Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Munich in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR059
Class Economy
Seat 42A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:47
Take-off 26 Sep 18, 02:04
Arrival at 26 Sep 18, 06:51
QR   #8 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 598 reviews
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Published on 3rd November 2018
Las but not least … time for the fourth part of my trip to Bangkok, Thailand with Qatar Airways.
As usual … welcome everybody! Hope you will enjoy this part as well!

Trip Overview

- Part 1: MUC > DOH | QR058 | B777-300ER => CLICK HERE!
- Part 2: DOH > BKK | QR834 | B777-300ER => CLICK HERE!
- Part 3: BKK > DOH | QR833 | A380-800 => CLICK HERE!
- Part 4: DOH > MUC | QR059 | B777-300ER => YOU ARE HERE!


Now this time … it is time for #100! My 100th flight in my life and for me a special one.
Thankfully I got my favorite aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER for that flight … and she was pretty young!
A7-BEW was ferried on September 3rd to 4th 2018 … so when it was time for my flight on September 26th 2018, she was just 22 days in use at QR. :)
I am very happy to share that flight once again with you … so hopefully you will enjoy this one as well! :)

Flight Data

General Info
Date: September 26th 2018
Flight No.: QR059
Equipment: B777-300ER
Registration: A7-BEW (3 weeks old back in September 2018!!)
Seat: 42A

Flight time
Boarding planned: 12:50 am
Boarding actual: 12:48 am
Push Back: 01:46 am
Departure planned: 01:50 am
Departure actual: 02:04 am
Arrival planned: 07:00 am
Arrival actual: 06:51 am
Arrival Gate: 06:59 am
*Note: All times are local times!

Pre Flight @ DOH

After my flight from BKK was a little bit delayed, I had about 50 minutes until the boarding for the flight DOH > MUC starts.
I used the airport train @ DOH to get into the C D E area where my DOH > MUC flight was getting ready.
photo 20180926_042138

When I arrived there, I killed the time by buying some Whiskey and take a look what Doha's duty free offers …. well …. to sum it up, you get in DOH the same things as in every other airport on this planet. :p

Flight QR059

There were already a lot of people waiting in a queue when I arrived at my gate … and there were still 5 minutes until boarding was scheduled.
Surprisingly 2 minutes before the planned boarding, boarding actually started … :D

Well … once again the aircraft for my 100th flight was standing at a remote gate … so yes … once again a short bus journey from the terminal to my Boeing 777-300ER that day.
And here we were again with another bottleneck, as this time the bus frequency wasn’t really efficient.
Nevertheless … in the end - I guess - every passenger reached the aircraft. ;)

I waited in the bus to get off last to get a better and more enjoyable view across the B777-300ER engines while there was a queue during boarding.
Could stand there for hours!!! <3
photo 20180926_051507

QR Business Class looks great …
photo 20180926_051540

There were upgrades available for all flights prior to check-in.
If I remember right …. the prices were for each segment between 550€ and 750€.
Well … if I compare that with my whole flight price, which was at 440€ … umm yeah. :D
For a 6h hop? Nah not really, I am still young, I can handle that in Economy Class. :p

View from my windows … QR B787 was getting prepared for a rest.
photo 20180926_051955

I guess you have seen it already, the usual Economy Class comfort in B777-300ER with 3-4-3 config.
photo 20180926_052329

And here is the cabin during boarding …. everything was - of course - new!
photo 20180926_052159

Finally refilling was finished!
photo 20180926_052743

More QR B787 action during taxiing.
photo 20180926_054758

And … of course B777 action!
photo 20180926_055543

I saw my QR A380 - on which I was inbound from BKK - at the Terminal.
Thanks for that enjoyable flight and take care of you! :p
photo 20180926_055853

For me it was time to get up into the air for my 100th time …. so let's go!
photo 20180926_060322

Full thrust …
photo 20180926_060405

… and into the night sky!
photo 20180926_060432

Again … a wonderful view across Doha!
photo 20180926_060458photo 20180926_060739

More pictures from the first few minutes of the flight.
Start was very calm … but powerful. :)
photo 20180926_061927photo 20180926_062259

Cabin at takeoff.
photo 20180926_062622

I felt quite thirsty, so I went to the gallery - thankfully I had 3 seats for my self - and asked for some water.
About 10 minutes later a warm snack was served.
photo 20180926_065433

Some more whiskey to have a good rest while we headed towards Iraq.
photo 20180926_065520

After the snack, I listened to music and fell asleep as most of the passengers.
The first time when I woke up we were already over Turkey.
photo 20180926_091203

And after another nap … Turkey was behind us.
photo 20180926_100728photo 20180926_100840

As usual on these flights, 2 hours before landing in MUC, breakfast was served.
Three options were offered:
- Scrambled egg with chicken patty and fried potato cubes
- Sweet pancake with strawberry compote
- Aloo mutter poha moong dal masala

The complete tray with …
photo 20180926_101948

… scrambled eggs and chicken patty.
photo 20180926_102401

To be honest, for me breakfast on a flight is not really a good option.
I prefer to have lunch or dinner during a flight.
But this time, the taste was okay … nevertheless, the egg did not look very nice. :D

Anyway … after the meal I felt awake and looked outside the windows.
We were almost in Hungary …
photo 20180926_105742

… and flew directly over Lake Ballaton.
photo 20180926_110254

My usual wing detail picture. ;)
photo 20180926_111808

Alps in the early morning hours.
photo 20180926_111956

Our flight path shortly before entering German airspace.
photo 20180926_112603

No words! <3
photo 20180926_113740

Turning around over MUC ….
photo 20180926_113748photo 20180926_114016

…. while most of the people headed to school or work!
photo 20180926_114233

Allianz Arena from above.
photo 20180926_114042

Final approach to MUC with the rising sun in the background …
photo 20180926_114542

… and with flaps!
photo 20180926_114938

And touchdown …. back home in MUC.
photo 20180926_115142

LH A350 was towed to his rest place.
photo 20180926_115300

And a few minutes later we reached the Gate at Terminal 1.
Same place where I have been a week before …
photo 20180926_115852

Post flight @ MUC

Hmm … post flight @ MUC … well I got my luggage quite quickly.
One of the reasons was obviously that at 7 am there is not too much action at MUC and the aircraft was not that full.
Anyway, the most embarrassing thing was, that it was cold at 7 am local time … compared to BKK … it felt like I arrived in a fridge …. about 20h before that moment I had 30°C and very humid weather in BKK and at that moment I had clear sky and 4°C …. *brrrr*
photo 20180926_122058

Despite the cold weather some "Early Birds" welcomed me back home in MUC. :)
photo 20180926_122107
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Doha - DOH


Munich - MUC



Summary ... well, QR offers as usual a very good service on their flights.
I was happy with my selection ... but of course for me it was more important to get my 99th and 100th flight with a proper aircraft.

Anyway, QR is definitely a great option for flights to Asia and Australia from Europe .... and you can still select a seat in advance for free - even in the cheapest flight class!

Overall ... Thailand and especially Bangkok is great! You can get great food, everyone I met was very kind and nice ... very helpful - I really enjoyed it.
And even though the holiday was not as I expected in June how it will be .... I really enjoyed it - sometimes shitty things happen in life, but you cannot change it.

Short outlook what might be my next flights.
Iit looks like I will take a break until April ... then I will go to China (1000th Formula 1 race in history in Shanghai) ... Shanghai once again where I lived for 5 months in 2013.
Looks like I will make a combination with another country, but I am not sure where I will go. At the moment, I am still thinking of Bangkok, as Thai operates BKK > PVG > BKK with their A350! And MUC > BKK > MUC is operated by their B777-300ER in 3-3-3 (!!!) config.
Anyway let's see!

Keep flying guys!! :)

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    Thanks for this FR, and congrats for that 100th flight.
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