Review of Belavia flight Minsk Vilnius in Economy

Airline Belavia
Flight B2 803
Class Economy
Seat 18A
Aircraft Boeing 737-500
Flight time 00:35
Take-off 29 May 15, 19:30
Arrival at 29 May 15, 20:05
B2 25 reviews
By 746
Published on 26th September 2017
Here I am, back from my flight on the TU154M. With some other enthusiasts, we'll continue our trip to Vilnius, which was the last destination that we can reach at this time. So we were in transit, everything was fine. Now we are waiting our plane. At the beginning a CRJ200 was scheduled but there was a last minute change with a B737-500. That's also a nice plane. Now w are ready to board, passengers were called we went to our plane by paxbus to reach our plane which was parked far away.

photo 19938118672_3b8fc935cb_c

photo flkfgtu154069

On our way to the plane, we passed in front the famous TU154M that we took a bit earlier, what a flight ! Here we are in front of our plane, a B737-500 which was looking good from outside, but wait to see inside… One's inside the plane, I discover my seat, it is the old issue of RECARO seat. Hopefully it will be a short flight. We were a bit late, because a 767 from the government passed in front of us. At this time many enthusiast reach the portholes to be able to take a picture. Then we were ready to go.

photo 19323099724_310b7c3121

photo 19945767205_c1dac57995_c

photo 19938119352_d8063316b2_c

The take off was quick, and the climb the same. When the seatbelt sign was turn off I went quickly to walk into the plane, with an old cabin (but in good condition). There a service with only drinks due of the short flight. The occupancy was not so hight, we were around 20. It would be fine with a CRJ but the advantage was that everyone could have a porthole.

photo 19324760223_e96fa5058c_c

photo 19324760243_eac0cedc0a_c

photo 19324760343_1548b4d18d_c

Quick descent to Vilnius. It was a short flight but I had enough time to do my photographs. Now we are flying over the Lithuanian fields. Then we touch down. Taxi was quick, we passed in front of some nice plane such as old 320 Afriquia, 321 Aeroflot and an ex or new Belavia B737-300 (I don't remember the immat).

photo flkfgtu154076photo flkfgtu154077

photo 19938120212_0038539b1e_c

Welcome into Vilnius. A last view to our plane, and when we left the airport, we were able to see a B737-300 winglets from AirBaltic which was going to CDG because during summer they took over the flights from AirLituanica which fall on bankruptcy few weeks ago. I was lucky to fly with them in January. Thanks for your reading and see you next flight.
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Cabin crew6.0

Minsk - MSQ


Vilnius - VNO



That was an old cabin, with the old issue of RECARO seat. The pitch was fine, it was good for a short flight.

Nice crew who took time to speak with me about our previous flight. The service was limited with only drinks.

We've got the porthole, flight magazine, and the safety card to entertainment us.

We only have drinks for this short flight.



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