Review of Delta Air Lines flight Seattle Calgary in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL5733
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:42
Take-off 30 Sep 18, 16:16
Arrival at 30 Sep 18, 18:58
DL   #29 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 686 reviews
Published on 27th January 2019
Welcome! I hope you are all doing well!

This will be the trip report of my third flight on this segment:

Delta Airlines DL 1900
Dallas/Fort Worth DFW - Los Angeles LAX
Airbus A319 economy class
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Delta Airlines DL 129
Los Angeles LAX - Seattle/Tacoma SEA
Boeing 737-800 economy class
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Delta Connection DL 5733
Seattle/Tacoma SEA - Calgary YYC
ERJ175 economy class
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No need to "click here" for the flight-report link since you are already on it ;) Enjoy!

Friendly heads up: According to the Delta website, Delta has 3 types of ERJ175 aircraft: The ERJ175 owned by Compass Airlines, then the ones owned by Skywest/Republic, and then the ERJ175 SC (Special Configuration) owned by Skywest. This trip report covered the Compass Airlines owned ERJ175

So lets get started on the trip…
I had just arrived from LAX on Delta Airlines DL 129, and had a little less than a 2 hour layover before my next flight to YYC. This is actually my first time in SEA airport, so I was not familiar with the layout of the airport. My flight arrived into the Satellite section known as the S gates. After walking around in a loop I realized, silly me, that I will need to take a train that will take me to the main terminal building.

Entering the S gates area

photo screenshot 74

The train to the Main terminal and B gates

photo screenshot 76

This train is called the 'South Train loop' which runs in a triangular route between the Main terminal, B gates, and S gates. SEA has 3 different train lines.

photo screenshot 75

Making a stop at the main terminal building

photo screenshot 77

Back on the South Train loop'

photo screenshot 70

The B gates train station
photo screenshot 79photo screenshot 78

Which is at the tip of the B gates concourse building

photo screenshot 80

Heading to gate B5

photo screenshot 81

Flight DL 5733 is slightly delayed for 13 minutes.

photo screenshot 82

Now on to gate B5
photo screenshot 83

Concourse B / B gates had a more bright, well lit feeling as compared to the satellite S gates

photo screenshot 84

I dont have much to say about SEA airport, I was here for a short while honestly, but from what I saw, it seemed like a nice airport with plentiful seating areas, power sockets, and a fairly easy airport to transit through minus the fact they have 2 satellite gates and 3 different train lines. My flight on Delta Connection will be leaving out of the B gates at gate B5, so it wasnt too far of a walk. Our aircraft was slightly delayed and the agent soon began requesting passengers to gate check their bags the moment the small ERJ-175 arrived into the gate, DL 5733 was fully booked to the last seat therefore there was not enough room for everyone's carry-on bags.

The boarding was done 30 mins late for the 4:16 PM departure.

The seat was surprisingly comfortable, I had previously flown the CRJ900 of Delta Connection, and while the seat wasnt cramped, the flimsy backrest and lack of headrest prove to be annoying well into the flight.

This aircraft had adjustable headrests, a fair recline, and snug legroom. I personally liked these seats more than the ones on the 737-800 since they felt wider, and had a adjustable headrest that actually cradled my head in place, however the recline and legroom was very similar to the refurbished DL 737-800 aircraft. I also liked that the ERJ-175 has 2-2 seating configuration which means no dreaded middle seat.

However, these seats did not have any form of power sockets like the refurbished 737-800s but this flight is fairly short anyways so I honestly did not mind that too much. In terms of legroom, I am 5 foot 9 inches (175.2 cm) yet both my seat mate, and I had our knees rub against the seat pocket for the whole flight.

One major complaint I have of the seat is that the alignment with the windows can be annoying, I had to lean quite forward to record which made it a challenge to firmly grip my phone. But at least I am happy to have a window seat after all

Legroom pic:

photo screenshot 85

Recline comparison, the window seat is reclined with the headrest in the highest position, while the aisle seat is upright. (This pic was taken in a rush during deplaning, sorry for the blurriness)

photo 20180930_202601


photo 20180930_202604

The crew who welcomed me onboard were polite and kind but there was a noticeable rush to get our aircraft out on time. We finally pushed back 20 minutes behind schedule despite the delay in boarding.

Todays aircraft is a 10 year old ERJ-175, N612CZ, it is owned by Compass Airlines and currently is operating for Delta Connection, it used to operate for Northwest Airlink.

photo screenshot 86

A recorded safety demo was done while crew did the manual safety demo

photo screenshot 87

Taxi for takeoff

photo screenshot 88

Main terminal in the back with B gates extending from it in the foreground

photo screenshot 89

Passing the S gates where Emirates and Air France 777 are parked

photo screenshot 90

Until next time SEA!

photo screenshot 91

On this short flight we were offered either Biscoff Biscuits or The Cheesy savoury snack mix. For the beverage I opted for the Tomato juice and a glass of water. The crew werent rude but they were noticeably in a rush to finish up the service and quickly handed me my drinks and continued on. I really liked how even on a short express flight Delta offers a sweet or savory snack, and rather than giving the usual pretzels, the savory snack is a cheesy flavored snack mix.

photo screenshot 92

I spent most of my flight talking with the seatmate next to me, he had quite the flight, he flew transcontinental from New York JFK to SEA followed by this flight on to YYC.

A quick peek at the lavatory:
It was clean and simple.

photo screenshot 117

Time for descent into cloudy Calgary
We did our approach from North Calgary heading southbound into YYC so there was very little to see aside from prairies. YYC airport itself is in North Calgary

photo screenshot 93


photo screenshot 94

We arrived around 10 minutes early despite the delay

photo screenshot 95

I soon realized it was snowing, to much of my surprise, and not a good surprise either since I hate the snow.

As we neared the gate, we were informed first that the gate was in use, followed by the news that there is no one available to greet our aircraft, according to the captain, the agents were busy de-icing another aircraft.

We wait to the side, in the background you can see the beautiful International terminal at YYC which was opened in 2016. This terminal serves all international flights.

photo screenshot 96

After a long wait…

photo screenshot 98

We finally arrive into the gate nearly 50 minutes late.

photo screenshot 97

Welcome to YYC!

photo screenshot 99

The walk to the Canadian customs was really long

photo screenshot 100

And required quite a walk

photo screenshot 101

Meanwhile the sun sets outside

photo screenshot 102

As I continue walking…

photo screenshot 103

And keep walking…

photo screenshot 104

And welcome to Canada!

photo screenshot 105

But the long trek wasnt over yet…

photo screenshot 106

WestJet actually criticized the new terminal at YYC airport, stating the long walks needed to get from concourse A where they have their domestic operations all the way to concourse D (international)/ E (USA bound flights/ aka transborder flight) in the International terminal was too much for some passengers. But the walk from my gate that my flight, DL 5733 arrived in, all the way to customs took a good 10 - 15 minute speed walk to get there.

During customs, I quickly filled out the form and submitted in the machine that scanned my passport, then I was given a receipt, that I showed to the agent by the exit, who asked me my reason of the visit, then cleared me through. It hardly took 10 mins to clear it

photo 20180930_203916

Arrivals hall at YYC International terminal

photo screenshot 108

Thank you for reading this trip report. I hope you enjoy my upcoming content :)

I also made a video trip report of this flight,
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Please feel free to reach out to my instagram for any questions, suggestions, comments: 786cx
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew5.0

Seattle - SEA


Calgary - YYC



Airline conclusion: Overall, Delta exceeded my expectations this time for their regional fleet. I was pleased with the comfort of the seat, and the snack selection offered. While the legroom isnt the best, and no power sockets, I was still pretty pleased with this short flight. I would not hesitate flying on a ERJ-175 of Delta connection again next time, if the price is right ;)

Seattle SEA airport: Decent airport with a bit of a confusing layout that requires train connections, but overall, was clean, with a modern feel and had some nice seating areas with padded benches here and there, and plentiful power sockets. Also good to know is that there is a light rail train that services this airport, though I did not use it since I was solely between transiting flights.

Calgary YYC airport: The international terminal is gorgeous and stunning, it is pretty huge and lets in tons of natural lighting. I will be covering the International terminal in more detail in my next trip report: WestJet WS 1512 | Calgary YYC - Los Angeles LAX. The international terminal does require quite a bit of a walk to the customs though but other than that, it is a great terminal in my opinion.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you enjoyed the review :)

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