Review of Lion Mentari Airlines flight Surabaya Lombok in Economy

Flight JT646
Class Economy
Seat 34C
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 23:55
Take-off 22 Dec 17, 09:30
Arrival at 22 Dec 17, 10:25
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Published on 30th December 2017
Hello back at my flight report!

This is my family trip to Lombok during Christmas break. All of four flight leg will be like this: ((Well actual flight plan doesn't look like this, but yeah.))
photo bdo-sub-lop-hlp
Bandung (BDO) – Surabaya (SUB) by Lion Air JT918 = Link Here
Surabaya (SUB) – Lombok (LOP) by Lion Air JT646 = You're here
Lombok (LOP) – Jakarta (HLP) by Citilink Indonesia QG167 = Will be posted soon (1)
Jakarta (HLP) – Bandung (BDO) by Wings Air IW1720 = Will be posted soon (2)

Because the prologue of the journey was already on my previous flight leg so I'll direct us to this leg!

So lets the journey begin!

Surabaya Airport

So after little walk to the centre of the Terminal 1 marked with this FIDS - (Flight Information Display System) because its located between escalator down to the baggage reclaim area and escalator up from check in area. There's plenty of Lion Air flight during that time of the day where T1 A is absolutely dominated by Lion! Roaaaarrrr~
photo img_0004

After just bought mineral water we proceed to the gates which is at the very end of the T1 A on gates 1 and 2. The boarding lounge was shared with flight bound to Banjarmasin. Thats my filmsy boarding pass.
photo img_0006photo img_0008

After another security checkpoint before we entered the boarding lounge, we sat next to the gates. Hmmmm actually I'm pretty surprised that the door just left open without any supervise. I hope there's nothing serious about this laa. Not so long after we just sat there, the ground staff actually call JT 646 for board the aircraft!
photo img_0010

Long time no see Boeing 737-900ER

Since I checked for what airplane will served SUB-LOP leg no surprise to see her on the tarmac. PK-LHU Boeing 737-9GP(ER)(WL) MSN: 38300 delivered to Lion Air on July 2011, she's 6.5 years old, equipped with 231 economy seat, and powered by two CFM56-7 engines as said. Here she's:
photo img_0012photo img_0015

Since only L1 door open for boarding the process kinda taking so long.
photo img_0017

Our neighbour was PK-LHT, delivered to Lion Air around the same time with PK-LHU on July 2011.
photo img_0018

Another Boeing 737-900ER with Boeing Dreamliner CS can't really tell PK-LFF or PK-LFG where they're most likely the oldest and one of them must be the prototype of Boeing 737-900ER. Also kinda far in the background there in Terminal 2 was spotted Singapore Airlines. Where Singa is a word for Lion in Indonesian and also Malays language. so SINGA Vs. LION.
photo img_0025

Because Boeing 737-900ER with this seating configuration required to operating this one additional emergency exit both sides cabin crew do the briefing both here and there at the mid wing emergency exit. After that they do crosscheck entire cabin before do the manual safety demonstration while airplane started to be pushbacked and ready to roll.
photo img_0027

Pushback with another PK-LHx family bound somewhere.
photo img_0029

Taxiing to Runway 28. We passed Terminal 1. There's several airlines served their passengers from Terminal 1 such as Lion Group: Lion Air, Wings Air, and also Batik Air, Sriwijaya Group: Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air, Citilink Indonesia, and other airlines that I'm not even sure to mentioned.
photo img_0030photo img_0031photo img_0033

As soon as we reached the runway the engines start to roaring and we climbed to the hazy sky of Surabaya, passed Terminal 2, former Merpati Nusantara Maintenance Facility, and also we can saw downtown Surabaya from distance. Then, we heading to east.

Cabin situation throughout the flight, Legroom was fine actually but as you can see the leather of the seat already shown her age, since there's no PTV and this is your view! Yes the headrest cover also for their Lion-Parcel services.
photo img_0057photo img_0019photo img_0020

Seat pocket contained: In-flight Boy On Board menu, safety instruction card, Lion’s in-flight magazine, and also Invocation card. How religious this airlines is j/k…
photo img_0058
Even tho the menu was there inside your seat pocket doesn't mean you can buy it, and also cabin crew didn't offer any hot meals on the sales they just offer you either crackers or biscuits and mineral water. I do really want to try it out tho, because Lion Air did the catering by their subsidiary of Lion Boga.
photo img_0059

Pretty bright outside but kinda cloudy down there.
photo img_0064

As the captain informed that the airplane will descent. Then, cabin crew collecting trash and do the final check .
photo img_0072

Three Gili (Islands) from Left to Right is: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. This three islands are one of the touristy place to visit in Lombok.
photo img_0074

We approaching Lombok International Airport (LOP/WADL) and we can spot old Selaparang Airport (AMI/WADA) which already closed for Public since 30th September 2011 when the new airport open.

After the airplane touch the ground, we directly turn into taxiway, pretty sure the apron need to be cleared for something that the airplane was stopped by the taxiway about three to five minutes before finally we reached the gate.

IDK why people sometimes took so long to disembark, like they didn't even ready with their belongings. As the L2 door opened I better go that way for sure. Cause walking on tarmac such a great things to do right?
photo img_0096photo img_0101photo img_0102

Front view. Thanks LHU! Thanks Capt!
photo img_0103

Lion's tail…
photo img_0104

Citilink just arrived.
photo img_0106

Lombok Airport

LIA - Lombok Intrernational Airport.
photo img_0107

Since my family didn't checked our baggage we just direct our self to the pick up area and skip the baggage reclaim area. We soon met our driver to go for lunch!
photo img_0112photo img_0113photo img_0114

Full route by Flight radar 24: Actually we arrived at 11:22 L.T. the time zone between Surabaya (GMT +7) and Lombok (GMT +8) is one hour different.
photo capture-20171226-205828

Thanks for stop by on my flight report here and hope you enjoy reading my FR. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Sorry for grammatical error here and there. The other flight leg will be continued soon….

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Lion Mentari Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Surabaya - SUB


Lombok - LOP



After my last flight with Lion Air circa 2012 from Bandung to Batam vice versa and circa 2015 from Bandung to Surabaya vice versa nothing really change from Lion Air's services. They're really lack of improvement of their Buy on Board inflight sales I'm not even sure why. I mean such a pity cabin crew just push and pull the trolley back and forth the cabin without really selling anything. Pretty sure tho Lion Air already settled with their loyal passengers and also cargo they carried. But no doubt I really want to try Lion's Boeing 737 MAX fleets!



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