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Airline Nordica
Flight JP7353
Class Economy
Seat 20F
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 29 Aug 16, 13:30
Arrival at 29 Aug 16, 14:55
EE 13 reviews
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Published on 10th December 2019

With some friends I went to visit the north of Europe, and because there was not enough place into the car I had to take a plane from Tallinn to Vilnius. In this case there were two choices : Air Baltic and Nordica. I choose to fly Norica, first because it was a new airlines, and then because there offered to me a youth ticket very affordable.

First I had to reach the airport, and I went by taxi, which was not expensive, and more convenient. I had the opportunity to see it on my arrival in Tallinn but it was during night, it’s better to discover it during the day. Let’s discover it !

photo 43984595771_41e3d55e26_h


photo 29046751977_b806753ad0_h


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It’s not a big airport, but quiet comfortable and with a warm atmosphere. At that time it was not crowded. Later on I went to my boarding gate. The flight will be operated by Adria, for Nordica. And our today’s plane will be a CRJ900 let’s board now …

photo 30116034688_683a051eec_hphoto 43984591541_cc3125190a_h

We reach the plane by foot, next to the plane’s stairs there was a trolley allowing us to put our bags due of the small size of the plane. When I enter into the plane I was welcome by a stewardess.

photo 43984590661_34cf771ff1_hphoto 30116033208_6232fa6084_h

The seat was looking new and in good condition. I was having more space because I had no neighbor for this flight. On the overhead panel there was the reading light, the ventilator and the crew call button. After the safety demonstration were made it was time to taxi for take off.

photo 30116032688_2db9f1b6e6_hphoto 30116031898_76b7aa69de_h


photo 30116031068_2a3aa689e3_h

Take off was fine, quickly we pass thought the clouds and reach our cruise level. I like this plane, small and more « confidential ». Then I start to read the onboard mag, and also the onboard service started. It was very simple, we just had a tea or coffee for free. To be honest for a such short flight it’s enough (but I agree something extra, like a little bread would be very welcome). The I went to discover the plane’s cabin.

photo 30116030318_9eed7ed18e_hphoto 30116028408_4f01b17782_h


photo 30116027088_64824e1856_hphoto 30116026198_6101a3c5cc_h

After my cabin exploring it was time to land in Vilnius, the plane’s interior is nice but clearly the plane was not full at all. During our approach to Vilnius airport we passed next to the Vilnius downtown, I enjoyed the nice view next to the castle.

photo 30116025698_eb2b79909d_hphoto 30116025118_7b80a3e8dd_h


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Landing was soft, welcome in Vilnius, a city that I like, with a nice airport too. When we arrived to our parking stand, we disembark, and all passengers were in only one bus. A last view on our plane, and it’s time to meet my friends in the city.

photo flkebq0816073-23026photo flkebq0816074
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Cabin crew6.5

Tallinn - TLL


Vilnius - VNO



Nordica is a nice airlines, I really enjoy to see that Estonia will have a new national carrier, I wish them all the best, and I hope that the help of Adria will help them to have a good debut of operations. They have in their fleet CRJ700 and 900 and are planning to have also ATRs. I will be happy to fly with them again, but on another route.

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