Review of KLM flight Geneva Amsterdam in Economy

Airline KLM
Flight KL1926
Class Economy
Seat 19F
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 18 Feb 19, 09:10
Arrival at 18 Feb 19, 11:00
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Published on 22nd February 2019
Geneva to Amsterdam Schiphol

Today's review will be about a KLM's flight from Geneva (Switzerland) to Amsterdam (Netherland). The flight should have been operated by a 737-700, yet the airline replaced it by a E-190.

Here is the air trajectory we took.

photo trajectoire

My journey started at 7:00 in the morning by leaving the hotel and heading to the airport from Geneva city center. I must say that the connections between the city center and the airport are varied and well working. Indeed, there are many different means of transport to go to the airport (car, bus, train, etc).
Daily trains are running repeatedly between Geneva airport to Geneva Central station for a maximum of 8 minutes' travel.
I decided to take the tram and the bus since I had a free public transport pass. The trip to the airport was really easy as well as the connection between the tram to the bus.

photo 52005961_380633542721640_7841991120010608640_nphoto 51943304_373365130165660_7025922826687217664_n

Then I arrived at the airport after a 17 minutes trip in the public transports.
Geneva airport's access is super easy and far from behind stressful compare to other international airports.

photo 52337595_323898628235213_1598648718049935360_nphoto 52977612_2470283379668193_728576051407486976_n

I had not checked baggage but I went to the check-in desk anyway to get my boarding pass.
The airport check-in zone was far from behind full, at least near the KLM and Air France desks. On the side of Swiss' desk it was more crowded.

photo 51973080_2152220958401649_3870769946157907968_nphoto 52135154_413964182763970_7289653897633726464_nphoto 52466032_1276170962546314_8099966917600608256_n

Afterwards, I headed to the security control. If you do not know Geneva airport it is not an evidence that the security is upstairs.

photo 52461575_386350358578240_1164623555321659392_nphoto 52440778_401286583778009_1084611643196833792_n

I may say that Geneva security control may be a bit more stric than other airport. I am traveling almost with the same shoes and this is the first time I have been asked to remove them.
After the security control I was heading to my gate.
Geneva airport is really pleasant, kids friendly with some dedicated area as well as spotter friendly with big windows all along the terminal with an incredible view.

This view was beautiful.

photo 52020923_550526455441976_8975409714997231616_n

Different airlines and aircraft types at Geneva's airport.
British airways and Austrian airline.

photo modifphoto 52033730_543991049454134_6050327155793985536_n

Then Lufthansa regional, Easy jet, Brussels Airlines on the tarmac.
Inbound to Frankfurt.

photo 51939135_1971660009807115_3311009147687796736_n

Easy Jet to Barcelona.

photo 52293411_1932269653566465_1376300421504565248_n

Off to Brussels.

photo 52323717_365549624031135_6782561862207668224_n

The aircraft arrived with 5 minutes in advance.

photo 52720899_307293863320446_1127830769520082944_n

15 mintues later the aircraft was ready to board, on-time as always on KLM, something I really appreacite with this airline.

Seat 19F.
The aircraft seemed quite old and used.
The legroom was correct like on the other KLM's flights.

photo 52144337_2281216508868890_6792610273204109312_nphoto 52258743_319862205382272_4224422058731241472_nphoto 52457315_586042371860617_2313201873034674176_n

Window view with a Vueling to Barcelona next to us.

photo 52372919_555287498288825_3669925747704725504_nphoto 52474447_1432533403549841_9188557422795423744_n

Push back with 5 minutes delay. The plane was full as the airline decided to opt for a smaller plane. A bit of confusing because many families were separated because of the plane's change. The flight-attendants re-placed everybody so that the famillies members especially with young kids were all together. So it caused a little departure delay.
After the push back we waited a few minutes to let a plane of Austrian Airlines to take our gate.

photo 52565930_2300888313527533_988468864700383232_nphoto 52281355_527560304432035_9166722105415303168_n

Then we headed to the runway by passing next to sympathetic aircrafts.

photo 52516537_801887920144771_1968203836094939136_nphoto 52583844_620989608337768_5208014971614527488_nphoto 52596284_2295617614051556_4453325192629846016_n

We had to wait that another flight has to land before taking-off.

photo 52364127_565427863940218_9010820328783347712_nphoto 52599268_401820820603055_1418826404530749440_nphoto 52956237_2012742318781119_5778393895607992320_n


In-flight service.
Compare to breakfast time or lunch time, the service is smaller on KLM between "meal's time". I took-off around 9:25 and the service started around 9:50. So when you are flying KLM during this time you have to know that the service will not be as big as on a morning flight or during lunch.
However it was a good snack. A Dutch cake.

The airline's magazine.

photo 52692291_305650903485553_7400646439656751104_nphoto 52153180_2288655811423313_2806141179471593472_n

View from the air.

photo 52387548_2649918478368728_8129398447284420608_nphoto 52595785_549888288831004_3276982673012162560_n

Starting our descent to Amsterdam.
We flew above Rotterdam's harbour, busy Schiphol airport and Amsterdam city center. It was an unexpected approach but really pleasant for the view.

Finally apprach to Schiphol with a simultaneous landing with Delta Airlines.

Taxiing to our slot.

photo 52893193_403177016921752_2798827047735001088_nphoto 52830867_1985565451748619_3562964792698208256_nphoto 52504069_549111815608594_6456402737239162880_n


photo 52437005_2196183077111334_8426580780821512192_nphoto 52653788_400599874027608_5860810693065834496_nphoto 53027801_389514738276986_2533247328375013376_n

Then the bus drove us to the main terminal.

photo 52825740_587322435072725_8364605884503949312_nphoto 52338491_548860712283469_2916692619763384320_n

After this flight I had a connexion to Växjö (Sweden). I had one hour layover.
The next review will be on the flight between Amstertam to Växjö with KLM cityhopper with an Embraer 175.
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Cabin crew9.0

Geneva - GVA


Amsterdam - AMS



Geneva's airport is a very good airport with many connection to the city center. If you like airplanes and mountains this airport is for you. The view on the tarmac as well as during the take-off are stunning. I will definitely fly again from/to Geneva.

As usually KLM was on-time even in advance in Amsterdam. This is what I appreaciate the most with this airline.
The fligh service was more restricted regarding the other flights I have done with the airline. However, the flight itself was really good, without problems, and beautiful view during take-off and landing approach.

Thanks for reading my review.

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