Review of Lufthansa flight Paris Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 1027
Class Economy
Seat 5D
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 01 May 16, 09:20
Arrival at 01 May 16, 10:35
LH   #48 out of 129 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 969 reviews
By GOLD 387
Published on 20th September 2018
With some friends we decided to make a trip all together. But the big question was WHERE ? At first we were thinking about South Korea but at the last minute we change our mind to Japan. So we choose to fly to Tokyo. It was a great idea, because it will be my first time visiting this country and also because I will fly new planes and new airlines.

It is a great opportunity to travel with friends and to discover a new culture all together. I have absolutely no idea was it is looking like this country, which is a group of 3/4 islands and which has a capital with around 35 million inhabitants… Nearly 10 times more than Paris. Let’s fly to the country of the rising sun.

Here the Routing for these holidays :

#1 - LH 1027 :: CDG ✈ FRA // A319 - Here you are
#2 - LH 0710 :: FRA ✈ NRT // A343 - coming soon
#3 - XX 1111 :: AAA ✈ BBB // first in Japan - coming soon
#4 - XX 2222 :: BBB ✈ CCC // Little Green - coming soon
#5 - XX 3333 :: CCC ✈ DDD // Flying Dolphin - coming soon
#6 - LH 0717 :: HND ✈ FRA // B748 - coming soon
#7 - LH 1050 :: FRA ✈ CDG // A320 - coming soon

Now let's start the Report !

photo 27613083128_29fb50bd0e_h

photo 27613082568_5481ef70ce_h

Due to some price and times reasons, we choose to fly with Lufthansa. This is not my first time flying with them, I know that they are reliable and we will have easy flight connection in Francfort. We are lucky today, it is sunny. Let’s go to our seat.

photo 27613081728_947b68cc57_h

photo 27613081008_33329d4ebd_h

photo 27613079758_0e6cf733ab_h

The seat is the usual RECARO, which is not comfortable, hopefully it will be a one hour flight. Boarding was quick, there was no many people travelling today due of the date (1st of May), which is the labor day in France. So we quickly take off with a nice view over CDG Airport. The because the flight is not so long the crew start the meal service (which include a sandwich and juices).

photo 27613078668_2f820588e1_h

photo 40591485335_61e2d84bcf_h

The flight was smooth, after finishing my sandwich I went to walk a bit, at that time I saw that there was no many people onboard. It’s comfortable to have space. Most of them were business travelers… Shortly after we started our decent to Francfort.

photo 40591482305_85b8868d98_h

photo 40591480515_d94c69f145_h

photo 40591479325_8bab432dbc_h

During the landing we had some turbulences but nothing crazy. We arrived on time to our parking gate, and also there was something I enjoyed, it was the reflection on the airport glasses, I found it cool, I think that it is more impressive when it is a bigger plane. Now let’s go to our next flight.
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Cabin crew8.0

Paris - CDG


Frankfurt - FRA



I like Lufthansa, it's a nice european airlines, I enjoy to fly with them. But on the 319/320/321 they have the famous Recaro seats that I hate. But apart that everything is fine. The crew was friendly and professional, all what we need. Then about the CDG, it's a nice airport, hopefully LH is from the terminal 1, my favorite. And Francfort is very convenient for travelers... I was impressed how big was the airport ! It was a nice flight.

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