Review of Tunisair flight Paris Tunis in Economy

Airline Tunisair
Flight TU723
Class Economy
Seat 27K
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 02:25
Take-off 04 Jun 18, 19:00
Arrival at 04 Jun 18, 20:25
TU   #97 out of 116 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 67 reviews
By GOLD 816
Published on 4th April 2020

During a longer week-end I decided to fly to Tunisia. I’ve been to Djerba several times, but never in Tunis. Following some piece of advice from a friend I decided to fly there. I knew that Tunisair was flying A330 between Paris and Tunis. But the time schedule was not great. I was planned to fly on both flights an A320 shark lets.
But at the last minute, during the online check-in I saw on the website that the plane changed to an A330. What a surprise ! I learned later that because that the airlines cancelled the first flight, and moved it to the one I was supposed to fly. Now let’s discover this new plane !

photo 49328896828_d8acd629c9_kphoto 49328892528_7471f2658b_k

Tunisia check-in counters were under ground. There was a whole section for our flight. Maybe due of the plane scheduled which was a wide body plane. Then I went to the boarding area. It was fully refurbished. It was completely different of what I use to see 10 years ago ! What a great job !

photo 49328885358_aad308393d_kphoto 49328883218_55a4e1eff3_k

Then our plane arrived. Our plane’s name is Sidi Bou Said. Which is a city in north of Tunis. During my stay in Tunis, I will visit this city. Boarding was called, and I was one of the first passengers to board, and the priorities between business class, families and economy were respected. Let’s board that plane.

photo 49328880343_2e31696d53_kphoto 49328877423_a8a2f8372d_k

During boarding I had the opportunity to take a nice fuselage shot. What a nice plane. This is the first wide body plane that Tunisair has. In the past they use to fly A300. I was welcome but 2 stewardess, and went to my seat.

photo 49329343726_d6841282b8_kphoto 49328871913_5155e0abb7_k

The seat was comfortable with a nice seat pitch. What a pleasure also to get an IFE on short flight like the one of today. In the past when I flew to Djerba, I was flying with B737-500 and 600. Next to us, a B777-200ER Euroatlantic was boarding for it journey to New York. It was operated for Norwegian, following the B787 engines problems. Boarding completed, it’s time to go.

photo 49328867728_7f6965170d_kphoto 49329557782_1ff940127f_k

During the taxi, the safety demonstration was shown on the IFE, and after we had a little film about the construction of the A330 Tunisair. Once it took off on the video, it was our turn to take off. Good timing !

photo 49329331076_39a2cc0f51_kphoto 49329329166_54cf1079a8_k

Take off was smooth. Then few minutes later, the crew came to use to give us the immigration forms. I full up once I received it so I will be done. During that time the plane was reaching it’s cruise altitude.

photo 49329327226_a500782dc0_kphoto 49329325236_81a8b79a6a_k

Then the crew came back to gave us some headphones. Then I started to discover the IFE, and the programs which were inside. I was nice, with some nice movies. I watched during the flight « Kingsman – Le cercle d’or ».

photo 49329547632_ca0d7d6688_kphoto 49328852043_1bb79f52a7_k

Before the dinner, I went to the toilet. Also here a little look on the cabin. It was bright new, and in good condition. The plane was fully full, due of the last minute plane change. The seat configuration was 2-4-2 which gave us more comfort. Then toilet were clean at that time and also brand new (like the plane).

photo 49329320491_7ac0d45027_kphoto 49329542907_4605b1a5ec_k

Once I came back to my seat, service started, the sun was getting lower. At that time we were over south of France. At that time, my seat neighbor had some problem with it’s seat tray, so I help her. And we start to talk together.

photo 49329317566_3f6325ed38_kphoto 49329316611_76fdb12c41_k

The meal was nice, I enjoy it. My seat neighbor gave me her meal, because I was staying in the hotel, and because once she will be back home she will have a better diner. It was a very kind attention from her ! And during the flight we continue to chat together.

photo 49329537602_06f5373f06_k

photo 49329534017_7ba16df20a_k

Later on, I discover what was in the seat pocket. I could find, the Inflight Shop Mag, then LaGazette, which is the onboard magazine, and entertainment guide. Also we were able to find the usual sickness bag and the safety card. On the IFE we were able to see the different plane of the fleet with their cabin layout.

photo 49328835248_35855b50ed_k

photo 49329301951_fc58ad7175_k

Seatbelt sign is on. We started our decent, and we are close to land. As you can observe there are no more the illuminated sign « no smoking ». Instead there is the one of the electronic devices. Here is the route we flew to Tunis.

photo 49329523777_4b01f55926_k

photo 49329522697_3bfdd1c442_k

Outside it was dark. But we some lights of Tunis, and cities around Tunis. Landing was fine, followed a short taxi.

photo 49329519447_7073f51056_k

photo 49329516377_d81da03824_k

Here we are, welcome to Tunis. The temperature was better than in Paris, and we arrived on time. Time to take my last belongings, and I leave the plane. Before to leave, I took a picture of the business class which was looking good.

photo 49329513682_69a3725338_kphoto 49329285591_94dabc359d_k

At the exit I was welcomed to visit the flight deck and I thanks all the crew for this nice flight. And I went to take my suit case. And before to leave the airport, my seat neighbor told me that she will ride me to my hotel, it was very kind of her !

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To conclude I was really happy of this plane change. It was my dream to fly the A330 Tunisair. And I made it. The cabin is comfortable, and brand new. The meal was nice as well, it’s always enjoyable to get a meal on a 2 hours flight. Then the crew was very king during this flight. A great pleasure, thank you Tunisair for this nice flight !

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  • Comment 549668 by
    Pilpintu SILVER 707 Comments

    Hello, Flying-Kolia!

    Or should I call you "Gladstone Gander"??? hahaha Do you know who he is?? He is Donald Duck's lucky cousin. Good things happen to him all the time.

    I can't believe the series of wonderful events that happened to you in a single flight! : The plane changed to an A330, IFE on short flight, the very convenient problem with your neighbor's tray, she gave you her meal, you were welcomed to visit the flight deck, and then your seat neighbor gives you a ride to your hotel!!! I'm really happy that all this happened to you!! It's amazing!! :D

    Well, it was certainly an enjoyable flight and an enjoyable report!

    Thanks for sharing! :D

  • Comment 549851 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5331 Comments

    Hi Kolia, thanks for sharing this cool exotic report with great photos as usual! A widebody with IFE on a 2h flight is definitely as good as it gets in Y for short-haul. The meal actually looks really good too for such a short flight. I'm not sure if AF serve a meal on this route, but I'm guessing not since it's only 2h.

  • Comment 550324 by
    jish.b SILVER 285 Comments

    Hey there, thank you so much for sharing this report! While I knew of Tunisair, I never really read a flight report of it at all I don't think. Looks like quite the solid product, and a fun way to hop across for a short flight. Always nice to have a fun conversation with the seat mate, too! :)

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