the inflight screen was a little bit small.
photo img_20170805_172229836

A few pictures from taxiing in MUC.
photo img_20170805_170142377

The weather on that late Saturday afternoon was great and after a very smooth departure we made a U-Turn and headed South East.
Picture from takeoff.

Video from departure in MUC.

About 2 hours into the flight, the dinner service started.
Here is the menu card for QR58.
photo menu_qr58

I have chosen the Chicken Tikka Masala.
It was very good and the portion was not bad.
photo img_20170805_180406037photo img_20170805_180421054photo img_20170805_180846342

After the meal, I enjoyed the view out of the window and started with Fast & Furious movies.
All eight movies were available on the inflight system. My flights were filled with entertainment.

There was great weather that day while we passed Hungary, Turkey and the Iran.
A very smooth flight, no bumps or whatsoever.

About 1.5 hours before landing in DOH, a movie snack was offered.
The crew passed through the cabin with a bag.
Everyone was able to pick the snacks by yourself.
photo img_20170805_211012235

We started with the descent about 45min before landing.
photo img_20170805_215341633

Before landing, I had a great view over Doha.
Very bright and shining :)
photo img_20170805_221025548

The landing in DOH was very good and we arrived at the gate right next to an A340-600.
photo img_20170805_222116605photo img_20170805_222220817photo img_20170805_222730085

After Flight @ DOH

I was amazed by the new DOH Airport.
It was very clean and not very crowded - which surprised me the most!
Compare to DXB at midnight - it was a huge difference.
DXB is crowded as hell while DOH was "almost" empty.
photo img_20170805_233721601photo img_20170805_234215824
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Munich - MUC


Doha - DOH



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  • Comment 413233 by
    momolemomo GOLD 9304 Comments
    Thanks this report!
    I've done Doha - Madrid - Doha on those 350 leased from LATAM and they're quite confortable.
    The tv isn't too big but still good enough. Flying QR on a LATAM 350 can be much more confortable if you can seat in the first 7 rows of the economy cabin. Those rows are Economy+ on LATAM with a pitch of 37' (instead of 31') but are considered as classic economy on Qatar.
    • Comment 414015 by
      Rob777ER AUTHOR 42 Comments
      I did'nt know that - what a shame!
      The seat was not too bad, but I prefered the one on the B777.
      The PTV was indeed a little bit smal and everything with touchscreen - no more remote control. Don't know if thats the right way, sometimes the person behind me "touched" the touchscreen so hard, that you felt it -.-

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