Review of Aigle Azur flight Paris Porto in Business

Airline Aigle Azur
Flight ZI333
Class Business
Seat 5A
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 07 May 18, 12:30
Arrival at 07 May 18, 13:45
ZI 35 reviews
By 910
Published on 1st January 2020

First let me wish you an Happy New Year 2020 !
Also it has been 5 years I'm on Flight-Report, for 2020 new reports to come, better quality pictures are to come, with reports more detailed Safe flights to you guys for 2020 !

Earlier in May I was informed that Aigle Azur was flying some flight for the training of the crews, so I jumped on the opportunity to fly with them on the Paris-Porto route. It was a new page for Aigle Azur which was usually flying narrow bodies planes.
Aigle Azur was aiming new markets such as China and Brazil, and to do so they received two new plane which were A330-200 (F-HTIC / F-HTAC). Before to fly to the 2 new destinations, the planes made some flights between Paris, Algiers, Porto and Bamako. I was onboard one training flight on the route Paris to Porto, let’s see how was the flight.


photo 49295527146_6700419ddc_kphoto 49295527026_5d36993772_k

I arrived on time at the airport, but I made the check-in online, I printed the ticket at the airport. On this flight, we were able to choose all seats located in premium economy or on basic economy. Once my boarding pass was printed I went to the gate.

photo 49295036048_d76e8c2f92_kphoto 49295526756_43362f4487_k

Our gate was located on the remote building, which is in front of the main one. To go there we had to take a bus. During the ride we had nice views about the planes. Then once the boarding started we board the plane by the stairs. What a livery !

photo 49295526656_6aaf596608_kphoto 49295526506_52f7852c64_k


photo 49295526421_d84741e5aa_k

I really like the livery, it is a stunning one ! The boarding by stairs allowed me to get nice shots of this new plane. When I arrived in front of the door, two crew members welcome me, and invited me to go on the front, at the seat 5A, business class.


photo 49295526256_38126bea1d_kphoto 49295035283_f11d4ff6b9_k

They didn’t sold the business class but I was welcomed by the crew to try the new business seat. What a surprise ! The stairs were removed and we were ready to push-back. Safety demonstration were shown on the IFE prior to take off during taxi.

photo 49295526096_6bb6e92977_kphoto 49295718827_6b5e3e2f55_k

During the taxi, before the take off the crew came to me to welcome me onboard and wish me to enjoy this flight onboard this new plane, very kind from them ! Now align, the plane speed up with a nice roar and start to climb.


photo 49295525936_8ef7a20c76_kphoto 49295034923_b2b230cd8b_k

Once we were in the air, I start to discover the IFE, it was nice, with a good film selection, the only thing which was not good, was that the map was not working. Then I started to watch a movie, the remote control was good, and reactive.

photo 49295034843_0265fcb047_kphoto 49295034688_e94b020115_k

When the seat belt sign was turned off, the crew came to me and offer me a meal, it was good, and very kind from them ! Once I finished my meal, I went to walk a bit to discover this new plane, which was flying with Air Berlin before.


photo 49295034583_2bce4e7304_kphoto 49295525441_caa2892414_k

The business seat was comfortable, the place of this seat was giving more privacy. The good point was that it was full-flat, very comfortable for long-haul flights. The business class was equipped of 18 seats.

photo 49295525326_40986da633_k


photo 49295034178_591d4d8f6d_k

The economy class was able to welcome 268 passengers (48 premium seats). The cabin was looking good. Today’s flight was not full, the crew told me that on the return flight there will be much more passengers. As you can observe there was some mood-lightning.

photo 49295034083_481ed48272_kphoto 49295717972_bc82ac5299_k


Some other part of the plane such as the toilets and the door. The crew was with me, explaining me different specifications of this new plane. Then I went back to my seat. Inside the seat pocket we were able to find the safety card, the inflight magazine, the menu and the sickness bag.

photo 49295717832_2d71d8c577_kphoto 49295033713_1d714b1e6f_k

Then I relaxed a bit. It was very enjoyable. Then later we started our approach to Porto, it was a bit cloudy, nothing crazy. The landscape was a bit different than in France. The Airbus A330 is very comfortable to fly.

photo 49295717657_03f9fefb80_kphoto 49295524576_0a0042b248_k

Now we are in final, last cabin check and we were ready to land. Landing was fine and soft. Because the plane was not full, we didn’t use all the runway, and to let another plane to take off we clear the runway.

photo 49295524441_d8ece3b3e0_kphoto 49295717322_5cc2ed9d9f_k


After a short taxi we arrived to our stand, next to an Iberia’s plane. As you can see on the back there is another Aigle Azur’s plane, an Airbus A320. There was 3 flights to Porto, and 1 with the Airbus A330-200.

photo 49295717192_660d7facee_kphoto 49295524156_ff19bf682b_k

On the IFE we could read « Thank you » for flying. Then I was invited to meet the Captain. He was very happy to welcome me onboard, and we took some time to chat about this new plane, and the futur flights for Aigle Azur.

photo 49295032783_9b3d38c3bb_k

Then before to leave I thanks all the crew for this great flight, and their warm welcome during this flight, and it was time to go.

NOTE : On the 27th September 2019 Aigle Azur sadly filed for insolvency.

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This plane is a new « era » for Aigle Azur, it is a nice product, with the cabin. The crew is really happy to fly this new plane, and I thanks them for the time the took to show me this plane. I was really happy to realized this flight.

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    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5606 Comments

    Sad to see Aigle Azur gone this year. They really had potential with these ex-Air Berlin birds for long-haul and the cabins looked really nice. Sadly, I guess they got too far away from their core markets between France and Mediterranean destinations and just couldn't make it work ?

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