Review of Amakusa Airlines flight Osaka Kumamoto in Economy

Airline Amakusa Airlines
Flight MZ 802
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft ATR 42-600
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 10 May 16, 12:55
Arrival at 10 May 16, 14:20
MZ 2 reviews
By GOLD 537
Published on 1st October 2018
After visiting some cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara it’s time to fly to Kumamoto. And this flight will be with a new airline in the log. The very first ATR42-600 in Japan operated by Amakusa Airlines. A very small airline which fly with only one plane.

I came a bit earlier at the airport, which allow me to discover how was organized the Itami Airport. Then when it was time, I went to the counter to print my boarding pass and to drop my luggage. The counter crew gave me a piece of paper, where was shown the way to follow to my boarding gate. So convenient ! Now it’s time to discover this new plane and airline…



photo 42827562422_8c5cc2b0e7_h

photo 41975411285_5f05af7e4d_h

photo 41975407225_6253bafa3f_h

Before to arrive at the gate, I had time to walked a bit in the airport. There were no many plane to watch in my area, I just quickly saw a B777 which was departing. And then I went to sat and wait my boarding. Just before boarding it was announced that due to some bad weather in Kumamoto, the plane could be force to land in Fukuoka (to be honest, it would help me rather to fly to Kumamoto). Then our boarding was called and I walk into the plane. I was the first passenger to enter into the plane.

photo 42875673971_df3ec82506_h

photo 42875672721_0336ae4ad3_h

photo 42875670331_308dc37c9a_h

Inside I was welcome by a stewardess dressed in blue. The same color than the plane. I really like the colors of this plane. I found them great. Not so common. The boarding was quick. As you can observe some people were taking pictures of this nice plane. Then it was time to taxi for take off.

photo 42875667271_25c1cafd4f_h

photo 41065512290_990ab9e7ee_h

photo 41065510570_1643497193_h

Few minutes after take off we reach our cruise level. The weather was very cloudy. Few minutes before the service started I took time to see the pocket cotent. There were the airline « mag » which was a laminated folder, and the safety card in the airline’s color. Then the stewardess came to offer us our package. There was an orange juice, and Amakusa Sable and an wet napkin. It was good for this short flight.

photo 41065507790_3cef90770f_h

photo 41975381235_88992b86bf_h

photo 42157629854_484308f54e_h

During the flight the weather was not getting better. It was raining a lot. We were able to see the rain with the speed, it was impressive. Then I went to talk with the stewardess. And had a look on this new cabin. The pitch was fine, and the seat comfortable for a short flight. Then we start our descent to Kumamoto.

photo 41065502720_e89e567525_h

photo 41065501270_49bdf9f7f7_h

The weather in Kumamoto was really bad. A lot of rain, but we land safely. During our descent I was able the see some damages on some houses due of the last earthquake few weeks ago. Then when we arrive, the airport staff, offer us and open for us some umbrellas, I found that great. What a customer service of quality ! I love that ! A little drawing of this nice plane to end this report !

photo 41065497310_a9dc4f2e22_h

photo amxat46drawing

Thank you for your reading, and see you next flight, little piece of advice : LITTLE GREEN

As requested by some other members, here a little bonus about my visit in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Nara and Kyoto.

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Amakusa Airlines

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Osaka - ITM


Kumamoto - KMJ



I will conclude with this last picture, where we can observe the heavy rain. It was really impressive. Anyway, I had a great flight onboard this new plane. The crew was very professional and kind. The interior was great, and the sable with the orange juice were good. I was really happy about this special flight. Thank you AMX for this flight !



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