Review of Jet Time flight Amsterdam Copenhagen in Economy

Airline Jet Time
Flight SK 1550
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 14 Mar 16, 17:25
Arrival at 14 Mar 16, 18:45
NA 7 reviews
By GOLD 278
Published on 7th August 2018
So now I'm back form my previous flight which was the special one. Now I'm back on the same plane, with the same crew. During the waiting time I asked to the boarding crew to print my boarding pass. Then after 10 minutes waiting I was back in the plane but not at the same seat. Today's weather in Amsterdam was really nice, sunny time.

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Boarding was called and we started to line up. Then after I went though the jetway I was welcome by the same cold stewardess… I tried a little joke like "I'm back", but she react like, why are you trying to make me loosing my time… Very weird. Anyway, I went directly to my seat. It was the same type of seats, not comfortable. And then we hear "boarding completed".

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We pushed back straight away and the new made the safety demonstration, and then start a long, very long taxi to Polderban… which is a runway quiet far from the main terminal. During this taxi there was no many things to watch. I even had some time to have a nap. Then we arrived to the apron of the runway we took off straight away.

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Take off was fine, during this time I watched a bit around me and I saw that the cabin was nearly full. During the climb, the crew started the service of tea and coffee which were complementary, I bring from home a little pain au chocolat which allowed to get something to eat quickly. And started a quiet boring flight. After the service, the crew stayed in the galley. They came back only few minutes before landing, so I started to sleep.

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My nap was a bit quick, but enough to feel a bit better. The crew came back into the cabin, because we were close to land in Copenhagen… And at this time I started to be a bit stressed because I was afraid to miss my flight connection to Paris. It was dark, so there was no many things to watch outside. Last cabin check and we were ready to land.

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Welcome back in Copenhagen, we had few minutes delay, and this was due of the very long taxi at Amsterdam. But now the question is, will I have my flight to Paris. When we arrive in Copenhagen we parked next to another B737-300 JetTime which was departing to Berlin TXL. After leaving the plane I went quickly to the information screens to see what will be the gate for my next flight.

Thank you for you reading, see you next flight !
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Jet Time

Cabin crew4.0

Amsterdam - AMS


Copenhagen - CPH



This was a boring flight, even my seat neighbors made a nap during the flight, which didn't allow me to walked a bit into the plane. This was still nice to fly onboard this old lady. Amsterdam is a very convenient airport for flights connections, and that's great ! Now let's go to the next flight !

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