Review of JetSmart flight Valdivia Santiago in Economy

Airline JetSmart
Flight JA240
Class Economy
Seat 27F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 28 Jan 18, 13:35
Arrival at 28 Jan 18, 15:00
JA   #8 out of 15 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 19 reviews
Published on 30th May 2018
This is the sad story of how my much anticipated second flight on a vintage Boeing 737-300 with the controversial airline Latin American Wings with great views of the Chilean Lakes District and a generous inflight snack, turned into a rather routinary Valdivia > Santiago flight on an all-too-common Airbus 320 with a sleek, modern (boring) cabin, and what's worse, without a free snack! Boo - hoo.

Let's call this introduction…

A midsummer day's nightmare

For economic and logistic reasons, I always plan my holidays several months in advance, so I get my ticket with Latin American Wings in July 2017!

photo confirmacin law2

However, as my rotten luck will have it, only days before the flight I find myself staring at my laptop screen in shock: Latin American Wings will cancel all domestic flights starting 10 January!

photo fbnomoreflights

The airline publishes a letter on their Facebook account stating that all passengers affected by the cancelations will be rebooked on flights of other airlines, but something tells me that this just won't happen, so I buy a new ticket. Thank goodness there are still some relatively cheap JetSmart tickets two weeks before the day of the flight, despite this being the summer holidays season.

My JetSmart mobile boarding pass:

photo zal sclbp

As expected, the date of my original flight comes and goes, and Latin American Wings does not contact me, does not reply calls or Facebook messages, and of course, does not place me on a new flight.

Later, in March, the national aviation authority, the DGAC, suspends LAW's licence

photo suspension

and revokes it in May.

photo revoke

And that marks the end of yet another short-lived Chilean airline. But this one will be hard to forget. You can read more about LAW's rather turbulent story in the report for my only flight with them.

A second of silence for them.

Done. :)

BTW, this is flight 3 of 9 of this trip. You might want to read the reports for flights 1, 2, 4, and 5. The rest are coming soon. :)

Boarding the seagull

Giving my luck a last chance, I simply stand at the bus stop that morning and wait for the first means of transportation that will drop me outside the airport. And guess what! A transfer van shows up at once!

photo img_1463

It's full, but I take the best seat, next to the driver.

photo img_1466

It's a beautiful, bright day in Valdivia…

photo img_1476

…but I cringe at the thought of the rather warm experience awaiting for me at SCL…

photo img_1478

…where the temperature soars to around 35°C this time of year.

photo img_1479

Lots of people travelling today, it seems.

photo img_1481

This is a lot of movement…

photo img_1482

…for our local standards.

photo img_1484

I hate farewells.

photo img_20180128_123755
photo img_20180128_123805

I bet most of these people are flying back home to Santiago. That's one of the disadvantages of living in the south of Chile. For some strange reason, family and friends from the north think you'll be happy to have them at home every summer. >:(

photo img_20180128_123909

A new screen! For the moment, I only see landscapes on it.

photo img_20180128_123923

In the boarding room…

photo img_20180128_124212

…we are supposed to board by zones, but nobody knows the system. Everybody is asking each other about it. A little more information would be welcome.

photo img_20180128_124302

We don't have to wait long before CC-AWE arrives from SCL.

photo img_1485
photo img_1488

Each JetSmart aircraft features a different Chilean bird on its tail.

photo img_1490
photo img_1494

This is torture for my obssessive personality. A bit more to the right, captain!

photo img_1495


photo img_1496

Not so much!!

photo img_1497

That's better.

photo img_1499
photo img_1501

So that's the bird's name. Gaviota Austral, aka Leucophaeus scoresbii.

photo img_1504

Ground staff jump into action at once.

photo img_1505

This is what Chileans do when they can't fix a problem with aircraft: pray!

photo img_1506

Thank you , Lord!

photo img_1507

One thing I love about ZAL…

photo img_1508

…is that you have a privileged view of the staff…

photo img_1509

…going about their work.

photo img_1510

JetSmart seems to have hired the services of Acciona…

photo img_1511

…a Spanish company involved in different kinds of business…

photo img_1512

…including services.

photo img_1513

I have seen them servicing JetSmart in different Chilean airports, and their equipment always looks brand new.

photo img_1515

We queue while passengers from SCL disembark…

photo img_1516

…and a Sky Airline aircraft arrives, also from SCL. Santiago is the only destination of flights departing from Valdivia.

photo img_1517

Boarding has become so slow these days. Stuck in the jetbridge I have time to take photos of our plane…

photo img_20180128_130731

…Sky Airline's passengers heading to baggage claim…

photo img_20180128_130746

…and the competitor's aircraft in not-so-remote position.

photo img_20180128_130753

Finally, here we go.

photo img_20180128_130809

The seats are OK for a domestic flight…

photo img_20180128_131000

…legroom is acceptable…

photo img_20180128_131348

…but they don't recline…

photo img_20180128_131434

…and you don't get any kind of entertainment whatsoever. Not even music. Let alone a USB charger.

photo img_20180128_131643

Tray tables are small and cute. Enough for a peanut bag.

photo img_20180128_131709


photo img_20180128_131723

The only content of the seat pocket is the safety instructions card.

photo img_20180128_131836

Some details.

photo img_20180128_131953photo img_20180128_132005photo img_20180128_132054

The seat pocket is very inobstrusive.

photo img_20180128_132140

Standard Airbus overhead panel.

photo img_20180128_132157

The flight

Some details of this flight.

photo route zal scl


photo img_1520

Planes usually land at ZAL from north to south, and take off from south to north.

photo img_1521

That makes sense because Santiago is in the north.

photo img_1524

This prevents you from seeing Valdivia, which is farther south.

photo img_1528

But today we are taxiing…

photo img_1529

…to the north end of the runway!

photo img_1531

A first for me!

photo img_1533

Taking off southwards…

photo img_1534
photo img_1535

…allows me to see…

photo img_1539

…river Pichoy…

photo img_1542

…and the road linking the airport and Valdivia.

photo img_1543
photo img_1544

There it is! The white building on the right is Dreams Hotel and Casino. My house… is hidden by the hills. :'''(

photo img_1545b

Steep U-turn…

photo img_1549

…and I get a superb view of Chos-Wenko volcano. (Spanish spelling: Choshuenco) The left peak is not another crater, but part of the rim produced by an explosion that blew the whole upper half of the volcano! The new crater, growing in the middle of the lower half, is the peak that you see on the right. Three days later I'll be flying right above the volcano, and the views will be…. mind blowing!!

photo img_1550

The countryside is painted with the brownish colors of the summer.

photo img_1552
photo img_1553

Only traces of snow on the distant peaks, but the air is so clean (few wildfires this year) that most volcanoes are clearly visible…

photo img_1566

…like Lanín…

photo img_1559

…and Villarrica.

photo img_1562

The area around lake Villarrica is full of tourists this time of year.

photo img_1568

Temuco <Sigh> brings back memories of my adventure…

photo img_1569

…in the roadside dump.

photo img_1571

Another volcano, Llaima, 75km north-east of Temuco.

photo img_1573

In the language of the aboriginal Mapuche people: molu = warrior; che = people; and ñanku = hawk. So, molu + che + ñanku = warrior hawk. "Mulchén" for short.

photo img_1584

The crew hands the BOB menu.

photo img_20180128_133856

I accept it only for reporting purposes this time.

photo img_20180128_134032

The menu also contains the price list in case you want to change your seat during the flight.

photo img_20180128_134147

I have tried this fajita before, and it's heavenly. (I love quinoa, BTW)

photo img_20180128_134526

I doubt this sandwich can beat freshly baked bread only because it is imported from France!

photo img_20180128_134615

A very peaceful cabin today. No crying babies!

photo img_20180128_140302

Before long we're flying above Laja river. In the distance, partially hidden by the mountains, is Laja lagoon. We're half our way to Santiago.

photo img_1596

I find this section of the Andes especially attractive. Right north of river Ñuble there's an area…

photo img_1607

…of very rugged, pointy peaks, where the mountains advance towards the west, forming a lot of small, narrow little valleys covered with forest. The tiny village of San Fabián lies there by the river, too. I MUST visit this place some day.

photo img_1608

San Carlos. We are only 380km from Santiago.

photo img_1610

Nearby Digua dam evidences the growing problem of water shortage in central Chile…

photo img_1615
photo img_1611

…which is not so serious in Colbún dam…

photo img_1628


photo img_1629
photo img_1634

I am surprised to see that the whole area around Descabezado (Beheaded) volcano is covered by ashes!

photo img_1630

I didn't notice that before because the whole place is usually covered with snow. According to the Chilean Geology Service, it last erupted in 1932, but it doesn't mean that it couldn't have "burped" a little ash once in a while. In fact, I will soon post a photo of such an event, caught during my last flight in this series.

photo img_1632

Talca is one of the ugliest places I have been to. There's a saying here: "Talca, París y Londres," (Talca, Paris and London). People say this when they hear the name "Talca."

photo img_1636

I suppose this means that Talca was a beautiful, important town some time many years ago (in colonial times, perhaps). But it definitely isn't so today!

photo img_1638

Convento Viejo reservoir ensures that water is available for some poorly irrigated areas on the coast.

photo img_1652

We know that we are arriving in Santiago because of these "island hills"…

photo img_1663

…that is, hills in the middle of flat land. They ocurr because, some kilometers south of Santiago…

photo img_1666

…the Andes and the Coastal Range get close together, narrowing the valley in the middle.

photo img_1679

Rancagua, on river Cachapoal, is the last important city before we arrive in Santiago. Upper left corner, the impressive, gigantic Maipo volcano…

photo img_1681

…waits in silence. Who knows what it's up to. :O

photo img_1682

Disaster. Aculeo lagoon practically dry. Next time I see it, in May…

photo img_1685

…it will be nothing but a big mud crust. :(

photo img_1686


photo img_1693

Down there, Maipú Catholic church, where Francis addressed young people some months ago. When asked by TV reporters about the reasons for the low attendance, a bishop said "They were under the trees".

photo img_1689

A bit more to the north… what do my eyes see?!?!

photo img_1696

Yeeees! What great memories of the Jamiroquai concert last December at the Movistar Arena! Report here!

photo img_1697

The Arena is in the middle of O'Higgins Park, next to the Hippodrome.

photo img_1699

Downtown is amazingly clear today. Where did the smog go??

photo img_1700

I can get some good shots of the city.

photo img_1701
photo img_1702

River Mapocho flows to the Pacific Ocean.

photo img_1703

Providencia, Las Condes and Vitacura are well-off areas closer to the mountains.

photo img_1704

That's Los Leones golf club…

photo img_1706

…and the so called "Sanhattan", the local business district.

photo img_1707
photo img_1708

North of the city, we bank to the left in a U-turn…

photo img_1712

…with a view of Mount Aconcagua…

photo img_1713

…and start descending into SCL…

photo img_1745

…over the fields of Lampa…

photo img_1746

…and Pudahuel…

photo img_1747

…west of the city.

photo img_1748

Military base.

photo img_1749

Don't you agree that taking a photo of the deployed spoilers is a feat of balance, strength, and self control? It's like taking a photo inside a cocktail shaker!

photo img_1752

Upper right corner, doggone LAW.

photo img_1754

Remember we are in summer holidays. From this point, we should taxi to the domestic area of the terminal.

photo img_1755

However, we turn right past this private jet…

photo img_1768

…turn right again towards the buildings opposite the terminal…

photo img_1770

…and right again, so that I can see the terminal from my seat now.

photo img_1771

The captain announces that there are no gates available, no busses, no nothing, and that it's not the airline's fault. We will have to wait until further notice.

photo img_1772

After some ten minutes we start taxiing again…

photo img_1775

…past the domestic side of the terminal…

photo img_1776
photo img_1777

…and come to a stop…

photo img_1781

…in a remote position. However, the story is not yet over. The captain comes over the PA again, and tell us that we'll have to wait a bit more until a bus is available, and that we should keep the window shades down in order to keep the cabin as cool as possible. It's a hell out there.

photo img_1783

Ten minutes later we disembark. Gosh. It's warm out here, indeed.

photo img_20180128_151735
photo img_20180128_151743

On the bright side…

photo img_20180128_151759

…we get a bonus tour…

photo img_20180128_151822

…around some interesting specimens, like this 737-300 of the dying Latin American Wings….

photo img_20180128_152000

…preparing for one of its last flights to troubled Haiti or Venezuela.

photo img_20180128_152002

Aerovías DAP's CC-AJS…

photo img_20180128_152006

The fourth Chilean airline in size after LATAM, Sky Airline, and JetSmart…

photo img_20180128_152014

…flying to destinations in Patagonia and Antarctica. Its subsidiary, Mineral Airways, serves the mining industry in the north of the country.

photo img_20180128_152021

Am I right when I say that those things at the rear are speed brakes. I always see them deployed when the plane is on the apron. I wonder why.

photo img_20180128_152023

A historical photo of the four competitors together.

photo img_20180128_152026_1
photo img_20180128_152042
photo img_20180128_152105

We're dropped…

photo img_20180128_152254

…at baggage claim.

photo img_20180128_152314

For some reason the restrooms in this area are usually empty, so it's a good idea to stop there…

photo img_20180128_152441

…because I'm not willing to spend the whole day sweating in Santiago.

photo img_20180128_152918

International arrivals.

photo img_20180128_153154

Whaaat?? The queue for the bus to Santiago is infinite!!

photo img_20180128_153259

Advised by a taxi driver, I invite other passengers to share a taxi.

photo img_20180128_153754

These will be the west piers…

photo img_20180128_153813
photo img_20180128_153829

…of the new terminal.

photo img_20180128_153837

I'm in Santiago because I have to board the flight back to Patagonia the day after tomorrow, but my visit to Santiago will last less than an hour.

photo img_20180128_154005

Of course, I'll spend a great weekend in Viña!

Summer in Viña

Viña is also crowded this time of year…

photo img_1785

…but it's so different from the suffocating streets of Santiago.

photo img_1792

Muelle (dock) Vergara was built in the 1880s. It was turned into a promenade in 1983. The crane partially seen on the right was built in Leeds, England, in 1914, and bought second-hand for this dock in 1937.

photo img_1798

The beaches around the dock are very popular…

photo img_1797

…but the water is cold.

photo img_1793

Remember that we're not in the tropics, and the Humboldt current brings water from the Antarctic.

photo img_1799

Anyway, you can be sure that 80% of those people come from Argentina. There's been lots of Argentine tourists this year because the exchange rate is very convenient for them.

photo img_1800

Viña is called Ciudad Jardín (Garden City)…

photo img_20180128_194333

…and its streets are quiet and pleasant even in summer…

photo img_20180128_191707

…because everybody is on the beach!

photo img_20180129_094632

So, it'll be a relaxing weekend…

photo img_20180129_123701

… before I board the next flight on Monday.

Take care! :)
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Valdivia - ZAL


Santiago - SCL



Mostly stagnant infrastructure and services. Quickly becoming too small.

On the bright side, this new ULCC has played a role bringing airfares down in the country. On the dark side, they offer a very low price and then charge for "commissions". Don't be surprised if you find a cheaper final fare with LATAM or Sky Airline.

Struggling to deal with the summer traffic! The new terminal is needed urgently!

Information on the route Valdivia (ZAL) Santiago (SCL)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 14 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Valdivia (ZAL) → Santiago (SCL).


The airline with the best average rating is LATAM with 7.2/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 26 minutes.

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  • Comment 448572 by
    loukas 342 Comments

    Hi Nechus! Thanks for another amusing report. I've experienced something very similar a couple of years ago when the airline called OLT Express that offered cheap domestic flights in Poland with meals included suddenly stopped operating and I had exactly the same feeling that I would never be rebooked for my flight to Gdansk, so I bought a LOT ticket and received a refound for my ticket not from the airline that never responded to any e-mail or FB message but from the bank (when you pay e.g. for a ticket with a credit card and the thing that you paid for never happens like in case of my cancelled flight, the procedure called "charge - back" allows you to get your money back and then it's the bank's job to get the money from the airline - maybe this could work in your case?). Anyway, good that you 've managed to get to your destination. Great aerials, as always! I will never understand these crowds of people on the beach - wouldn't it be nicer to have a 20 minutes walk and find a place for your own without this umbrellas and crying children? Have a good week!

    • Comment 448701 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 936 Comments

      the procedure called "charge - back"

      Good suggestion! I'll ask the bank. Anyway, I already filed a complaint with the consumer protection service. I think they're bringing a class action against LAW.

      I will never understand these crowds of people on the beach

      Nor will I !! XDDD It's crazy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 449396 by
    marathon 9830 Comments

    A croissant with cheese and ham imported from France all the way to Chile ? It must have been frozen, and I would not recommend it !

    The two deployed panels under the tail of CC-AJS are indeed speed brakes : they are much cheaper to build and operate than thrust reversers and also allow steep landing approaches.

    Thanks for this detailed lesson of Chilean geography from the air !

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