Review of SilkAir flight Singapore Phuket in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI750
Class Economy
Seat 22A
Aircraft Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 09 Dec 18, 07:00
Arrival at 09 Dec 18, 07:50
MI   #29 out of 128 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 61 reviews
Published on 15th December 2018

Flight: Silkair 750
Route: Singapore-Phuket
Aircraft : 9V-MBE, Boeing 737 MAX 8
Flight Time: 1hr 26mins
Meal Served: Breakfast

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I am writing this flight report impromptu. I will try my best to insert images if i can from my phone.

photo mi750 1photo mi750 2
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This flight was a scheduled Boeing 737-800 Aircraft on Sunday 09 December 2018 . However, luck came along when my aircraft was upgraded to a 737 MAX 8. The cabin was colourful and fresh and I loved the vibe from the Cabin. Our Actual Flying Time was : 1hr 26mins, and we arrived on time. The flight began with boarding at 0640, when the sun was beginning to rise. We were boarding at Gate E1. After a decently long taxi, we departed via runway 02C. The flight made a left turn for Phuket.

photo mi750 5photo img_2135
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After takeoff and ascend, the cabin crew began meal service. MEAL options: Spicy Chicken with Rice and Veges or Chicken Bolognase with Egg. I opted for the spicy chicken. It wasn't fanciful, but it also had no areas for improvement from me so meal was I guess Perfect? It came with a bun, condiments and I had apple juice for my drink. The service was very basic. There were 4 Stewards and 1 Stewardess in this flight, poor lady. And, the Crew-In -Charge was not wearing the Plum Dress/Tie. He was an Acting Crew in Charge for this Phuket TURN which was interesting. Till today, I have not seen a Crew In Charge for MAle Stewards in Silkair, Have You? Comment below. The crew showed nothing special in their service, not much smiles but it was fine because it was an early morning flight. Like who wouldn't be tired right? And they had to operate MI749 back as well before they could complete their rest. We were done with the meals about 50 minutes into the flight. The rest of the flight was just me watching the silent features on the overhead screens and staring into the sky beautiful morning sky.

photo img_2130photo img_2132
photo img_2134

We descended into Cloudy Phuket and arrived after 87minutes in the air via Runway 09, approching via Nai Yang Beach. Then it was quick taxi and we got off 9V-MBE, the newest aircraft in Silkair as of 09/12/18 . It was a good flight with Silkair!

Report Written By: Haresh
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Cabin crew7.5

Singapore - SIN


Phuket - HKT



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The airline with the best average rating is SilkAir with 7.7/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 58 minutes.

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  • Comment 480291 by
    toyion 47 Comments

    Hi Haresh, thank you for report on Silk Air. I flew Silk Air to Kota Kinabalu this year, everything was so-so without any surprise. I hoped they would move the routes to SQ for the merger of SQ and MI. A bit sad that SQ decided to move some routes to Scoot instead of SQ! That means frequent flyers of other Star Alliance carriers can't enjoy the benefits!

  • Comment 480352 by
    Shisdu SILVER 651 Comments

    Hey Haresh! Welcome onboard!

    luck came along when my aircraft was upgraded to a 737 MAX 8

    I hope those are not equipped with THAT notorious antistalling system that we all have heard of after the Lion Air accident!! :O

    meal was good

    I always get depressed after reading about the great meal options for economy class in some Asian carriers. In my side of the world, meal/snack service is LOUSY. :(

    Thanks for sharing! :)

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