Review of Lufthansa flight Tokyo Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 717
Class Economy
Seat 34K
Aircraft Boeing 747-8I
Flight time 11:45
Take-off 14 May 16, 14:05
Arrival at 14 May 16, 18:50
LH   #50 out of 131 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 999 reviews
By GOLD 1672
Published on 11th November 2018
As my last day in Japan, today it’s time to fly back to France. But like my inbound flight, I will have to make a stop in Frankfurt. For my first time, I will fly on a Boeing 747-8i. What's it like to fly the new 747? Let’s discover it !

Before boarding this special plane, we stayed a night in a hotel next to the airport. I'd had a great trip in Japan. This time we are departing from Haneda. The Tokyo’s second airport. My friends and I passed security and went to wait the boarding next to the gate.

Back to Europe on 747

photo 41240501240_a7df648720_hphoto 43050765401_c294f3f717_h

So now boarding was called and we were the last passengers to board. We were welcomed by two stewardesses and one steward. Then we went to our seats. The day before we chose our seats online, and we had a little surprise.

photo 43050765141_ace701d23e_hphoto 43050764721_aa16519006_h

The little surprise was that we were seated on the first row of the last section. It was more comfortable because we had more space for the legs and we had two full windows instead of one and half. We took our seats quickly and were ready to taxi for take off. Before take off we saw the landing of a 787 from ANA. The take off from Haneda was really impressive due of the right turn a few seconds after being in the air.

photo 43050764371_696a3a384b_hphoto 28181974117_fb2694d24b_h

So now that we are reaching our cruising altitude let’s discover what we have in the seat pocket : the inflight mag, the shop mag, the safety card and the sickness bag. Then quickly after, the crew start to give us the snacks.

photo 42148663895_76b4b524c6_hphoto 42148663465_4c1e75094a_h.

photo 42148663125_c698401116_h

After the snacks we received our lunch. Small but nice. Then after the lunch we were cruising over Siberia. The landscape was stunning ! Then I went to walk a bit into the cabin which was in the dark. During this time the mood light was making a blue color. And finally an hour before landing we received the pre-arrival mea. It was not so good but I ate it anyway; it was fine.

photo 42148662655_de5feb36af_hphoto 42148662215_1ce01ebe75_h.

photo 42148661715_5ca463f7f0_h

Then it was time to land, and the crew prepared the cabin. Before our descent we were able to see the Frankfurt Main city centre in the background. Weather in Germany was fine. Then we touched down and taxied to the gate.

After arriving to the gate I took time to visit the B747-8i cockpit and to talk a bit with the pilots about this 747. It was a nice flight on the nice plane, unfortunately the meals were so so. I found them a bit better on our inbound flight to Narita two weeks ago. And the Lufthansa crew still professional, that’s a pleasure. Now let’s go to the next gate for our final flight to Paris.
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Cabin crew8.0

Tokyo - HND


Frankfurt - FRA



It was a nice flight aboard the latest and new 747. It was a nice experience. Sadly I think that the meals are a bit too light for a such a flight. Thanks to my friend who was not hungry I was able to eat a bit more. What I can suggest if you have a big appetite is to choose the vegetarian option, there is much more to eat compared to the normal option.

Apart from this the 747 is a comfortable plane.
And Haneda airport is nice, clean, japanese (and asian) style and Frankfurt airport convenient for connecting flights.

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