Review of Lufthansa flight Seoul Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH719
Class Economy
Seat 50A
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 11:20
Take-off 27 Jan 18, 13:05
Arrival at 27 Jan 18, 16:25
LH   #66 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1598 reviews
By 2363
Published on 28th February 2018
Hey guys,

welcome to the second part of this series, which covers my trip to wonderful Seoul, Korea with Lufthansa in Economy Class.

You are here for the review of flight LH719 from ICN to MUC.

Series overview

1st Part
MUC > ICN with LH718 Can be found here: LH 718: MUC > ICN

2nd Part
ICN > MUC with LH719 You are here!

Flight information LH719

Aircraft Registration: D-AIHA
Aircraft Type: A340-600
Boarding (planned): 12:00 noon
Boarding (actual): 12:00 noon
Push Back: 12:43 pm
Departure (planned): 12:30 pm
Departure (actual): 01:05 pm
Arrival (planned): 04:20 pm
Arrival (actual): 04:25 pm
Arrival Gate: 04:32 pm

*All times are local

Flight Ticket
photo ticket_lh719

Pre Flight @ ICN

It was a coldy and clear Saturday mornring in Seoul, Korea.
As my flight was at midday and Incheon Airport is quite a drive from downtown Seoul, I got up quite early and took the shuttle bus once again.
Very convenient journey to the airport - it took about 1.5h.
After I arrived at the airport, check in was done very quickly as there were almost no people at the desk 3 hours prior scheduled departure.
Incheon Airport is a very nice airport, so I bought a coffee, took some rest before and walked through the building.

Here a picture from the check in hall @ ICN.
photo 20180127_103956

On my way to the gates.
photo 20180127_114742photo 20180127_114825

Flight LH719

When I arrived at the gates my aircraft was already ready - once again a Lufthansa A340-600.
Registration D-AIHA - one of the older ladies but the cabin looked quite nice.
She had an Asiana B777 right next to her - I guess they chatted about the cold weather :D
photo 20180127_120409

Oh yeah and on the other side a Finnair A350!
I guess she is used to such cold temperatures ;)
photo 20180127_121115

So boarding was very fast … it took just 20 minutes to complete it and this time there were no empty seats in the rear cabin.
I guess the A340-600 was full!
photo 20180127_122250

View from my seat - unfortunately my window was a little bit dirty.
photo 20180127_122932

Seat pitch and width as usual.
photo 20180127_123132

We had to wait another 20min because we lost our departure slot. There was already a delay of about 15min when we were pushed back.
Finnair A350 was just a few meters in front of us.
photo 20180127_124903

Some impressions from ICN during taxiing.

Asiana A380 at the gate.
photo 20180127_125814

Asiana B777 taxiing to the gate.
photo 20180127_125826

Cathay Pacific A330 at a remote stand.
photo 20180127_130004

After about another 20 minutes of taxiing we reached the runway and off we go…
Bye bye Seoul ….
photo 20180127_130434photo 20180127_130606

Shortly after take off we made a sharp left turn towards the Yellow Sea and headed west wards to China.
Weather conditions were picture perfect … no clouds in Korea and over the Yellow Sea.
photo 20180127_131115photo 20180127_132521photo 20180127_1332310

About 30 minutes after departure drinks and a snack was served.
photo 20180127_134240

There was a little bug in the flight map :D
We didn't fly the circle!
photo 20180127_134726

As we approached China … the weather conditions got pretty worse.
Lots of clouds underneath of us and a lot of turbulences.
photo 20180127_142945photo 20180127_143058

Lunch was served when we passed Beijing.
Here is the menu card for flight LH719 that day.
photo lh719_menu

As you might know from my other report - Korean food is amazing.
So I selected Bibimbap for lunch - the taste was quite good.
photo 20180127_143616photo 20180127_143943photo 20180127_144231

When lunch service was finished, cabin was darkened and some passengers tried to sleep.
I read a little bit and followed the flight map on the screen.
photo 20180127_164212

Still a long way ahead.
photo 20180127_151154

We passed Ulaanbaatar and headed west wards over Mongolia.
photo 20180127_154925

Before the Women's Tennis Australian Open FInal I visited the lavatory downstairs.
It's so damn cool to walk stairs in an aircraft!!
photo 20180127_172905photo 20180127_172924

Women's Tennis Australian Open Final - an exciting match that was!
photo 20180127_181635

Half way through the flight a light snack was served.
It was possible to select a meat or cheese sandwich - i took the meat sandwich.
photo 20180127_190417photo 20180127_190452

The next 4h were very unspectacular … it was a very calm flight except while we passed China.
photo 20180127_212551

As I love the wing view … I enjoyed watching out of the window and took some pictures.

2h before arrival @ MUC another meal was served.
I took the Korean option once again - Bulgogi! It was also not bad!
photo 20180127_230048photo 20180127_230345photo 20180127_231012

Video LH719 cruising at 36.000 feet

Heading towards Munich and entering German airspace.
photo 20180128_000438

The weather above the clouds was wonderful - the view of the Alps was amazing!!
photo 20180128_000824photo 20180128_000929photo 20180128_001010

Unfortunately we had to land in MUC, so we needed to go through the thick clouds.
photo 20180128_001710photo 20180128_001938

And finally underneath the clouds … irgh what an awful weather :D
photo 20180128_002254

And back @ home!!
photo 20180128_002316photo 20180128_002328

Arriving at the gate.
photo 20180128_002812

My parents picked me up at the airport and took some pictures from my LH A340-600 from the Terminal 2 visitor terrace.
photo 20180128_002817photo 20180128_002816photo 20180128_002814

Post Flight @ MUC

My flight arrived at the Satellit Terminal 2 … so it took some time to get to the main building of Terminal 2.
The way from the arrival area to the train which connects Satellit Terminal 2 with Terminal 2 main building is - in my opinion - a missconstruction!
It was my second time that there were some bottlenecks during the way … escalator are not possible to move the amount of people to upper floors and there are no stairs available.So when people have to wait at the second escalator it results in a "traffic jam" because more and more people coming from the first escalator and cannot move …. because the first escalator is running all the time …

It took a while but in the end I finally made it to the main building and took my luggage and was back home in Germany … which felt like summer as there was a temperature difference of about 30°C.
-25°C in Seoul when I left and about +5°C in Germany when I arrived!!

Thanks for spending your time and reading :)
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Cabin crew9.5

Seoul - ICN


Munich - MUC



This is currently my longest flight with 11h 20min - when I go to Australia in March 2018, all of that will be history! Looking forward to that :)

Despite the 11h 20min flight time, the flight passed by very fast.
The product LH offers is not bad ... great service, good food and a good entertainment system.



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  • Comment 434394 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    Well for once on LH, I find the catering to look pretty good.
    The inflight snack is also something rare on LH
    Shame that the 340-600 are being phased out, they're so beautiful !
  • Comment 435557 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Hi Rob777ER, thanks for sharing this latest report! The A346 is pretty rare and it seems you've reported almost every carrier that operates them (except maybe VS?). It's funny to see stairs on an aircraft that isn't a 747 or A380. The catering looks surprisingly good for LH.

    Congrats on your longest flight (Until Australia) :-)
    • Comment 436244 by
      Rob777ER AUTHOR 42 Comments
      Thanks Kevin! Some A340 airlines are still missing. It is really a shame that it will be replaced over the next few years, such a great airplane and the stairs were awesome, it's just funny to walk up and down :)
      Catering was indeed good - I did not expected it to be that good from other reports I saw here but it was a nice surprise.

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