Review of Royal Air Maroc flight Casablanca Paris in Economy

Airline Royal Air Maroc
Flight AT 764
Class Economy
Seat 33K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 04 Jan 16, 11:20
Arrival at 04 Jan 16, 15:15
AT   #88 out of 134 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 112 reviews
By GOLD 1138
Published on 29th April 2018
After a few days in Morrocco it's time to fly back to France. I took a flight from Marrakesh very early in the morning. And before to fly back to France, I had a stop in Casablanca. At the beginning the plane, which should be on the route was the B747-400 from Royal Air Maroc, but it was changed at the last minute by the B787 due to the King's Hong Kong holiday trip.

Casablanca airport is nice, but it could be better. It looks a bit old. During my transfer, I had to pass the security check to be able to go to the departure hall. There was a large queue, I can't imagine how it is when there are big planes arrivals. On the floor there are some lignes which guides you. That's a nice idea, but passengers may have the idea to look at the floor when they have the habit to look at the ceiling.

During my waiting time, I took some picture of airplanes like a rare B737 Mauritanian Airlines. It comes sometimes to Paris, but it stays a rare plane. After 2 hours of waiting, I went to my gate which was on the lower floor. After descending the stairs, I arrived in a large room, were many people were waiting their flights. There were two gates. I success to find a place where to seat because I was a bit tired… Yes, I had to wake up quite early this morning.

photo 25976149522_a422d204e2_h

During the next 45 minutes nothing happens. And finally we were called for boarding. A big queue start to appear. Many passengers were on this flight. It was looking to full. Then one by one, we went on a bus, which will bring us to our plane.

The ride was really long, and it was nice because I was able to see some other Royal Air Maroc planes like some 767 and 787.

​The today's plane will be the CN-RGC, a new B787-8. Since one year, Royal Air Maroc is introducing some new planes like the 787-8 and E190, and a few years before the ATR72. Also, they have some new B737-800. In the past they used to fly with the A321, B757, and some 737 classics (200/400/500).

photo 26002344981_489dfa3734_h

photo 25466080933_600d66cccc_h

photo 25976145382_f34be45612_h

photo 26002339371_39bd1a3ff2_h

What a nice view I had when we board to the plane. I got enough time to take some pictures about this new plane. It was looking very clean, even the engine were really clean !!! This is my first flight for me aboard a Boeing 787. When I was boarding, they were finishing to refuel the plane. The 787 flies often to Paris after the holidays, because there were many Morroccan families in France going to the home countries to visit some other relatives. Today there were many children… How will be the flight?

photo 26002338651_0453d0d055_h

photo 25795817770_d23674dbf2_h

photo 25466073243_4a2d47a3ec_h

photo 26068663485_3d7e86a7a6_h

When boarding I was welcome by two crew members. Then I went to my seat. It was a strange feeling to be on this new plane… the sounds were different, the brightness also was not the same that I use to have before. When I sat, I started to discover my seat which has a comfortable legroom.

​The overhead panel, was different than other plane, you can observe that there is only the seat belt sign which can light on or off. Also I think that the personal air conditioning was a bit high… Anyway, I was able to adjust it and the light could be switched on from the IFE (In Flight Entertainment).

The IFE was large, comfortable to watch. Also, it was quick to respond, and many films were available to watch as some information about destinations, and the airline. Passenger are also able to watch a interactive map, and it surprised me how interactive it was !!! Some musics and games were also available. The IFE was great !!! It was a active by touching it.

photo 26042729446_27bd969dd7_h

photo 25463904344_0e2f8bcaf2_h

photo 25466067403_2a0504cb00_h

Our flight was delayed for an hour. We didn't get any news about what happens. I was the second time that I had a delay with Royal Air Maroc this month !!! After an hour the captain started to speak and told us that we were ready to depart. Then he started the engines and the plane taxied to the take off runway. During our taxi, the safety demonstrations were on our IFE.

Now we are ready to take off on the runway 17R. Align, brakes released, let's take off !!!

photo 25976131342_792684a0f2_h

photo 25795806980_029d759c84_h

photo 25466062293_6639a3e452_h

The take off was not so loud. Then the climb was quick, and a few minutes after we turn on the right, allowing us to fly to the Paris direction. I was surprise to see that most of the children were quiet. I think that the IFE help to calm them. The landscape was mostly cloudy, over Casablanca it was partly cloudy. But further to the north we were fly ing more cloudy the sky was.

During the flight I've tested the window blind, I found it funny, but not enough blind for me. The thing which is good, is that I 'm not blind by the sun when watching outside. Also there is something good, the window is larger that other plane. This is comfortable.

After being sitting around an hour, I went to have a little walk into the plane. Here are some picture before the lunch.

photo 25976127832_84caf48a2c_h

photo 25795802310_e81edff5c5_h

photo 26002318221_a206b59171_h

Now we were flying over Spain, I went back to my seat, and the crew start to serve the lunch trays. Also at this time the weather was still cloudy. To eat, we receive a tray with salmon as starter, chicken with veggies as main and a cake for dessert. We also had the opportunity to get some soft drinks and tea or coffee.

After the lunch I read some information about Royal Air Maroc, about the fleet. Then a few minutes later, I saw on the map which is available on the IFE that we were flying over Rambouillet (a city next to Paris). The crew made an announcement that we were starting our descent in Paris, let's be ready for landing.

photo 25795798060_eab22c9eb1_h

photo 25795796620_a1dbc8453c_h

photo 26068643745_5e5e9d9c45_h

photo 25466050583_ec26985cda_h

photo 25463885964_19da92a155_h

​The sky was less cloudy than during the flight, the crew was preparing the cabin for landing, The landscape was nice, during our descent, I also had the chance to catch in picture our plane's shadow on a cloud next to us. Then after a few turns, we've flown over the train freight station next to Orly, we are close to land.

photo 25466048073_e29e3417d0_h

photo 26002308251_618df82afe_h

photo 25463882914_62ec44f8e7_h

Welcome back to France. The landing was smooth. We had some turbulences during our landing, but nothing so important. After landing, we had a small taxi to arrive to our gate. A last turn, and what a surprise, we arrive to an Air Transat plane, leased to Air Caraïbes for the winter season. Then all passengers leave the plane, the plane was full, so it took some time to disembark.

photo 26068636265_b7cfdda6e6_h

photo 25976108592_da973d19d6_h

photo 26002302111_ec05ce018a_h

​Here the end of my first 787 flight. I found interesting to test this plane, but I missed a bit, the noise and the flight sensations that we use to have on the older planes. Royal Air Maroc is a nice airline, but the crew on this flight was not so friendly, I can understant why, due of many families on board today. I hope next time to be able to fly on the Boeing 747-400.

photo 26068632135_8fb1c26f28_h
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Royal Air Maroc

Cabin crew4.0

Casablanca - CMN


Paris - ORY



A cabin which was freshly new, a silent plane. I enjoy the color change from the portholes, it was completely new for me. Finally a nice flight experience. But I was missing the flight sensations like turbulences and other things. A crew which was absent, after the delay hour. The IFE was nice, but we didn't find many new films, that was a bit shame. And the meal was fine as usual with AT.

About Casa airport, this is not my best airport, but it made his job... Nothing extra. And about Orly, a nice airport, but a bit further than CDG.

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