Review of Aurigny Air Services flight Guernsey Dinard/Pleurtuit in Economy

Flight GR 122
Class Economy
Seat 3
Flight time 00:30
Take-off 23 Nov 15, 13:15
Arrival at 23 Nov 15, 14:45
GR 10 reviews
By GOLD 363
Published on 15th April 2018


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After my short stay at Guernsey, I had to fly back home. The hotel where I stayed, had a shuttle service, so they drive me to the airport. That was great ! It allow me to be on time for my flight without thinking about any bus timetable… On my way to the airport I spoke with my driver, and I told him that I was coming from Dinard, a very small airport. He told me that Guernsey airport was a bit the same some years in the past, but thanks to the gowth of the national airline (Aurigny) it helps the airport to grow and to welcome more passengers. After 20 minutes, I arrived at the airport.

The airport looks clean, and brand new. In front the main building, there is a statut about the aircraft's war. When entering into the terminal, there is a sample of the G-JOEY Trislander attached on the roof. That's a nice surprise to see it ! Inside we can find a WHSmith store, some check in desks. After getting my Boarding Pass from the Aurigny counter, I went to the "controlled area" which was also clean.

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We were able to find a private lounge which is for the Blue Islands customers. During my waiting time, an airport supervisor came to talk to me. He was surprised seeing me taking some pictures. After, I told him about my hobby, and also that I was flying in Guernsey for my birthday. We talked together about the Trislander, which is a great plane to fly !

After few minutes my boarding was called. All passengers arrived. Before to start boarding, the staff shown us a safety video about the Dornier 328. We were not all listening, most of passengers were looking about their smartphones and were a bit bored about this vedo.
The start the bus, and at that time we enter into a little bus which drove us to the plane.

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After we arrived to our plane, a stewardess called us by our surname and were invited to follow a man who show us where to seat. On today's flight we were 10. When I hear my name I follow the man who show me where to seat. It was a different seat than the previous time (which was yesterday).

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When the last passenger sat into the TRISLANDER, the pilot, made a little welcome announcement beofore to swich on the propellers. Then the pilot was clear to taxi, and we went to the take off runway. The taxi was not so long. Today was good because each of us were able to get a full row, which include two prtholes. Once aligned on the take off runway we took off !!!

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We've got the take off clearance quickly thanks to the low airport traffic. One aligned on the take off runway the plane speed up and start to fly. It was still a pleasure to realise a take off onboard this plane. After few minutes, we saw on our left the Guernsey Harbor, where I was earlier the same day.

Weather was not bad, Clouds gave a nice landscape, and we didn't get so much wind which was good. We realized a right turn allowing us to fly to France. Sometime during the cruise we were flying into some clouds which gave us some turbulences.

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​During the cruise I took some pictures of the cabin, of this old plane. A bit noisy, but it was a wounderful pleasure for me. The onboard lights were not working as the airconditioning. At that time the plane was on autopilot mode. After a little 35 minutes of flying, we start to arrive on the french coast and we started our descent to Dinard.

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Landing was fine, and afer a short taxi we arrived to our parking area. I enjoyed to take few last pictures before leaving. As you can see, Dinard airport is really small !!! After exiting the building, I shared a taxi with some other flight passengers (a british lady, an aussi boy and me). Taxi cost us 15€ per person. That was a good deal compare to my yerterday's jouney, I paid 35€ !!!

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Thank you for your reading, and see you soon for futher flying adventures !
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Aurigny Air Services

Cabin crew6.0

Guernsey - GCI


Dinard/Pleurtuit - DNR



An old cabin but in mint condition for a such age, 40 years old.

Just one pilot for this flight, who explain us some safety information especially about the use of life vest.

The flight was the purpose of the day.

Nothing to eat or eat, I can understand. But no private lounge like Blue Island with complementary tea and coffee (...)

An airport with a medium size and it's easier to go to the city centre from the airport !

A nice small airport, but it's a bit difficult to go there, I had to take a taxi, which is a bit expensive.



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