Review of DAT Danish Air Transport flight Nápoli Billund in Economy

Flight DX 054
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:40
Take-off 20 Sep 15, 12:00
Arrival at 20 Sep 15, 15:40
DX 10 reviews
By 462
Published on 1st March 2018
After a short week end, it's time to fly back home. And why to choose to fly directly to Paris, when it's possible to fly with 2 stops (even with 3 - with Odense). I reach the airport by bus, it was not so expensive and it was quick, maybe next time I could try UBER (if it's work). Anyway, I arrived on time at the airport, and a long file was waiting for me, hopefully it was quick, and my seat was already booked thanks to my friend in Danemark. After getting my boarding pass I went to the waiting area. During this time I took time to watch what airline was outside. Quiet funny the same Gulfstream was at the same parking since a week ago. I would try to fly one day with PostaItalia 733… We will see.

photo 22678328742_fd3c03878f_o

photo 22703053141_9283afae9d_o

photo 22691886575_280c0fe803_o

photo 22503962900_a089b07290_o

Quickly our flight was called to board. We took a bus to go to our plane, because it was to a remote stand. What a surprise when I arrived close to the plane, it was flying few days ago for Adria and is also operated by DOT (the lithuanian brand of DAT) - but the plane's registration is from Danemark. During boarding I took time to take severals pictures about this special 320 (the type is not so special…). But did you know that DAT is operating one of the oldest 320 ?

photo 22678330722_0b602a7eb1_o

photo 22070729693_ccc77efb8a_o

photo 22503964010_bfd93cc3e9_o

photo 22678331782_d99a6a4335_o

Boarding was very slow, and we close the doors with some delays… I hope I will not miss my connecting flight at Billund. The sky is becoming more and more cloudy… During my week end the weather was great, which allow me to enjoy the city. Just before take off I was able to see some nice plane such as a MD80 Meridiana. I would love to fly on this plane one day. Take off was fine, we kept our seat belt fasten quiet a long time due to some turbulences… Yes a storm is coming over Napoli, look the big cloud !!! It was really impressive and beautiful !

photo 22678341692_7b8c503fdf_o

photo 22691898145_35e0b5111d_o

photo 22665884626_7a8588bca4_o

photo 22691897445_00d175b4b0_o

Later during the flight, when we reach our cruise level the seat belt sign was turn off. The crew offer us an oshi bori (sorry if I don't write it properly)… It surprised me a lot, cause on my way to go a week ago I didn't receive it. Anyway, let's discover the seat. It was absolutely not comfortable. I had something in my back which made the seat horrible. Inside the seat pocket I was able to find, the safety card, the duty free mag, and the little onboard menu. Nothing exiting.

photo 22503972730_1caef14897_o

photo 22503972050_703e2127fd_o

photo 22503971620_efbb83b315_o

photo 22665881646_2b397d7b62_o

photo 22070735923_51d81f7a7a_o

After a short nap, we start our decent to Odense. Yes, this flight was making a short stop at Odense before to fly to Billund. The weather was nice, sunny which is great for pictures. I was able to see what was looking like the area. Because last time I came it was very cloudy and rainy. The landing was very short, and the plane didn't had to make a U-turn at the end of the runway. Which allow us to arrive at the gate faster. Then passengers with the final flight to Odense where welcome to disembark. After around 30 minutes, the plane was taxing to the take off runway.

photo 22069116294_30e6a5ca90_o

photo 22069115764_d81256edbc_o

photo 22665879376_c9f45c562d_o

photo 22070733973_8bda4ebf1d_o

photo 22070733573_56e82080c6_o

That time we took off on the same way that we land. Which allow me to take a picture with the Odense's airport terminal. Then we align to take off. The we start to be in the air, we turn to the right and I had a opportunity to get a nice picture of Odense Airport. For this short trip the seat belt sign stayed on and we didn't fly so high which allow us to enjoy the the danish landscape between Odense and Billund.

photo 22703058731_1c44c6e731_o

photo 22069113084_40541bde70_o

photo 22069112714_fca51a7dd1_o

photo 22678333102_f1d959229b_o

Landing was fine, I saw the MD87, and also some ATR… I was at this time wondering if I would be able to catch my flight to Oslo. I start to be a bit stressed. The taxi at Billund was not so long. We arrived quickly to our gate and we were able to disembark quickly. Just before to leave the plane I took a quick picture of the cabin. I really love their head rest with all the colors. Then we took the bus to the main terminal, and a final shot of our today's plane… All white.

photo 22665876136_9d34e0f64f_o

photo 22069111224_7ceb99da54_o

A last word, I was sad to get a not such nice crew compare to what I had on my way to Billund a week ago. It was nice to fly on this plane which was not so special ( at the beginning it was the MD87 which was scheduled but change at the last minute).

Thank you for your reading and see you next FR !
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DAT Danish Air Transport

Cabin crew2.5

Nápoli - NAP


Billund - BLL



Pitch was fine but the back of the seat was horrible !

A crew which was not so nice and a bit absent.

Nothing special, a 320 in Europe. Okay, this plane is a bit harder to fly on ;)

It was on purchase. A right prices.

A nice airport, easy to reach from the city. But didn't surprise me.

A nice airport, easy to realize some connecting flight (with short time) - let see why on the next flight report



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