Review of Fuji Dream Airlines flight Fukuoka Nagoya in Economy

Airline Fuji Dream Airlines
Flight JH 300
Class Economy
Seat 14K
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 07 May 16, 07:50
Arrival at 07 May 16, 09:10
JH 8 reviews
By 472
Published on 7th October 2018
After some visiting of Kyushu region it’s time to fly back to Tokyo. But I was wishing to discover a new small airline, Fuji Dream Airlines. The interest point of FDA is that each plane has her own color and it has a fleet with only Embraer 170/175. Quiet interesting.

So I woke up early this morning to go to the Fukuoka airport, which is very easy to reach from the city thanks to the metro (very convenient). When I arrived into the FDA counters they were close. But I saw something interesting, there was the flights departures board showing which plane was flying, on the different routes. I found that great. Especially because each FDA’s plane has her own color.



photo 42934003812_67b4e8299e_z

photo 42081971325_0001c11cf8_z

photo 42081970955_8930e77bc6_z

Later on, I had my boarding pass, and I went to waiting area. It quiet at this time. I found it quiet special due of the room organisation. The negative point of this waiting area, was that it was difficult to realize some spotting from there… Anyway I wait a bit and our boarding was called.

photo 42934001812_ba5c7d7a20_h

photo 42934001402_413c37fb6a_h

A lady gave us a card with the number of the gate. Then we took a bus to go to the plane. I was exited to see inside, today’s plane was all green. When I enter into the plane I was welcome by a stewardess, the second stewardess was in the middle of the plane helping passengers. Then I arrived to my seat.

photo 28115147257_18fccae4c8_h

photo 28115146817_dfd7e95f10_h

photo 28115146447_56c050033c_h

The seat was comfortable, with a nice pitch and the cabin was looking nice. All headrest were green, the plane color. Then it was time to push back. The plane was less than 50% full, so much space. At the end of the push back, the ground crew was saluting the plane before his taxi.

photo 28115146007_9b8468e915_h

photo 28115145597_a5face3e5e_h

photo 28115144777_f35ce23fb4_h

photo 28115144387_99ded88106_h

Take off was fine, and later on we arrived to our cruise altitude. Let’s see what we have into the seat pocket : the sickness bag, the seat pocket, and the airlines’ mag. It is called DREAM 3776 which is the altitude of the Mont Fuji. Then the crew gave us something to eat and drink. It was a pastry like a croissant, and I took a orange juice. Then we started our descent to Nagoya Komaki. Before to land I received from the crew some candies. So kind from them after I had a little chat with them.

photo extrajp16

.photo 28115143937_abd05e823a_h

photo 28115143567_aeb6da4ee4_h

The landing was hard, especially the breaks, the pilot was not willing to misse the exit, allowing him to arrive to our gate. Komaki airport, has civil and military actions, but also I was able to see two MRJ planes, which were a bit far away. When we arrived to the gate we quickly disembarked from the plane. I had to be quick because I had an other plane to take, but from Nagoya International airport. And I have to take a bus and a train.

photo 42933997342_2517830ee3_h

Here for you a little bonus about my visit in the Kyushu region.

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Fuji Dream Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Fukuoka - FUK


Nagoya - NKM



To conclude I really appreciate the ride on this plane and airlines. The crew was really nice and very professional. I also like the airlines’ style : one plane – one color. I really want to fly again with them. Thank you FDA for this nice flight !
See you next flight after my bus and train ride to Nagoya International Airport.



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