Review of DAT Danish Air Transport flight Billund Stockholm in Economy

Flight SK 1480
Class Economy
Seat 31F
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 12 Apr 16, 06:40
Arrival at 12 Apr 16, 08:05
DX 12 reviews
By GOLD 660
Published on 9th September 2018
Here I am, back for a last MD flight to Arlanda. I spend a nice time in Billund, I made some spotting, I was able to see some nice small plane that we don't usually see in Paris. I enjoy this time and my stay at the Zleep hotel. Now it's time to fly back home. Zleep hotel is so convenient because I'm able to reach the airport quiet quickly and to grab my breakfast.

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I arrived on time to the gate, and also my boarding was on-time. When I arrived at the plane door, I was welcome by the same crew that my flight 2 days ago. After the warm welcome I went to my seat. It was exactly the same than my inboard flight. Nothing changed to the pitch or the seat comfort. During the boarding I took time to chat with the crew about some previous experience with DAT (on the MD87) and I had a little surprise…

photo 41284206502_f9f9631d4b_h

photo 41284206032_0118209fcf_h

photo 41284205752_77cc212285_h

I had the chance to get a view from the back of the plane. I was really happy of this surprise ! And also what a view ! It was very impressive to be so close the rear engines. Also I really like the color of this plane it gaves a nice style to this plane.

After this surprise I went back to my seat, and we were ready to go. Then quickly we arrived to the take off runway. During the take off I was able to see the OY-JRU MD87 which is not flying anymore.

photo 39517410320_ebba909a4b_h

photo 41284204062_7428416805_h

During take off the sun was still getting up. The landscape was beautiful. Also the sound was great. we arrived quickly to the cruise altitude. And then the service started.

The service was the same than the inbound flight. It means the usual tea/coffee service with some nuts packs offered for the use of a plane operated by another airline. That’s kind of SAS. It’s not always offered to us, for exemple on my flight with JetTime we didn’t get it.

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Later on I went to walk a bit into the plane. Also I went to visit the rear of the plane which is a bit special, because it is after the engines. The noise is quiet heavy. There are no possibility to see outside due of the engines. And also it is less bright.

Later on it was time to start the approach to Stockholm. The seat belt sign was turn on. Outside the sun was higher. The engines start to reduced with the altitude. Today’s weather was great, very sunny.

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Landing was very smooth. Like a kiss landing. I enjoyed the view over the Stockholm landscape. When we touch the ground the reverse were very noisy but what a sound !

Then when we arrived to the gate, I thanks the crew about this other nice flight on this old lady. A last view in the flight deck and let’s to get my final flight to Paris.

photo 41327184521_6bb9f4ea83_h

photo 41327183671_aa710b9132_h

After my flight I went to my next flight. The MD83 will stay at Arlanda until his next flight to Billund. So the plane disembark after having shutting down the different systems. At the gate I liked the view with all different tails.
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DAT Danish Air Transport

Cabin crew8.5

Billund - BLL


Stockholm - ARN



I really enjoy the rides on this old lady which is in mint condition, it’s a great pleasure to see it still flying. The inflight service was fine, and I appreciate the little touch with the nuts pack. Then finally the crew was absolutely very kind, which was great. What a pleasure to fly with a such crew. A big thank you to Danish Air Transport for these two great flights.



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