Review of Aegean Airlines flight Geneva Athens in Economy

Airline Aegean Airlines
Flight A3 821
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 04 Apr 16, 11:20
Arrival at 04 Apr 16, 15:05
A3   #20 out of 66 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 166 reviews
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Published on 15th August 2018
Few weeks ago I found on internet a very affordable price from Geneva with Aegean. I thought it was a good opportunity to fly with this airline, and to try it. So I decided to organise a small week end in Geneva and then to fly this airline.

​This flight report will be made with 2 part. The first one will be about the Geneva – Athens route operated by a 320 AEGEAN, and I will in the front of the cabin. Then in the second and last part, it will be about the Athens – Geneva again on a 320 AEGEAN but that time from the rear of the cabin. Some differences can be noticed.

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After my breakfast I went to the airport. It is very convenient to go from/to the airport, by taking the train to/from the city. Then I went to the automatic counters to get my boarding pass and also to choose my seat. When I was able to choose my seat I saw that I was able to have a seat at the front of the cabin, and why not, it is sometimes more comfortable to be at the front.

After getting my Boarding pass I went through the security and went to my gate which will be today A9 . I was in one of the first to board, when I was in the jet bridge I was able to get a nice view about the airline. When I arrive at the gate of the plane 2 crews members welcome me aboard, let’s have a look to my seat.

photo 40304981854_dc76d6a20c_h

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One thing a bit funny, the person who was in front of me in the jet bridge was the person that I will sat next to. So she let me go first to my seat because I took the seat next to the window. Today’s flight will be 80-90% full. So the boarding took a bit of time.

We are ready to depart on time. About my seat, I was surprise. The pitch was great, the same than business class, it is great to avoid to disturb you neighbors when you go to toilets. After the boarding was completed we start to push back and the safety demonstration started.

photo 40121103455_414d1cedf1_h

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Safety demonstration where shown on screens around the cabin, there were in greek but with english subtitles. It was easy to understand and the image quality was good. Then when it finished the crew made a last check before take off.

Now we are ready to take off, I had a nice view over the airport. I was a bit sad because I was not able to see the Mont-Blanc, due of the clouds. But anyway, the show I will be able to see soon will be great.

photo 39204976450_8e8f4c3023_h

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During the climb we made a left turn to align to the Athens direction. Also we passed into some clouds and in between I was able to see the alps which are nice from the sky. The we reach our cruising level.

Few minutes minutes before lunch I took time to see what there was inside the seat pocket. I was able to find the onboard mag, the duty-free mag, the sickness bag and finally the safety card. Just after the crew came to us for the lunch time.

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On our tray there were no many dished, but it was nice. It is very enjoyable to get a meal onboard a european flight. It is quiet rare now to get one. It was potatoes with vegetables covered by tomato sauce. As desert there were some cheese and biscuit. I kept the biscuit for the tea time which came few minutes after the main service.

After the lunch I went to walk into the plane. The TV’s were showing us the route map to Athens. It is great to get one, and to know over which are flying over. Then I went back to my seat because we were close to land. And during the approach we were able to see the previous Athens regional airport. The weather was absolutely great !

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Welcome in Greece. This is my first time in this country. Before to disembark I was able to visit the flight deck. I thanks today’s crew and I went to go to my second flight. And to do it, I had to pass another time into the security control.
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Aegean Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Geneva - GVA


Athens - ATH



This was a really nice flight wit a nice crew, the meal was simple but good and I enjoy my tea after my meal. This is great to have a meal on a such european flight, it is quiet rare now. The cabin is nice, and to get a seat at the front is more comfortable.

Geneva airport is nice, and very convenient. Athens quiet the same, but I didn't find as many interesting shops as Geneva and was not as clean as Geneva.

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