Review of Blue Air flight Brussels Bacău in Economy

Airline Blue Air
Flight OB2924
Class Economy
Seat 20F
Aircraft Boeing 737-400
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 08 Aug 16, 19:15
Arrival at 08 Aug 16, 22:55
0B 14 reviews
By 501
Published on 1st July 2019

For this short week end, I was willing to fly a special plane, and few weeks ago I hear that a new airlines was flying for Blue Air, with some old ladies. When I saw the back ground of these planes, I thought it would be a great opportunity to fly them, and also it will allow me to have a first experience in Romania. But to start this flying experience I had to go to Brussels, where I will stay 2 days.

The old ladies will include a Boeing 737-400, which is quiet rare these days in Europe. To reach the airport I took a local bus, and then once arrived at the airport I passed though the security. Hmm which plane will be next ? I gave you a little help in the routing information… Who will guess it ?


  • OB 2924 - Economic - Brussels ✈ Bacau - Boeing 737-400 You are here
  • It's all white, and we enter from the rear… Who I am ? Coming soon
  • The second airlines I don't like to fly with Coming soon

photo 29716175338_85cddf2411_zphoto 41778585840_e6108d50f8_h

When I arrive to the gate the plane was there. Boarding was quickly called and we start to board. I was welcomed by two stewardess, with a cold hello… Or a cheap one. I will let you to choose. Then I went to my seat. It was comfortable but with an horrible pitch as you can see. Then when boarding was completed the crew made the usual safety demonstration and after a short push back we taxied to the take off runway.

photo 41778584380_f958f6533e_hphoto 41778583330_8575f987d2_h

What a great sound this take off ! Few minutes after take off I had a little surprise I was able to see the famous B747-400F from TNT. Then slowly we arrived to our cruise level. Today there were no turbulences, and the sun was lower in the sky following our flight. The colors were really nice, but it was just for a short time.

photo 41778581820_651b2784a4_hphoto 41778580600_2dd37e00c8_h

During the flight the cabin was very quiet. The cabin was looking a bit old. Then the night arrived gradually. There were no service onboard… Even the crew didn't went into the aisle, quiet weird… Low cost airlines. I would not fly Blue Air every day… Due of the lack of service, comfort, and also because the fly from Beauvais (I don't like this airport - bad souvenirs) - but that time was different I was flying from Brussels.

photo 41778579430_3ca5c7a656_hphoto 41778578010_42b2d70065_h

Our arrival to Bacau was made during the night, which didn’t allow me to take many pictures. We landed safely in Bacau, this was my first time there, and I felt a bit weird the general atmosphere. A last picture of our plane and it’s time to reach the main terminal.

photo 41778576330_6a827e3905_hphoto 41778574740_c32a29b453_h

On the arrivals in Bacau, we can feel the soviet atmosphere (I had the same feeling when I arrived in Simferopol few years ago). Small airport, with small luggage belt and the outside waiting area.

photo 41778572970_c39de4de47_hphoto 43539626182_ffc8115604_h

The positive aspect was that the weather was great, not cold and no clouds. Then to go to my hotel I had a take a taxi… Let's try to get a taxi when you don't speak the language… I try and I had the worst welcoming I ever had on a east country… First, I had to move to one car to another because the driver were not willing to take me, and the one who drive me, was not nice at all, and made me to pay 3 times the normal price of the taxi… Arg what a bad experience - the staff at the hotel was not better. They went to knock to my door in the morning to make sure I will leave the room the next day… (What?!) - Any way let's relax before our next flight !

Thank you for your reading 

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To conclude, I was not impressed by BlueAir. It made the job, with a basic crew, which was not so friendly. The cabin was quiet during the flight which is comfortable, and which allow me to make a little nap. The service onboard is very limited, a low cost one.



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