Review of DAT Danish Air Transport flight Stockholm Billund in Economy

Flight SK 1497
Class Economy
Seat 31F
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 10 Apr 16, 16:40
Arrival at 10 Apr 16, 18:05
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Published on 6th September 2018
So after my flight to come to Arlanda, I met my friend, and so now let's go for the reason of this short trip. MacDonnell airplanes are becoming more and more rare in Europe. The last MD87 is now retired and was operated by Danish Air Transport (DAT). Now I was wishing to fly on the MD83’s DAT. My friend from Danemark told me that OY-RUE was flying on several routes from Stockholm Arlanda.

During the waiting time at the gate me and my friend saw one funny thing which was the gate number F28 like a special plane very rare to catch. We had time to chat a bit together about our flight and also about some aviation topics.

photo 41139092612_d658b3bda4_h

photo 41139091822_f2de8adf72_h

photo 41139090812_2073bd6632_h

Boarding was called. When we arrive in front of the door, I took a picture. I found it different compare to other plane (like boeing of airbus). On the right side we were able to see the Danish flag. We were welcomed by two cabin crew. it was a warm welcome, that’s enjoyable.

Then I went to my seat. The cabin looks nice, in good condition. We can see that DAT retrofitted their planes like the MD87. But the sad thing is that the seat are a bit hard like the RECARO seats. About the pitch it was fine, especially for today’s flight around 1 hour.

photo 41139089782_d2748e7782_h

photo 41139088942_c3ac3b37dc_h

photo 26311002327_02c6060c45_h

photo 26311001687_13ad63377d_h

My seat was just in front of the engine. I like this view. In the left side there was the crew galley with one seat for one flight attendant. This plane is a bit special, because in the galley there is an exit door which is smaller than other main doors. Everything in this plane looks to be vintage such as this EXIT panel.

Outside there were some clouds. The flight was good. Later the service started. There was the usual tea/coffee service. In addiction to this service we’ve got some nuts packets. This is a nice idea as compensation for the reason that this flight was operated by a different plane than usual.

photo 26311001347_412de1f3ba_h

photo 26311001027_d331e14612_h

photo 26311000467_27dc279e6b_h

The plane was not full which allowed me to get the whole row for me. That’s so comfortable to have no neighbors (usually the flight is operated by small aircrafts such as CRJ900 or ATR. Then a bit later I went to walk a bit.

During my walk let me show you this plane. In the back you have an exit door. This is rare because actual planes don’t have anymore tail doors. It is very useful especially in airports were there are no jetbidge. I never took the rear stairs… Maybe one day, I hope.

photo 26311000227_f0983ccd98_h

photo 26310999577_08d4699546_z

photo 26310999047_4eb73fb3ea_h

The plane’s cabin is bright, this is great compare to SAS where the seats are dark-blue. About the toilets there are old and in good condition. As well as you can see there are no many passengers, and most of them are in the front of the plane (where it is less noisy).

Now I’m back to my seat and let’s discover the seat pocket. Inside we can find the SAS mag and menu, then the sickness bag and finally the safety card. Outside it was still a bit cloudy.

photo 26310998467_4376390064_h

photo 26310997857_8968ee0489_h

photo 26310997257_a1b3d4f217_h

Later on I spoke a bit with the crew I was happy to share with them this special flight. They told me about some futur flights with this plane such as Athens, Munich with SAS and some flights with Norwegian during summer. My friend planned to fly with them to Athens during July.

After a nice hour flight it’s time to land. The seat belt sign was on and now we were on approach to Billund. We made a big left turn we landed at Billund. Then the taxi to the gate was quick because the airport is not so big.

photo 26310995797_fc7fce9f83_h

photo 26310995057_1484d08f88_h

photo 41139075192_eb43b46099_h

photo 41139074002_d58ccc069b_h

When we arrived to the gate, I went to visit this plane cockpit which is vintage compare to the actual flight decks. And also I thanks the crew for this nice flight. During my stay at Billund, the weather was great, sunny but a bit chilly. I enjoyed this airport because it is easy to do some spotting. During my stay I will stay at the Zleep Hotel which is great thanks to his view on the airport and taxiways.

So see you soon for the return flight.
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I really enjoy this first ride on the MaDog from DAT, it is quiet special to fly on this plane those days. The service as minimum it is with SAS, the crew was really friendly as I rarely had. The plane was in mint condition, and the seat occupancy was great which allow me to get more space for me and my friend at the rear of the plane.
About Arlanda, it's a nice airport, very convenient and quiet warm atmosphere. And Billund is a nice airport, quiet small, but with nice staff and quiet efficient.



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