Review of Vietnam Airlines flight Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City in Economy

Airline Vietnam Airlines
Flight VN 217
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 04:30
Take-off 12 May 10, 12:30
Arrival at 12 May 10, 17:00
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Published on 27th September 2013
Now for the more interesting flight after 3 nights in Halong & Hanoi, Vietnam Airlines domestic from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Some fun facts, apparently, the HAN-SGN route is the longest domestic route within Vietnam. In fact, HAN-SGN is of a longer distance than SGN-SIN!!

12 May 2010
Vietnam Airlines
VN 217
Hanoi (HAN) - Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
A330-200 (was scheduled to be a A330-300 which went tech)
Economy Class

The check-in for VN217 opened 2hrs before STD. The Hanoi airport terminal looked quite run-down and check-in desks were allocated for specific flights even though they were all operated by VN. 3 counters were allocated for our flight today. Both domestic and international flights shared the same terminal but different security check areas. Definitely not a first world standard airport terminal.

Checking in for the flight
photo 4631362763_90535542af_o

A VN B772ER at the gate & a TG A300 taxiing for takeoff
photo 4631960496_d549a7b6d8_o

Security was painless as it was a domestic flight and we entered the departure. The domestic departure hall was just rows of chairs with a cafe, a bar and a convenience store, as well as VN's business class lounge.

Departure hall.
photo 4631960884_045afc5cf8_o

Soon, our scheduled A330-300 arrived from SGN. Note the white nosecone.
photo 4631363195_1a13b9ef49_o

Our STD was 1230hrs. However, by 1215hrs, boarding was still not announced. I had the feeling that our flight would be delayed and how right I was when the ground staff announced that our flight would be delayed till 1430hrs due to a change of aircraft. I suspect that our A333 has some technical problems. However, VN arranged lunch for all the pax, which consisted of either a bowl of noodles or packet of fried rice and a tea/bottle of water, all from the only cafe in the domestic departure hall. It was a madhouse as all pax scrambled to the small little cafe to exchange their boarding pass for the free meal.

The free lunch provided by VN. It was ok but not filling.
photo 4631363347_c45d8a1fce_o

Nothing much else to do but some plane-spotting:
SQ B777-200 departing for Singapore
photo 4631363447_91deccdde5_o

VN A320 departing for some domestic destination
photo 4631363511_ebe8882930_o

Jetstar Pacific just arrived.
photo 4631363671_7c8110e569_o

At about 1345hrs, buses pulled up to our gate. It seems that we would be departing from a remote gate instead. Wondering what aircraft would we swap to??
photo 4631363915_f3712f8b27_o

The A333 being towed away from the gate, probably for maintenance?
photo 4631363813_22ddb31dbb_o

Knowing that some seats would be changed as VN has only 1 A330-300 and any other aircraft that we were swapped onto would definitely not be a A333, I was curious if there would be any chaos during boarding. While the gate agents checked our boarding passes, they had stickers of new seat numbers which they would paste over the original seat numbers on the boarding passes. However, our seats were not changed. We then go through the aerobridge and down onto the tarmac to the buses which would bring us to our aircraft. It was an opportunity to tour the airport tarmac! Eventually we pulled up next to a newish A330-200. New aircraft model for me!! All of VN's A332s are ex-Swiss and so retained Swiss's seats and configurations.

Pulling up to our plane.
photo 4631961792_a9ca74d5de_o

Boarding via stairs from the rear door.
photo 4631961896_e8b89f87dc_o

The flaps were not fully retracted and were at their take-off configuration.
photo 4631364295_a70fe95d44_o

Boarding in progress. We were welcomed by 2 male crew members at the door. Newspapers were available on a trolley at the aircraft door too! Boarding music and video were played on the PTVs.
photo 4631962154_3b5b8211a3_o

Seat pitch was pretty generous!
photo 4631962588_1490c30fba_o

Stuff in the seat pocket. Inflight magazine, safety card and airsick bag.
photo 4631962332_fa91928029_o

After all pax boarded, doors were closed. We were welcomed aboard by the purser.

During the welcome announcement, refreshing tissues were handed out by the crew.
photo 4631962686_e59a771a30_o

Safety demo was then shown. The safety demonstration was done manually.

We then taxied to the runway for takeoff.
photo 4631962780_bc12145ff6_o

Takeoff for SGN!

Fasten seatbelt signs turned off.

Airshow on PTV. This is my only entertainment throughout the flight. The only forms of entertainment were either the airshow or a short silent documentary about soccer. No headphones were given out and no other entertainment were available on the PTVs. There were also no entertainment listings in the inflight magazine for both long/short haul flights. Wonder how is the IFE programming like for the longer haul international flights.
photo 4631365199_c2761f2338_o

Shortly after seatbelt signs were turned off, lunch service started. We were offered a choice of either pork with rice or fish with noodles. Along with the meal were a fresh fruits. Juices/soft drinks were also offered and coffee/tea service was conducted after the meal service. The crew were pleasant and polite yet efficient.
photo 4631963066_578c2a8400_o

Meal service.

Received my meal with an orange juice.
photo 4631365759_b806fa2832_o

Had the pork with rice. It was standard airplane food. Not excellent but not too bad.
photo 4631963194_720aaa1b42_o

Close-up of the meal
photo 4631963256_3b8b0f3ebd_o

photo 4631963424_8630daf38f_o

Cabin view after meal service
photo 4631963680_f527c821d5_o

Another view.
photo 4631963756_1e929e5a5d_o

The sun is setting and descent just started.
photo 4631963930_245aea8780_o

Approaching Ho Chi Minh City.
photo 4631366273_cf304b91b6_o

Speedbrakes up, flaps down
photo 4631964770_e54fccc6db_o

Final approach
photo 4631366431_e62bd24449_o

Landing into Ho Chi Minh City. The airport is right smack in the middle of the city!

Taxi to the domestic terminal. Note the flaps are not fully retracted again.
photo 4631964256_ba92482a00_o

Other VN aircraft also did not fully retract their flaps. Guess this is the airline's SOP.
photo 4631366849_bd73053cf4_o

Thank you for flying Vietnam Airlines!
photo 4631964418_6421ef77af_o

View of the business class seats while deplaning.
photo 4631366747_37ddf4e0ef_o

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Vietnam Airlines

Cabin crew7.0

Hanoi - HAN


Ho Chi Minh City - SGN



Vietnam Airlines offers a reasonably good product for the route. Other than the delay, the rest of the flight was comfortable. However, they would still have a long way to catch up with the other powerhouse airlines in Asia.

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