Review of Kuwait Airways flight Geneva Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Kuwait Airways
Flight KU176
Class Economy
Seat 41A
Aircraft Boeing 747-400
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 01 Aug 15, 09:00
Arrival at 01 Aug 15, 10:15
KU 16 reviews
By GOLD 1672
Published on 1st October 2017
During August 2015 Kuwait Airways withdrawn their A300 et A310 and due of the late A330 arrival they use their sole B747-400 on the route Kuwait-Geneva-Frankfort-Kuwait. Being informed by a friend I decided to take the same flight than him. For me it will be the opportunity to fly for the first time on Kuwait Airways and also on a plane that I like, the Boeing 747-400. But one thing more special, it is the government aircraft. It is fitted with a flying hospital and on the upper deck a VIP area (not able to visit it).

So I arrived the day before at Geneva and I slept at the airport. The next morning I took time to have a breakfast at the Ibis next to the airport then I went to join my friend and we went to check in together. But we didn't took seats next to each other to allow us to get different views. I enjoy the Geneva airport, I found it comfortable, this is the third time I'm flying from it, I'm starting to know perfectly this airport.

photo 20170242068_7ed8415842_c

photo 20358253435_f73fb00cb7_c

Now we are having our boarding pass, so we decided to go to the boarding gate. During the waiting time we took time to chat together. To go to the gate we had to go into a tunnel, to be able to go to the satellite. Oh what a surprise it is the same gate than our flight on the Tupolev 154 last may. This time there are definitely less people. Quickly our flight was called… Oh and what do we see on background, our 747.

photo 20171607519_cc25351bef_c

photo 19735579604_34b70fccca_c

photo 20171606309_cc662dff07_c

Because our plane is parked far away, we had to go bus. We stayed in front of bus which allow us to get a nice view about our plane. I'm a bit sad that we didn't get a nice weather today but no worry that's not a problem. It will not avoid me to take pictures. When we arrived at the plane, the bus driver came to me to chat about this nice plane… He really enjoy this nice this special plane. I saw me taking picture, that why he came to chat quickly with me.

photo 20364356551_7ded4dae71_c

photo 20358250555_e3c67c692b_c

photo 20170188380_ea878667c8_c

After our quick chat, the ground staff came to talk a bit with me. This was because they also enjoy to see this nice plane. Unfortunately the rain stopped our chat but no worry now it's time to enter into the plane and to see how is the inside. We were warm welcomed by two stewardess. When we enter, we were directly into the first class and then followed by the business class (which was looking more to a premium economy) and finally to the economy class where was my seat.

photo 19737317823_7b71cdaeaa_b

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photo 19735575474_7e617f755a_c

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The seat was comfortable with a nice pitch. When I saw how many passengers there was in the waiting area the boarding was quick and we are around 10. Then the boarding was completed, and we started to push back. The the safety video started on the individual TV; what surprised me is that the plane was a bit old, and had old generation individual TV… Just for information, few years ago AF and LH didn't have individual TV. When push back was finished we taxi to the take off runway.

photo 20170234988_fb0d8c0f20_c

photo 20358246005_306314b66f_c

photo 20170184860_4242596f85_b

Here we are on the take off runway. Because the plane was not so heavy it speed up and rotate quickly and also the climb was quick. It was a rocket take off. Because the plane was light it had a high pitch rate which help it to climb quickly. Few minutes later the service started by the drinks and the lunch boxe.

photo 19737314393_da370b0d69_c

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Inside the lunch boxes, the were a little sandwich (with only cheese), an orange jus and a little tablerone. Stewardess gave the lunch boxes and water glasses one by one without trolley due of the low number of pax. For I think that it is a nice idea the lunch boxes, especially for a such small flight. Also I discover what I had into my seat pocket. So there was the inflight magazine, the film booklet, the safety card and the headset.

photo 20331975796_38379de753_c

photo 20170181430_0a1cc31daa_c

photo 20349745492_e0d5e6f4f9_c

Then I walked a bit into the cabin, it was in mint condition. We can guess a central screen which shows the route map. But because it was sunny it was not possible to see it clearly. On this route the individual TV were not working. After this little tour we started our descent to Francfort, and yes it was a very short flight. The descente was quick, when the seatbelt sign was switch on I went back to my seat.

photo 20170180370_915ffeaa27_b

photo 19737309893_c3ca6fcdf8_c

photo 20349744192_f66397951e_c

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Descent was made over different german cities which were around Francfort. Here in Germany the weather was great compare to Geneva. We had a soft touch down, followed by a soft braking. The plane was so light that it didn't had to open completely the spoilers. That's the first time for me that a plane doesn't open completely the spoilers… Then the landing was followed by a taxi to our parking gate.

photo 20358239345_6ceeb1c9e2_c

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What a short flight, too short for me. It was made with a great crew who took care of us. They took time to answer to my question about this nice plane. At the end of the flight I received the health pocket and the bid with the airline logo. That was very kind from them. As bonus I will put you some extra pictures and the drawing I made for this special flight with the safety video. Thank you for your reading for this special flight between Geneva and Francfort onboard this special B747-400.

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Kuwait Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Geneva - GVA


Frankfurt - FRA



A vintage cabin in mint condition with a seat which was comfortable and with a nice pitch.

The crew was careful to the passengers at the same time with few passengers, it is easier to take care to each pax.

The flight itself was the entertainment.

The lunch boxe was nice, especially for a such short flight.

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