Review of Turkish Airlines flight Frankfurt Istanbul in Business

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK1588
Class Business
Seat 02K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 14 Sep 19, 11:40
Arrival at 14 Sep 19, 15:40
TK   #18 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 709 reviews
By GOLD 1723
Published on 20th December 2019

Each year, I go with my mother to Jordan. This year we decided to give TK a try but from FRA, as the prices from BSL were 50% higher. We took the ICE from Basel to Frankfurt.


  • ICE Basel SBB - Francfort Aéroport Not available
  • TK > A330-300 > J > FRA > IST You are here
  • TK > A330-200 > J > IST > AMM Coming soon
  • TK > A330-200 > J > AMM > IST Coming soon
  • TK > A330-300 > J > IST > FRA Coming soon

ice basel- fra

A few facts about this train ride:

- Between Basel and Frankfurt the train is not high speed and runs at a max of 200 km/h on limited portions only. Thus the journey takes a solid 3H.
- The cabin is not that comfortable, the seats are hard and recline is not electric. The TGV high speed train in France has much more comfortable seats with an electric recline.
- The good thing is that you have seat service. Of course not free but you don't have to go to the bar to pick up your food or drinks.

Two pictures of the service on board:

photo img_2137_resultatphoto img_2138_resultat

bonus spotting from the sheraton fra

The room and the hotel are pretty basic but if you have airport views rooms you might spend lots of time at the window :)

photo dsc_0937_resultatphoto dsc_0938_resultat

763 Condor:

photo dsc_0939_resultat

TG 388, Etihad 787 and a Condor 763 tail:

photo dsc_0940_resultat

748 LH:

321 Neo LH:

photo dsc_0952_resultatphoto dsc_0951_resultat

LX A220 and ANA 773:

photo dsc_0953_resultat


photo dsc_0954_resultat

LH 321 NEO again:

photo dsc_0957_resultat

321 CEO:

photo dsc_0958_resultat

Re Condor 763:

photo dsc_0959_resultat

Asiana 388:

photo dsc_0961_resultat

748 KE,the livery is very bold:

photo dsc_0962_resultatphoto dsc_0964_resultat

388 LH:

photo dsc_0965_resultat

752 Icelandair:

photo dsc_0967_resultat

LH 388:

photo dsc_0971_resultat

UA 772:

photo dsc_0973_resultat

 MD11 LH Cargo:

photo dsc_0974_resultat

 388 bound for PVG:

photo dsc_0977_resultat

TK 332:

photo dsc_0981_resultat

Air Namibia, also 332:

photo dsc_0983_resultat


photo dsc_0984_resultat

A nice 736 TU:

photo dsc_0985_resultat

Air Baltic special livery:

photo dsc_0986_resultatphoto dsc_0992_resultat

343 LH:

photo dsc_0990_resultat

Another LH 388:

photo dsc_0994_resultatphoto dsc_0995_resultatphoto dsc_0996_resultat

Another 748:

photo dsc_0997_resultat

Oman Air 333:

photo dsc_0998_resultat

My favorite plane, LH 346:

photo dsc_0999_resultat

SQ bound for SIN 388:

photo dsc_1000_resultatphoto dsc_1001_resultatphoto dsc_1002_resultat

That's it for the spotting :)


After a good night's sleep we head to the airport. It goes super fast as the hotel is linked to the airport:

photo img_2141_resultat

From the mezzanine:

photo img_2142_resultat

So old school:

photo img_2143_resultatphoto img_2144_resultat

3H before departure the LH counters are over crowded but nobody at the business counters.
Our seats have been changed from 2AC to 2JK and on the next flight our 2AC became 3DF. Not a big deal, we kept windows seats on the first flight and the second flight is a fully night flight.
We then went to security checks.

photo img_2145_resultatphoto img_2146_resultat

What a mess. There is a priority lane but to access it you first need to clear a pre-check and it took us 15 minutes to reach the pre–check.

After that we had 10 people in front of us and it took … 45 minutes!!

It was a big joke: there was only a small table before the belt where only one bag can be put at a time. That means each passenger needs to wait that the preceding passenger clears it to be able to open his bag and remove liquids and/or electronics.

But worse, in FRA you also need to put your cameras, cameras objectives, cables and absolutely everything that has electronics like razors. To add to this, only one lighter is allowed per passenger or couple!

All liquid bags are opened and the agent checks almost each liquid to see if it is above 100ml. At least the agents were friendly but the controls took exactly 1H which is far too much.

At least there was nobody at the police control :)

photo img_2147_resultatphoto img_2148_resultat

Eventually airside!

photo img_2149_resultatphoto img_2150_resultat

We decided to go to the AC lounge that had better reviews:

photo img_2151_resultat-41793

This way:

photo img_2152_resultat

maple leaf lounge air canada :

At least!

photo img_2153_resultat

We are welcomed by this beautiful Dreamliner:

photo img_2154_resultat

We were also welcome warmly and in French. A communal table greets us:

photo img_2155_resultat

Sofas along the windows. The lounge was a bit too hot for our liking:

photo img_2156_resultat-65118

Main room:

photo img_2157_resultatphoto img_2159_resultat

More tables:

photo img_2158_resultat

Nice view over the apron:

photo img_2160_resultat


photo img_2161_resultat

The buffet is still in breakfast mode:

photo img_2163_resultatphoto img_2165_resultatphoto img_2166_resultat

Some waters:

photo img_2164_resultat


photo img_2167_resultat

Hot breakfast:

photo img_2168_resultatphoto img_2169_resultat

Donuts & co:

photo img_2170_resultatphoto img_2172_resultat

Jam and toaster:

photo img_2171_resultatphoto img_2173_resultat

Soft drinks:

photo img_2174_resultatphoto img_2175_resultat


photo img_2176_resultat

Hard drinks:

photo img_2177_resultat

Coffee machines:

photo img_2178_resultat


photo img_2179_resultat

Press offer:

photo img_2180_resultat

The lavatories are very clean:

photo img_2183_resultatphoto img_2184_resultat

FR24 details:

photo img_2190_resultat

748 LH:

photo img_2191_resultat

Outside the lounge there is a nice terrace:

photo img_2192_resultat-28613

Really nice but hot!!

photo img_2193_resultat

the flight

Boarding hasn't started yet, I went to see what was around with this beautiful A320 in a retro livery:

photo img_2194_resultat

Our bird:

photo img_2195_resultatphoto img_2196_resultat


photo img_2197_resultat

Departure screen:

photo img_2198_resultat

Automated boarding:

photo img_2199_resultatphoto img_2200_resultat

Boarding through jetbridge:

photo img_2201_resultatphoto img_2203_resultat

Aircraft door:

photo img_2204_resultatphoto img_2205_resultat

We entered the plane and the least I could stay is that it didn't started well. A part from a ground technician in the galley there wasn't anyone to great the passengers. The crew was chatting in the middle galley and despite seeing the first passengers board, they continued to chat and no one bothered coming at the door. After a dozen of business class passengers boarded they decided to take their boarding position.

The second bad surprise was the cabin. I was expecting lie flat or full flat seats on all TK wide bodies but no. This bird had recliners. While fully ok compared to the other european airlines, it wasn't a good surprise :(

photo img_2206_resultatphoto img_2207_resultat

Some pictures of the 2AC seats were I first went still thinking about the seats I had selected but moved to the other side after realizing my mistake.

photo img_2208_resultatphoto img_2209_resultat

This time our good seats :)

photo img_2210_resultat

And fully reclined. Very nice but … I was expecting lie flat at least :)

photo img_2212_resultatphoto img_2213_resultat

To be fully honest, it was still very comfortable!

photo img_2214_resultat

The main problem was that the seat controls were fully manual and very hard to use. My mother always had a hard time to move her seat and I had to help her with the seat back each time she wanted to recline or to make it upright.

photo img_2215_resultatphoto img_2216_resultat

There was, in complement to the crew, a kitchen chef on board. More on her later.
The seat pitch is great:

photo img_2217_resultat

Safety Card:

photo img_2219_resultatphoto img_2220_resultat

Skylife magazine:

photo img_2221_resultat

More to read:

photo img_2218_resultatphoto img_2222_resultat

And more…

photo img_2223_resultat

Cocktail table:

photo img_2224_resultat

We were offered a choice between water, champagne, orange juice, lemonade or raspberry lemonade

photo img_2225_resultatphoto img_2226_resultat

The onbaord chef handed out the menus:

photo img_2227_resultat

Looked very nice. I liked that they offered "Karniyarik" a typical turkish dish that I love. That will be my choice.

photo img_2228_resultat

The drink menu is extensive but there are no mention about what brand is being served. More on that also later.

photo img_2229_resultat

The boarding takes lots of time. And to make things worse, it begins to be really hot in the cabin. There are no individual vents in this aircraft making the things worse. We were supposed to take off at 11H40 but at 11H40 we were still at the gate with nobody boarding since at least 10 minutes.

I went to the toilets to freshen a bit. They are really clean:

photo img_2230_resultatphoto img_2231_resultat

Aircraft door. Note that the whole crew disappeared again in the middle galley. Nobody upfront.

photo img_2232_resultat

The galley:

photo img_2233_resultat

20 minutes after STD, the captain takes the microphone and informs us that the APU is out of order and this is why it is so hot in the cabin. Without APU the aircraft needs to be started with a ground equipment that just break down. FRA airport is looking for a replacement, we didn't have to worry for that because they had, but it would take another 30' of waiting … in the heat!

In the meantime hazelnuts are offered from the Do & Co chef. At this point she was the only one working: she handed the drinks over, the menus and now the snacks.

photo img_2234_resultat

And even the headsets!

photo img_2235_resultatphoto img_2236_resultat

Condor is still here:

photo img_2237_resultat

As we are!

photo img_2238_resultat

Condor was the first to go :)

photo img_2239_resultat

The IFE was really nice, lots of movies and easy to use:

photo img_2241_resultatphoto img_2240_resultat

An hour after the STD we finally push back and the air conditionning is eventually turned on!

photo img_2242_resultatphoto img_2243_resultat

Condor … again!

photo img_2244_resultatphoto img_2245_resultat

SQ 388:

photo img_2246_resultat

AC 763:

photo img_2248_resultat

LH 343:

photo img_2250_resultatphoto img_2251_resultat

LH is queen here!

photo img_2252_resultat

Condor 753:

photo img_2254_resultat

Iran Air 330:

photo img_2255_resultat


photo img_2257_resultat

TAP 32N:

photo img_2259_resultat

And our turn to go!

photo img_2261_resultatphoto img_2263_resultatphoto img_2264_resultat


photo img_2265_resultatphoto img_2266_resultat

Service starts with a hot towel, our first interaction with the regular crew. But without any smile.

photo img_2267_resultatphoto img_2268_resultat

The tray is served still without smile but at least, what is on it looks very good!

photo img_2272_resultatphoto img_2273_resultat

The onboard chef offers the drinks and at least, she is smilling and nice. I took some Turkish white wine together with sour cherry juice:

photo img_2274_resultatphoto img_2275_resultat

Salt and pepper:

photo img_2276_resultat

It was really, really good! For the entree my mother took the sea bass papillote that one certainly one of the best dish she had in a plane, she said.

photo img_2277_resultat

I took the turkish speciality:

photo img_2278_resultatphoto img_2279_resultat

It was perfect. Lots of flavor, I loved it.
As the trays are collected, hot drinks and digestive drinks are offered. I asked for a baileys with my coffee.

photo img_2280_resultat

It had the color and the odor of the Bailey's but it wasn't. I ask to see the bottle and in fact it wasn't. It was a cheap whisky liquor that was really bad. At least the dessert was good!

photo img_2281_resultatphoto img_2282_resultat

The service concluded with a second hot towel:

photo img_2283_resultat

And the flight is already ending:

photo img_2287_resultatphoto img_2288_resultat

Closer to Istanbul:

photo img_2289_resultatphoto img_2291_resultat

The old Atatürk airport:

photo img_2292_resultatphoto img_2293_resultat

I felt a bit sad for a moment, I have so many memories at that airport, but at the end, it was just so overcrowded that it wasn't fun anymore to fly from there.

photo img_2294_resultat

A sharp left turn to reach the new IST!

photo img_2295_resultatphoto img_2296_resultat

As we get closer, there are fewer houses:

photo img_2299_resultatphoto img_2300_resultatphoto img_2301_resultat

Only new buildings:

photo img_2302_resultatphoto img_2304_resultat

Almost arrived!

photo img_2305_resultat

The airport is really huge. It took us a good 15 minutes to reach our gate.

photo img_2308_resultat

We parked next to this 773:

photo img_2309_resultatphoto img_2310_resultat

We were barely greeting upon exited the plane, and I begin to be a bit excited for my first time here !

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It isn't easy to give a rating to this cabin. It is far better than Eurobusiness, still it is nowhere what I was expecting from a TK widebody.

The crew was a disaster but the Do & Co chef was lovely. Given that she is not part of the crew nor a TK employee I decided to only rate the TK and add a point for the chef. So 0 + 1 :)

The food was excellent so was the IFE.

FRA is messy, disorganized, old and dark. I hated it.

As usual, a big thank you for reading, next part will be online pretty soon!

Information on the route Frankfurt (FRA) Istanbul (IST)


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    PilotEchoMike 92 Comments

    Thanks Esteban for sharing. Nice to see another perspective of cabin class from the aircraft I flew from IST to BEY. The overall product in Business looks very appealing, in the exception of course of the seats, such a disappointment to be honest when expecting a narrow body aircraft. I would definitely not be happy flying this bird in Business from IST to Bangkok, but thankfully TCLOB is mainly operating in EMEA region only. Ironically, LOB's Economy Class cabin is much more valuable compared to its Business class!
    NB: Nice to see MEA's tail in the background, just before the screen page!
    À Bientot!

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