Review of Etihad Airways flight Abu Dhabi Kuala Lumpur in Economy

Airline Etihad Airways
Flight EY418
Class Economy
Seat 38D
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 07:17
Take-off 23 Oct 17, 23:15
Arrival at 24 Oct 17, 10:32
EY   #6 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 275 reviews
By 2802
Published on 22nd December 2017
Welcome to Part 2 of my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Etihad Airways in Economy Class.

Series overview

1st Part
MUC > AUH with EY006 Can be found here: EY005: MUC > AUH

2nd Part
AUH > KUL with EY418 You are here!

3rd Part
KUL > AUH with EY411 Can be found here: EY411: KUL > AUH

4th Part
AUH > MUC with EY005 Can be found here: EY005: AUH > MUC

Flight information EY418

Aircraft Registration: A6-EYL
Aircraft Type: A330-200
Boarding (planned): 21:30
Boarding (actual): 21:40
Push Back: 23:00
Departure (planned): 22:30
Departure (actual): 23:15
Arrival (planned): 10:10
Arrival (actual): 10:32
Arrival Gate: 10:40

*All times are local

Flight Ticket
photo 2_ticket2

Pre Flight @ AUH

After the delayed arrival from MUC I had still plenty of time to catch my connecting flight.
It was my first time connecting @ AUH and everything was quie fine.
Very easy to find the gates and so on.
My gate was - well I thinkt it was A10 - but it was in one of the outer circles of Terminal 3.
photo 20170925_212911photo 20170925_214129photo 20170925_214137

Flight EY418

Boarding was right on time and just moments after I entered the aircraft there was an announcement, that - well once again - my second flight of the day to KUL was also delayed for about 1 hour.

I reached my seat and made it compfortable for me.
Seat pitch and width was okay.
photo 20170925_215920

Cabin while we waited for the push back.
The cabin crew offered some drinks during that time.
photo 20170925_220640

EY inflight entertainment.
photo 20170925_223919

Waiting …. and finally after 1h we were pushed back.
photo 20170925_230300

Line Up for departure.
photo 20170925_231409

And we are off to KUL.
photo 20170925_231548

Shortly after departure we made a tight 180 degree right trun heading East towards the Arabian Sea.
Also the meal service started.
I cannot remember which meals were offered, but one was chicken and I guess the other one was Lamb or a vegetarian meal.
I took the chicken.
photo 20170926_001428photo 20170926_001543photo 20170926_002103

Cruising over the Arabian Sea, while drinks after the meal were served.
photo 20170926_003620photo 20170926_003628

Passing India and Sri Lanka and heading towards the Bay of Bengal.
photo 20170926_0307290

Cruising over the Bay of Bengal.
photo 20170926_035551photo 20170926_035435photo 20170926_035602

Before we entered Indonesia, a light snack was served.
Just a simple bun with some cheese.
photo 20170926_045341photo 20170926_045713photo 20170926_045852

LIVE Sport was available via the Satellite 24h Sport Channel in the inflight entertainment.
photo 20170926_051537

After passing the Bay of Bengal we flew straight over Sumatra (Indonesia).

Then we crossed the Strait of Malacca to reach KUL from the West.
You can see the Malaysian coast.
photo 20170926_061312

Finally after a nice turn around Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya we approached KUL.
Lots of palm trees in Malaysia :)

Landing was very smooth.
photo 20170926_063336

Air Asia A330 taking off.
photo 20170926_063437

Some pictures during taxiing.
Malaysian Airlines B737 passing us :)
photo 20170926_063738

Two old B747 which are stored at KUL …. very sad to see them standing around…
photo 20170926_063843

Malaysian Airlines A380-800.
One of the best A380 paint schemes!!
photo 20170926_063921

Parked right next to an Mahan Air A340-600 which arrived tom IKA before us.
photo 20170926_063942

Finally at the Gate.
photo 20170926_104616

Post Flight @ KUL

Disembarkment was very fast and overall, KUL is very well set up.
Traveling by train to the other Terminal offers some great views across the apron.
photo 20170926_105413photo 20170926_110250

Last but not least: Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia :)
photo 20170926_114416

Thanks for spending your time and reading :)
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Etihad Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Abu Dhabi - AUH


Kuala Lumpur - KUL





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  • Comment 425158 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 994 Comments
    Hi Rob!

    Thanks fot this interesting report. Great aerials and views of Malaysia's palm plantations!
    I'm intrigued by your night photos. I have never been able to get sharp photos in the dark, either with my camera or with the cellphone. The camera asks me to use the flash. May I ask what camera/cellphone you have?
    • Comment 425254 by
      Rob777ER AUTHOR 42 Comments
      Hi Nechus!
      Thank you.

      I am using a Samsung Galaxy A5 - I got it in September and I used it for the first time on my trip to Malaysia.
      Well the night photos are not too good, but they are okay.
      I took them without flash and I have a button in the Samsung camera app where I can change the brightness of the photo, that helps really a lot.

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