Review of easyJet flight Belfast Paris in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U26723
Class Economy
Seat 7F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 29 Aug 16, 14:30
Arrival at 29 Aug 16, 17:15
U2   #14 out of 24 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 560 reviews
By GOLD 205
Published on 4th December 2019

Here it is a little exclu, it is the fist time that this route is published on FR in english. Anyway now it's time to fly back to Paris to catch new plane for new holidays plans. To do so I decided to take for the fist time the plane from the Belfast International Airport. Usually I'm flying from the City Airport or Dublin Airport, but I want to try a new airport. Let's fly !

photo 28893195017_9d12d627be_hphoto 42925632295_8dffe97c64_h

I arrived on time for my flight, thanks to the fact I don't have check-in luggage it was very quick for me to go to the security. After the security zone, there is a lot of duty free shops, like we have in many UK airports. A funny story, I was willing to buy a mag at WHSmith. When I gave the note to the lady at the counter, she stopped, looked at my note and said, I have to check with my supervisor if I can use you note… Yes in the UK, notes can have a different look depending where you are. Here in Northern Ireland they have a different picture on it but it is possible to use them in all the UK. After 5 minutes the lady came back to me and said to me that it was fine. After I bought my book I went to the gate.

photo 42020685110_ab8aa74a7c_h

photo 42020684650_cd2dd1c976_h

In Belfast, like in many airport in the UK, the like to make you wait in the area where you can find restaurants and shops this is only 5 minutes (or a bit more) boarding that the gate is shown… honestly I don't really like this system. But that's the rule in the UK Airports : you have to consume !!! Anyway I was knowing which plane it will be and I took time to take some pictures of our today's plane. 

photo 28893193787_8974be30b9_hphoto 28893193587_819328ebe8_h

When boarding was called, we all went to make a line. And at that time I saw how rudimentary the airport was. But it works and that's the most important thing. Against the wall we were able to sell panels of many destinations. Especially U2 destinations. Then I went to the plane.

photo 28893193327_31f17e273f_hphoto 42925625615_fa32328b66_h

To go to the plane you have to walk on the tarmac, there is no jet bridge at Belfast Airport. But that's not a problem for me. When I enter into the plane I was welcomed by to stewardess' and I went to my seat. The pitch was fine for flight like this one. 

photo 42925629085_7e42be675a_hphoto 42925628765_2a522ae8fe_h

Boarding completed, safety demonstration made, it's time for take off. The advantage to be at the front is that you can have nice views over the engine (especially at night). The we flew next the the lake Neagh (which have the same surface than the Isle of Man).

photo 42925628435_d124155069_hphoto 42925628165_a05f6fd671_h


photo 42925627745_7e038e1d5d_h

The flight was fine, no turbulences, very quiet and we had some nice landscapes over the flight. Here a little picture the cabin, it is the old seats, but there were fine. The made their usual service, with the sales of food and drinks and as well the duty free. Few minutes later we started our decent to Paris.

photo 42925627455_2412699493_hphoto 42925627055_b8820ebce9_h


photo 42925626705_3619796183_h

Landing was fine, and the taxi to the parking was a bit long due of that U2 is in terminal 2, which is a bit far from the terminal. But once we arrived every thing was quick. Before to leave the plane I went to thanks the crew for this nice flight. And now it will be time to catch my next flight to my next adventure. 

photo 42925626315_4aa476a0fa_hphoto 42925625995_561f12b187_h
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Cabin crew6.5
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Belfast - BFS


Paris - CDG



It was a nice flight, I enjoy to fly with EasyJet thanks to their customer service, and professionalism. The cabin looks a bit old for these days, but they refurbishing their interior with also some new plane coming in the fleet.



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