Review of ALK Airlines flight Bacău Rome in Economy

Airline ALK Airlines
Flight OB2915
Class Economy
Seat 30E
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 21 Aug 16, 14:30
Arrival at 21 Aug 16, 15:50
XX 3 reviews
By GOLD 456
Published on 1st December 2019

For a little week end, I hear that ALK Airlines was flying with a MD80 to Roma, and because this is a rare plane, I thought interesting to fly with it. Especially from a country that I don’t know.

So after a short time in Bacau, I woke up and had my breakfast. I relaxed a bit at the hotel. It was a sunny day. Then I asked to the reception to call a taxi allowing me to go to the airport. Remember? The old airport from my previous flight?

photo 41847483720_f4bc08b808_hphoto 41847483180_3d0f262b38_h

So after a little 15 minutes ride into the city to reach the airport, I went to the counters to get my boarding pass. Many passengers where there but it was quick. Also something surprised me, it was the size of this checking area, so small ! Then I went for the security check and the passeport check. And I went to wait my plane to a really small waiting room. Hopefully I was able to get a seat. The room had no view over the taxiways. And we can see that they are building a new terminal, definitely bigger.

photo 28767318527_4c0e9b4d86_hphoto 28767317687_eb16fe5ec8_h


photo 28767316687_812f29cc77_hphoto 41847480440_ec9873cc8f_h

After an hour waiting we were asked to jump into a bus. And then an old show started. I was able to observe some old machines from the soviet time. And also an old AN-2. The countryside around the airport was looking nice. After a 5 minutes ride, we passed next to a first MD80 from ALK Airlines having some engine check, and we arrived to our plane, which will be LZ-DEO.

photo 41847479920_cebe668b9a_hphoto 28767315547_433a6eeb89_h


photo 41847479110_49fe2a71ef_h


photo 28767314857_6c16b3dc06_h

photo 41847478060_5567489c96_h

What a surprise ! We were able to board from the rear stairs, that so special. Because when you fly on this type, airports ofter don’t allow passengers to board or disembark from the rear. Anyway that was cool I was taking time to board. Then let’s discover how was looking the plane’s interior.

photo 28767314247_2102630066_hphoto 41847477250_b174757cfe_h


photo 41847476590_dff82c8d7b_hphoto 28767312847_6f34e7d54e_h

From the porthole I was able to see the new terminal under construction, and about the plane’s interior… It was the old cabin of Alitalia. Even the seat belt had the Alitalia logo. The seat was comfy but the pitch was not great, quiet tight. Another funny thing, we were able to see many Italian writing around the plane, they didn’t cover them all yet. After boarding, it was time to push back, and to taxi to the take off runway, after the safety demonstrations. Let’s take off now !

photo 28767312327_8741e5d6f4_hphoto 28767311777_647d50692f_h


photo 28767311257_a8ae6511a8_h


photo 28767310857_2e7629fece_hphoto 28767310297_3d0a49c1a2_h

I love these old panels from MD aircrafts ! The wing view was nice. Also the landscape was nice. The cabin was quiet. During this flight there will be no service, cheap flight. Later on I went to toilets.

photo 28767309867_555e6cdd46_hphoto 28767309557_32a7c70d97_h


photo 41847472050_ca49a140b4_h


photo 28767309267_b70ac224a1_hphoto 41847471570_f97b179585_h

Toilets were old, and in the same condition as the plane’s cabin, old. Then the flight was quiet, and a bit boring. The service was absent. After some hours flying, we were approaching to the Italian coasts and we started our decent to Roma.

photo 29785665568_c6ab46e1aa_hphoto 29785665008_fc2c53e733_h


photo 29785664268_bab4b6d793_hphoto 41847469690_4bd3fde01b_h

The flight sensations are superb on this plane. Also the landscape was wonderful. That was a pleasure. A last cabin check before landing, and we were ready to land in Rome with a nice sun like in Romania.

photo 41847469340_e626bfcf8a_hphoto 41847468950_e55b3fe049_h


photo 41847468710_2d0225c908_hphoto 29785662318_8b298c60ad_h

Landing was fine, the previous Alitalia plane was back on it’s tracks, that’s a bit funny. During the taxi, I saw some Alitalia’s planes and one from Blue Panorama. Then we arrived to our parking.

photo 41847468210_f1fd537789_hphoto 41847467920_aac5c32edc_h


photo 29785661178_6f201acc1d_h

Disembarking took some time, especially because I was in the back of the plane. I took time to take some pictures of the cabin, which was looking really old and used. Then after 20 minutes I was finally outside.

photo 41847467500_deebb30133_hphoto 41847467200_53fda8a337_h


photo 41847466860_6a1b8cd60e_h

photo 41847466610_b1a5c9f8a1_h

Last pictures of the plane, you are able to see the crew uniform, which was not the best for me, all yellow. There is better. Then we went to the arrival terminal, where I went for my next flight back to Paris.

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As bottom line I can say that this is an interesting airline only the the aircraft used. The crew was not so friendly and were absent for the whole flight. Flying with the old Alitalia’s cabin was fun. Thank you for your reading and see you next flight !



  • Comment 532304 by
    ThomasDutch GOLD 450 Comments

    Never flew one myself, but it seems that those MD80s are in a really poor state (cabin wise) that it can become very uncomfortable and cabin crew wasn't obviously improving it either for you. Thanks for sharing this rare bird with us!

    • Comment 532330 by
      Flying-Kolia GOLD AUTHOR 874 Comments

      Oh no these planes are in quiet good state for their age, and the seat are quiet comfortable (compare to the RECARO that you can find on some airlines such as Vueling, Lufthansa and some other)... Hmm cabin crew was the big lack of this flight I think. Thanks for your comment Thomas indeed °-)

  • Comment 532684 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5219 Comments

    Wow, this is an exotic report! SO retro to be flying on an MD-80 in Europe, especially with the totally unchanged Alitalia interior. Though that green hurts my eyes, the seats look comfy...they don't make them that thickly padded anymore. I've never found riding on MD-80s to be particularly interesting since they were so common here in the US until this year when AA retired the fleet. Now I'm glad I got to take one last ride a few years ago since they're gone. So cool that you got to board through the rear stairs. Great photos as always!

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