Review of Brussels Airlines flight Brussels Billund in Economy

Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight SN 2249
Class Economy
Seat 11C
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 12 Sep 15, 09:45
Arrival at 12 Sep 15, 11:20
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By 586
Published on 2nd October 2017
About my special summer 2015 flights, there is one which is coming soon, but to get it I have to go reach Billund in Danemark. Because it is a last minute journey, all flights are a bit expensive from Paris… So I will try train. I found on internet a good offer which join train and plane, and the offer is with Brussels Airlines. It is great because I will not have to get off the train to go to Brussels Airport. So I bought the tickets. Then I went few days after I went to Brussels. That was great because within 2 hours I was at Brussels airport.

When I arrive at Brussels Airport, I took my ticket from the self service machine. Then I pass the security, after the security I was welcomed by a nice view over the 2 jetways of the terminal and also by the Tintin's space shuttle.

photo 21529071150_964239d43e_c

photo 21095995183_77e44bc0ea_c

photo 21529165958_75db662bc0_c

After passing the security I went to my boarding gate. It was located on the underground, where the buses are leaving when aircrafts are parked away from the terminal. I just got time to sat few minutes, before my flight was called. Then when we were called to board, we jump into the bus. It was a short journey to our plane (around 5 minutes) we had a little opportunity to have a little visit of the brussels airport surroundings. Once we arrived at our plane all passengers were making a line before to enter into the plane, I was surprise. Also every one left their carry on luggage at the aircraft gate.

photo 21529166068_478775ddfa_c

photo 21529071970_7aeeddbe8b_c

photo 21095996823_ff78613059_c

Like we can see the flight is operated by Flybe. I hear that Brussels Airlines is looking to replace the Dash, but because they are still under a contract they keep it. Inside everything is from Flybe apart the onboard magazine and the stewardess (we received a warm welcome from them). Once onboard, and the the carry on luggages onboard, and the cabin door closed, the pilote started the engines and we were ready to go. We had the safety demonstration and few minutes after we were align and ready to take off.

photo 21094292394_b1cac19f1e_c

photo 21095996473_062e67434d_c

photo 21094292194_09c082a890_c

Take off was fine, my seat neighbors fall asleep quickly. I took advantage of the situation to take pictures from the porthole. Also I made a little walk into the cabin, and had a little chat with the stewardess about the partnership with Flybe. Then after I went back to my seat… And the stewardess went to my seat and gave me the onboard magazine, and told me about the special liveries that Brussels Airlines is having (the saw that I was an aviation enthusiast). That was kind from her to come to talk to me. Shortly after this talk we started our descent to Billund.

photo 21529166838_8b1efb2782_c

photo 21094291834_daa2b8f041_c

photo 21529072110_1ce3eda1a9_c

Landing was a bit turbulent, because Billund is a windy city especially during autumn and winter. Taxi to our gate was quick, and before to leave the aircraft the stewardess ask me if I was willing to visit the flight deck, I answer her of course. I took a little picture, and when I left the aircraft I thanks the crew for the flight. Now a last view about our today's plane. Enroute to the hotel where I will spend the night before the tomorrow's special flight.

Thank you for your reading.

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Brussels Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Brussels - BRU


Billund - BLL



Cabin and seat comfortable for a short flight.

A good crew, who saw that I was an aviation enthusiast. I appreciated their way to deal with me ;)

We have the onboard magazine to read, and also I had the porthole during the time that my seat neighbor was sleeping.

Some stuff to eat and drink but every thing was for purchase.

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