Review of Hi Fly flight Paris Marrakech in Economy

Airline Hi Fly
Flight AT 643
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Airbus A340-500
Flight time 03:15
Take-off 02 Jan 16, 11:25
Arrival at 02 Jan 16, 13:40
5K 13 reviews
By 1883
Published on 19th April 2018
After the new year's eve I decided to have some rest to a sun country, my company gave me 3 days off (but I had to cut one). I choose Marrakesh in Morocco. I went several times in Agadir in the past. I use to fly on Boeing 737-500 or 400. At the begining the 747-400 CN-RGA was sheduled but at the last minute, Royal Air Maroc informed us that the flight operator changed for Hifly. After checking on their website, I saw that it would be the Airbus A340-500 CS-TFX which will be for our flight.

I arrived a bit earlier to Paris Orly allowing me to observe the A340 landing. Then I went to the passeport controle (Parafe) and the bag checking. It was crowded today !!! Many people were going on small holidays or were flying back home after the new year's eve. I arrived on time for the boarding. There were not so many people waiting for the flight.

During the boarding, I saw on the screen that they made a little mistake, the wrote EuroAtlantic against Hifly. Few days ago it was an EuroAtlantic plane which was doing the flight. Also look on my boarding pass, I had the sequence number one today.

photo 24585534516_1ed8ebab56_h

photo 23983545554_28c32c983c_h

We took a bus which drive us to the plane. It was parked far away from Orly Sud. It was closer to Orly Ouest that Orlys Sud. After few minutes we were allowed to walk to the plane. Here is today's lady. A nice 4 engines plane, for a 2 hours and half flight… What a big dream… You havn't seen inside yet… Let's dicover it !

photo 24316143360_11e0ac84fd_h

photo 24316143210_b3861a715d_h

photo 24503349632_6292c4554a_h

When I enter into the plane, four flight attendants were welcoming us. One for the business class, two for the economy class and the Royal Air Maroc flight puser. All the crew was from Hifly. A stewardess show me where to go, helping me to find my seat. Kind from her. The boarding arera was from the bar, the I walked thought the business class and when I arrived into the economy part, another stewardess told me and to some other passengers, that today it was free seating due of the changing plane. I had the 3O A and I sat to the 31 A to get a better view. Now divorver my seating area for the next flying hours.

photo 24243918849_809dddcd91_h

photo 24611670355_2e19edd7d5_h

photo 23984880603_e523d9f4ae_h

The seat was comfortable with a nice pitch. Each seat got a little TV (or IFE). On my left side there was a remote TV but it doesn't work. As you can observe, the TV was still on the Arik Air signature. Where was the remote TV, there were some indi writing, because at the begining the plane use to fly with Kingfisher. The seat-belt signs were new (as you can see with the electronic devises sign).

photo 23983543844_ef6bd2414c_h

photo 24529447591_b5fa046c32_h

We had a long hour delay. During that time I was on the phone speaking with my manager, about to negociate my 3rd day off. Due some work reasons I had to come back to work earlier… But anyway, during this waiting time I was also drawing today's plane (you can see it at the end of this flight report). Then after our waiting time, the flight attendant start to realize the safety demonstrations, and we push back. After a short taxi we took off from Paris Orly.

photo 24503348152_da3fd009f1_h

photo 24316141240_a52df0eacc_h

When the seat belt sign turned off I walked a bit into the economy class. It was looking great, we were not so many. That was really comfortable ! The plane was clean, as the toilets were. That's a good news cause this is not always like that on the leased planes. Few minutes after the flight attendants starts to serve today's meal. I sat back to my seat allowing me to have my lunch.

photo 23984879413_990ac41f28_h

photo 24611668915_599a0415cd_h

photo 24585531776_ee35b79019_h

photo 24243916639_0fa3eae88c_h

Today's lunch was some truite fish as starter, beef meat with pasta for the main course and a yogurt as desert. It was serve with some bread and butter. The crew made another service for the cold drincks (I took a coke), asked if we would like to have some more bread and a final service for the hot drinks (I took a tea). During our lunch I watch a bit the The Great Gatsby movie. During the lunch we were flying over the french-spanish border. It was less cloudy.

photo 24529446461_8577e9c972_h

photo 23983542044_859c9a06c1_h

photo 24529446051_592371e09c_h

photo 24611667805_679a35e7da_h

When the crew took back our trays, I walked into the plane to dicover it. Inside this plane there was a flying bar with some sofas and seats in front of this bar. I talked a bit with the flight purser, like me he really enjoy the bar. I thought that it is a great idea to have a bar for the long haul flights. From this part of the plane we've got a nice view on the plane's engines.

photo 24585530746_948f9c193a_h

photo 24529445611_3854d2c6a4_h

photo 24611667465_8e265665b7_h

photo 24503345952_2e57b35e9f_h

photo 24529445021_723774e792_h

photo 23983540664_52298f4cd5_h

Close to the business class bar, there was the business class. There were some full flat red seats. In this part of the plane, only some TVs were working. There were like little suites. Seats were comfortable and we were able to get some massages from these seats… I like that ! The little seat remote panel was with the Arik's logo and the seats were red, which was the Kingfisher color. Between the economy and business class there was another bar, which was for the economy class passengers. Great idea I think !

photo 24243914829_2847fdd34c_h

photo 23983540224_9cdfb27f19_h

photo 24316138580_b032522d15_h

After my business class testing, I went back to my seat. We were flying over desert when we start our descent. Then we turn to the left to be on final to Marrakesh airport. There were no clouds, only blue sky and sun ! The crew made a last check and we were ready to land.

photo 24503344862_7590ecf80d_h

photo 23984876143_4b8c4a7ca5_h

photo 24316137730_17d87fa0a8_h

The landing was soft, but after that the pilot slow down the plane hardly… The landing runway was not so long ! On the Marrakesh airport ground, I was able to see some airlines like Germanwings, Ryanair, Jetairfly and some private jets. Another Airbus from Hifly arrived after us from Paris… It was an Airbus A330. Before to leave the plane I took a last picture, from the flight deck.

photo 24503343882_4255b9e84c_h

photo 24529442591_a6cfd7fee0_h

Now we're arrived to the end of this flight report, that was a great flight on a special plane, which is the Airbus A340-500. There are not so many of this plane still flying. The crew was great ! You can see myself with the flight purser (from my Flickr Gallery). It was a great flight experience, really special. A last view about today's plane, which was the A340-500 Hifly CS-TFX.

Thank you for your reading !


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Hi Fly

Cabin crew7.5

Paris - ORY


Marrakech - RAK



A great looking cabin, with a nice pitch, which very enjoyable and also 2 bars.

A crew which was professional, and friendly. I really appreciate du flight purser kindness. It was a real pleasure !

No need to tell again about the IFE but to be honest, the plane WAS today's entertainment !

The meal was good, it's nice to get some food on this type of flight.

An airport which is a bit old, but having a little refreshing.

An airport which looks nice, and clean. And also it will be bigger soon !

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