Review of ANA flight Nagoya Oita in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH3165
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 12 Jun 18, 07:35
Arrival at 12 Jun 18, 08:45
NH   #15 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 223 reviews
By SILVER 1015
Published on 20th June 2018
Hello everyone, welcome to the 4th part of the Asia trip. This report will cover the domestic flight from Nagoya Chubu International Airport to Oita airport. This flight is operated by IBEX Airlines and all of its flights are codeshare with ANA. Currently, IBEX Airlines operates a fleet of 10 CRJ700NG. All CRJ100LR and CRJ200ER are already retired.

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ANA has a special fare (ANA Experience Japan Fare) which provide a much cheaper options for domestic travel especially for foreigners. People who are not living in Japan, holding a passport issued by any country other than Japan and possess an international ticket which originates from foreign countries are eligible to purchase this ticket. This time I had a very good deal for this trip from Nagoya to Kyushu.

Early in the morning, we took the first train departing from Nagoya Meitetsu station at 5:23am and arrived at Nagoya Chubu International Airport at 6:06am.
photo dsc06005
Once arrived at the airport, we headed to the ANA checkin counters. It was quite empty and we finished the checkin process smoothly.
photo dsc06007
The domestic checkin counters.
photo dsc06008
Boarding pass were given to us. For domestic flight in Japan, boarding time normally starts about 15 minutes before the schedule departure time.
photo dsc069
After that I went to the observation deck but it was not opened until 7:00am
photo dsc06010
Then we headed back to the domestic departure.
photo dsc06012
Passing through the security check, a security certificate was issue.
photo dsc6020
My flight was departing from gate 102 which implied that a bus connection was required to board the plane.
photo dsc06014
Gate 102.
photo dsc06018
The waiting area.
photo dsc06019
Boarding was commenced at 7:15am, after I scanned the ticket, a boarding information sheet was issued.
photo dsc0623
The bus sent us to our plane, JA11RJ which was delivered to IBEX Airlines in June 2015.
photo dsc06025
On the fuselage you can see the "ANA Connection" sticker which clearly shows their relationship with ANA.
photo dsc06026
This is the seatmap for IBEX Airlines CRJ700NG, there is a total of 70 seats. Cabin is divided into 6 zones and my seat will be in zone E.
photo crj
My seat 16A, which is one row behind the emergency exit door.
photo dsc06027
Cabin during boarding.
photo dsc06028
View from my seat.
photo dsc06029
There are no PTV nor overhead TV on this aircraft but it is fine for domestic flight within Japan. On the headrest cover, the name of the parent company of IBEX airlines is printed on it. (Japan Digital Laboratory Co., Ltd.).
photo dsc06030
Pushback started at 7:34am. The ground staff was waving goodbye to us.
photo dsc06031
Taxing to runway.
photo dsc06033
Passing a ANA B767-300 with 2020 Olympic sticker.
photo dsc06034
Entering the runway.
photo dsc06037
At 7:40am, we took off from RWY36. Comparing with Fokker100, the engine of CRJ700NG was very quite.
photo dsc06039
Minutes after takeoff, we banked to the left and headed towards the west.
photo dsc06040
There was a pamphlet in the seat pocket introducing the onboard drink service. coffee, green tea and beef consommé a total 3 options for the complementary drink service.
photo dsc06041
The inner side of the pamphlet shows the routes served by IBEX Airlines. IBEX Airlines has 17 routes.
photo dsc06042
As the seatbelt sign went off, I visited the toilet at the back. This is also the only toilet on the plane.
photo dsc06044
The overhead panel of CRJ700NG
photo dsc06045
For the complimentary drink, I opted for the soup. I also took this chance to pass the logbook to the flight attendant.
photo dsc06046
We were flying mostly over the cloud for the first half of the flight so I was not able to see the ground below.
photo dsc06047
Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge (来島海峡大橋). A bridge that connects Hiroshima Prefecture in Honshū to Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku.
photo dsc06048
The Seto Inland Sea (瀬戸内海). At 8:19am, an announcement from the cockpit informing that we had commenced the descend.
photo dsc06049
Final Approach!
photo dsc06052
Our plane touched the ground again at 8:34am.
photo dsc06055
Reached parking position.
photo dsc06056
Before I disembarked the plane, the cabin attendant returned the logbook to me which included a IBEX sticker as souvenir.
photo dsc06482
The baggage claim area. The huge sushi on the conveyer belt are one of the special decoration in Oita airport.
photo dsc06058
The arrived hall of Oita airport.
photo dsc06059
Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew9.5

Nagoya - NGO


Oita - OIT



This is the second time for me to fly the same route with IBEX Airlines. Passengers were mostly business man and the service is on par with ANA, the entire flight was very comfortable.



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