Review of Belavia flight Geneva Minsk in Economy

Airline Belavia
Flight B2 872
Class Economy
Seat 23E
Aircraft Tupolev 154M
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 29 May 15, 11:00
Arrival at 29 May 15, 14:45
B2 25 reviews
By 1277
Published on 26th September 2017
Here is the special flight of this year. This is the last commercial flight operated by a Tupolev 154 in Europe, and it is with the airline BELAVIA. For this special flight, I was coming from Paris yesterday evening. I slept at the airport, and after a short breakfast I went to wait that the counters open. During this time, I got time to chat et meet some other enthusiasts who came for this special flight.

photo 19046486370_d9984f6448_c

photo 19046528638_811a0e5ce4_c

Before to board on this wonderful Tupolev 154M from BELAVIA, we were able to see an A319 SWISS and a B737-300 LUFTHANSA (which was older that our TU154M).

photo 18613541943_ac6e7bbaff_c

photo 19237860301_4a7372ccbd_c

Now it's time to board on this plane, which make us feeling to be 20 years ago. That makes me a strange feeling cause I haven't been on such plane for a long time. It remind me my childhood, when I was flying to Russia with some exotic airlines such as Pulkovo Airlines, Aeroflot Soviet, Perm Airlines and much more. I stop to talk, and let's observe this nice plane.

photo 19228200652_2c8d82e8db_c

photo 18611629564_f24d8f9b75_c

photo 19094334659_055a8f4f57_c

photo 19092869868_bcc363a364_c

The boarding took time because we were many to take picture of the plane. When we enter into the plane the stewardess ask us to be faster… But I have the feeling that it will be not enough to get the plane ready on time. Let go to my seat and meet my neighbors. One is coming from Germany (he made the flight between Warsaw and Minsk last year) and the other guy was from Poland and was coming to enjoy a last time this plane coming from the soviet union.

photo 19274469932_8cc6ee9af6_z

photo 19254384476_54fb6caeaa_c

photo 18659909663_a789fec2b2_c

So like I was thinking, after a long time waiting into a hot cabin, we clearly miss our take off slot. It is really hot inside, the crew offer to passengers some water, and also they open the doors some air to enter into the plane. I took time to walk into the plane, and remind me some old time good souvenirs.

photo 18659909463_381d32cb0b_c

photo 19321574260_74678f1594_z

photo 19502894452_59bd82eb13_c

After an hour waiting, the Captain made the announcement "Close to go, please go back to your seats". Few minutes everyone seated, the engines start to run. I forgot was was the starting noise… What a nice music. One's the engines were started, we had the safety demonstration, et the plane start to taxi (with the Water Salute from the fire truck).

photo 19321574410_ae9f04a34b_c

photo 19321574580_14e4565ffd_c

photo 19483415326_e00a5c6433_c

Now we are ready to take off, just time to be align on the take off runway, and engine start shout progressively…

photo 19321594968_4dd34fd1dd_c

photo 19347237078_17c155af6d_c

photo 19509052656_138444869c_c

We quickly climb, and turn on the left, which allow me to see the Alps. Now we are enroute to Belarus. During the climb the landscape was wonderful, and also we are having a great weather today !!!

photo 19347226170_c06a639e63_c

photo 18914296293_c94d9a655e_c

photo 19348668639_f6db90068a_c

After the "seat belt" sign was off I waited a bit before to walk into the plane because many enthusiast were into the aisle, not so easy. But anyway that's not every day that this type of flight happen. When there was less people into the aisle I went to walk into the plane.

photo 19347226500_abce66923c_z

photo 18944531333_ff6b6a0719_c

Quickly lunch time arrived (Also I understood why there were less people into the aisle). Also the "flight Guide" gave us a paper, the blind auctions, which could allow us to win a model of our today's TU 154. At the end of the flight we would know who win it.

photo 18944531423_bbf75038bd_z

photo 19539299566_9277134d99_z

photo 19377493160_b8b9ca3b03_c

photo 18942885064_d1752d0870_c

photo 19377480518_879f35e76d_z

photo 19610757680_3af29fff86_z

The meal was great, I choose the meat option, and then the crew offer to us some local champagne (which was more cremant). But it was nice for this event. After it was time for tea time. You know there is one thing which surprise me during this flight, was the number of trolleys which were not from BELAVIA onboard.

photo 19798785225_a535cf1108_c

photo 19612153959_566d1d3bea_z

After this nice moment, the descent to Minsk is starting. I had the surprise that the flight purser came back to me with my certificate that all the crew signed. That was very kind from them, they also offer with my certificates one safety card of today's plane.

But also during this time, the "Flight Guide" was selling some safety cards from BELAVIA (5€ each). And we've got the name of the 3 winners of the blind auctions game to win the model TU154. Congratulation to them !

photo 19798785285_4bfbcd7a18_c

photo 19612154079_e949377422_z

photo 19772589966_31ed5f02d3_c

photo 19835515995_fe9c36dfe5_c

Soft landing the Belarus ground. Descent was good, many passengers were looking out the porthole or were filming the landing… I understand why. Some videos are available on YouTube. But now it's time to taxi to our parking area, with another Water Salute from the fire trucks.

photo 19647479920_6717c6deb7_c

photo 19840383331_492acb07c8_c

Before to disembark, I took time to take pictures of the inside of our TU154, and with a little visit of the flight deck. I've insisted a bit, because I was one of the last to enter inside. And then it was time to take pictures of the outside of the plane.

photo 19647479518_12674bcd35_z

photo 19647480280_047a1f3b29_z

photo 19809319336_c0af28f899_c

photo 19868983606_41f2a36ec8_z

photo 19272565244_0f578ff655_z

photo 19887705802_69c9fcf2e7_c

photo 19868984086_5bd2160d5c_c

photo 19708548419_4592529cfd_c

Because I lost my bus to reach the terminal, I've got the opportunity to have a little spotting of some special planes such as AN26 AVIAGENEX, B737-500 BELAVIA & B737-800 BELAVIA and also an EMB190 during refueling.

photo 19274283643_5522c3184b_c

photo 19715105129_3300906f4e_c

photo 19894262702_0061d28f3e_c

photo 19713754718_6275577213_c

Welcome in Belarus, then was time for a little photo shooting for the event… Nice meeting this day.

photo 19713754738_efea14f0d7_c

photo 19280841643_e21d9ae11d_c

photo 19906829911_0ca94b8b69_z

photo 19279131674_f5166bfaf0_c

photo 19906830131_65fee4dce5_c

I will end by this nice group picture with our plane as background. It was a great day, which will continue with another flight. Thank you for your reading, and see you next flight !!!
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Cabin crew10.0

Geneva - GVA


Minsk - MSQ



It was a comfortable cabin, which was old, but in mint condition. Seat were really comfortable but despite the little pitch.

A great crew, there were TOP! There were professional, careful to each enthusiasts, I know that this type of event is sometime difficult to handle (especially in east countries). But the were especially pro-active (at Geneva).

The flight was the entertainment !

The meal was great with for today's event some local champagne.

Allow me the great grades I gave, but they are coming from my heart, because this flight is meaning a lot of souvenirs for me. I was a wonderful flight !!!

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