Review of Delta Air Lines flight Los Angeles Seattle in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL129
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 30 Sep 18, 11:35
Arrival at 30 Sep 18, 14:40
DL   #60 out of 130 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 611 reviews
Published on 17th January 2019
Welcome! This is actually my first trip report on Flight-Report, I actually have a Youtube channel for my travel videos already but decided to do a flight report as well to change things around a bit.

I already have this trip report on video as well if you are interested in checking it out:

A bit of background on this trip:
This trip report is part of a 3 flight segment:

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Delta Airlines DL 129 Los Angeles LAX - Seattle SEA | 737-800 CURRENT REPORT

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I had just arrived from DFW on DL 1900 and had a 2 or so hour layover in LAX airport.

Delta used to operate out of terminals 5 & 6 but moved over to terminals 2 & 3 in May 2017 to allow better connections to the Skyteam international flights at the nearby Tom Bradley Terminal along with partner airline WestJet that already operates out of terminal 2, and to have more gates to operate from.

Back in March 2017, I had a flight with Delta then Westjet, I arrived from Atlanta ATL on DL 777-200LR and then had a connecting flight out of terminal 2 on WestJet under the same ticket. Therefore the terminal swap actually helped made connections between Delta and WestJet (WS) much easier

Although my connection on that trip in 2017 was very long, nearly 23 hours. For many passengers with shorter connection times, it was confusing finding their way from Terminal 5 to terminal 2, not to mention there was no airside connection that time. At that time,you had to exit security and take the A shuttle bus at the arrivals level but those buses may take even as long as 20 mins to get to you because of the insane amount of traffic at the LAX airport arrivals level. Now Terminals 2, 3, Tom Bradley International Terminal/TBIT/Terminal B (Hereafter referred to as terminal B), Terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 all have a way to get from the airside one way or another but it is not easy: Terminal B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 will require you to walk and trust me, it can get tiring real quick. Confused yet? So was I when I first set at this airport. Continuing onward, Between Terminal B, 2, and 3, Delta operates a free airside shuttle bus, which definitely beats walking and it even offers some impressive views of the tarmac action! However, I will go over that later on, lets get started on the real report shall we…

So as previously mentioned Delta operates primarily from Terminals 2 and 3, and well..and I hate to sound negative, but there is a stark difference between the two terminals. Terminal 2 is actually pretty nice, with a open, bright, feeling along with plentiful seating area, it is still pretty crowded though but hey this is LAX airport after all. Now terminal 3 is not as pleasant, the majority of the terminal consists of one huge cluster of seating area that is shared with a bunch of gates, this means, there is no actual gate seating area therefore all passengers are mostly grouped together, with different announcements for different flights being made and people walking in/out in all directions to get to their gates. The seating area is not that generous either, that with a sprinkle of charging stations, and I still saw passengers sitting on the floor of the terminal or near the charging stations.

I am no stranger to terminal 3 though, I am a frequent flyer on the Ultra Low Cost Airline, Spirit, and they used to operate from terminal 3 but soon moved to terminal 5 due to the terminal swap with Delta. I recall the Spirit gate agents describing this as a 'upgrade' to me. Since I fly Spirit a lot, the move to terminal 5 was a welcome grace for me, gone are the days are scouring for a place to sit in terminal 3 or finding a 'hidden' wall power socket to stand next to since the charging stations at the seating area resembles something along the lines of: "'Twas the night before Black Friday"… minus the tents.

A look at terminal 2
photo screenshot 30photo screenshot 31

The gate where you can catch the free airside shuttle bus that Delta operates between Terminals 2, 3, and B

photo screenshot 32photo screenshot 33

Some impressive views from the shuttle bus
Passing by terminal 2

photo screenshot 35photo screenshot 36

Delta A330 pushback and engine start

photo screenshot 37

Passing by terminal 3

photo screenshot 38

The far end side of terminal B, I can assure you the main part of terminal B actually looks much more majestic than this

photo screenshot 39

Ok now let go to terminal 3 to catch my flight

photo screenshot 40

Welcome to terminal 3!

Welcome aboard Delta Airlines DL 129!
The cabin crew who welcomed me onboard were super friendly and kind. The gate agents
seemed really stressed though.

photo screenshot 45

Todays ride is N392DA, a 18 year old Boeing 737-800

About the seat, it was alright for the 2 hour 55 minute flight to SEA. It was fairly padded and had a fair cradle recline but the backrest felt very flimsy and it moved really easily. There was also a PTV, and shared power socket. The only downside is the lack of a adjustable headrest though. The PTV was not very touch responsive but it still had a generous choice of entertainment which was nice. The Delta website does state each seat has USB socket on the 737-800 but I do not recall seeing any but then again I honestly did not bother to look since I focused on using the power socket.

But for the most part, it was a fair seat for the flight in terms of comfort, but great in terms of amenities such as WiFi that allows free Whatsapp messaging (which I liked since I was able to keep in touch with my friends), PTV, and shared power sockets.

The tray table:

photo screenshot 46

Legroom, I am 5 foot 9 inches.

photo screenshot 47

Shared power socket between the seats, there were 2 for each 3 seats:

photo screenshot 48

The PTV, as previously mentioned, it wasn't touch sensitive but still pretty responsive and quick.

photo screenshot 50

In the following picture, the window seat is reclined but the middle seat is not reclined, which will help you have a better idea of the recline comparison

photo 20180930_162452
photo 20180930_162454

Wing view, nice winglet!

photo screenshot 49

On time pushback,

photo screenshot 51

Safety video was played while the crew did a manual safety demo as well.

photo screenshot 52

Taxi for takeoff:

photo screenshot 53


photo screenshot 54

Until next time LAX :)

photo screenshot 55

Westbound takeoff over the Pacific Ocean:

photo screenshot 56

Now for the entertainment, The selection was fairly generous for my taste, but then again, everyone has a different taste in entertainment. However, for me, I was content with the selection to chose from

photo screenshot 57photo screenshot 58

Delta has earphones for $2, however the friendly crew gave it to me for free, however , the
earphones were not worth the $2 in my opinion, I could hardly hear anything on my phone
or the PTV when I tested it out on full volume, and one of the earbuds stopped working during the flight.

photo screenshot 60

There were 4 selection of free snacks on this flight:
-Salted peanuts
-Cheesy savoury snack mix
- Biscoff Biscuits
- Chocolate granola bar.

I tried each one of them. For the beverage, I had water and tea
The snacks were pretty tasty, I did particularly like the cheesy snack mix, since its unique to see an airline in North America not provide plain basic pretzels (granted if they provide free snacks at all)

photo screenshot 61
The view outside:

photo screenshot 59

After munching on my snacks, having a short chat with my friendly seatmate, then watching a part of Coco, we began descent into SEA

photo screenshot 62

Descent preparations

photo screenshot 63

As usual, it is cloudy here

photo screenshot 64


photo screenshot 65


photo screenshot 66

Parking at the international S gates, which is a satellite building.

photo screenshot 67
A few pics before I deplane

Welcome to SEA!

photo screenshot 68

The S gates was decent, I didnt wait too long since I had a connecting flight

photo screenshot 69

I was a bit confused at first finding my way to the main terminal building but soon found the train, this was my first time in SEA airport after all

photo screenshot 70

Interesting layout!

photo screenshot 71

Overall, a great flight on Delta. The seat was alright in terms of comfort, but the kind flight attendants, a selection of free snacks, entertainment, sockets, and free Whatsapp messaging added to the list of amenities that made this flight to be a great and pleasant one. most importantly, I made it safely, and on time.

once again, this entire trip report is also in video:

Thank you for reading, I sincerely hope you enjoyed the report, please let me know any suggestions and feedback! :)
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew10.0

Los Angeles - LAX


Seattle - SEA



Overall, a great flight on Delta. The seat was alright in terms of comfort, but the kind flight attendants, a selection of free snacks, entertainment, sockets, and free Whatsapp messaging added to the list of amenities that made this flight to be a great and pleasant one. most importantly, I made it safely, and on time. Delta has a great economy class product even on this aging 18 year old 737-800 aircraft. The aircraft wasnt spotless but the tray table, and seat itself were clean.

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) Seattle (SEA)


  • Comment 484346 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4780 Comments

    Hi there, thanks for sharing your first report here. I'm glad you decided to make a Flight-Report out of your video reports to share with the community here! Very nice report, well written, and good detail!

    Yeah, Spirit definitely make out well in that whole Terminal swap at LAX. T5 & 6 are so much nicer than T2. Kinda feel bad for Delta, they had put so much work into T5 with the new lounges and Delta One premium area and then they had to do all that work all over again after the move.

    As a former DL Frequent Flyer and now AA FF, it kills me how AA (and UA) are ripping IFE out of the domestic fleets while DL has, in my opinion, done the right thing and installed IFE throughout the fleet. The fact that Delta commands a revenue premium over AA and UA shows that DL's product investments have paid off. Plus Delta just has a better all around service culture.

    Thanks for sharing and welcome to Flight-Report!

    • Comment 484390 by
      The_Budget_Traveller-786 AUTHOR 3 Comments

      Dear Kevin,
      Thank you so much for the warm welcome and your kind words :)

      Indeed Spirit got lucky in this one, in your response you mentioned that T5 & 6 are better than T2, did you mean by T3 ? But if we were to compare T5 vs T2, I do slightly prefer T5 a bit more because of the more seating areas haha

      I do agree that I love having how DL focuses on having PTVs too, while Personal device entertainment streaming is still better than nothing, I would much rather watch a TV thats on a eye to eye level rather than find a comfortable way to watch a movie on my phone.
      May I ask what made you change your FF over to AA from DL?

      Thanks again for your kind words! :)

      • Comment 484455 by
        KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4780 Comments

        Yep, sorry typo, meant T3.

        "Personal device entertainment streaming is still better than nothing"
        - long as the wifi is working

        "May I ask what made you change your FF over to AA from DL?"
        - I loved DL, but the Skymiles program was being greatly devalued at the time and DL was introducing MQD's whereas AA was not on a revenue-based mileage earning or status-earning scheme yet. Now, 4 years later, AA, UA, and DL programs are pretty much all the same. Also, AA's more convenient from DC with the DCA hub.

        • Comment 484659 by
          The_Budget_Traveller-786 AUTHOR 3 Comments

          "as long as the WiFi is working"
          -True and not to mention that if my phone doesnt die on me haha, I had that dilemma on United from YYC to IAH on their A320. Not pleasant.

          And sorry to hear that Delta devalued your miles, only to see that other airlines follow suit.
          I do hope your future travels be pleasant nonetheless :)

  • Comment 484602 by
    hometoyyz SILVER 498 Comments

    Hello Budget_Traveller!

    Thanks for sharing this — I like the idea of taking still from your video as an easy way to get some good photography. Clever. And it worked out really well.

    “Confused yet?”
    - The official slogan for LAX, no?

    I like the flexibility on the LAX buses. I accidentally got on a TBIT bus one time, and was like “Uhhh... do you go to 3?” And the driver was like “Sure, I can take you there.” I’m not sure it was on his route at that time.

    “Delta has earphones for $2, however the friendly crew gave it to me for free, however, the earphones were not worth the $2 in my opinion”
    - On the one hand, nice to get them for free. On the other hand, I agree with your assessment that free is probably too much to pay for these earphones. They’re pretty terrible.

    “I tried each one of them.”
    - Oooooh, no snack police here.

    Very good first report, with lots of detail and good photography. Nicely done. I’d like to see more “ports” from your video reports, and I’ll give some of them a look too the next time I’m hanging around YouTube.

    Thanks for sharing, and welcome to!

    • Comment 485536 by
      The_Budget_Traveller-786 AUTHOR 3 Comments

      Dear Hometoyyz,
      Thank you for your kind words!

      I do agree the drivers are fairly easy going and dont seem too strict. On my return trip I went to TBIT for the fun of spotting, and they didnt mind.

      Honestly , Delta crew members seem really easy going about snacks which is what makes the flight even more pleasant since I avoid buying overpriced inflight food.

      Thank you once again! :)

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