Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Hong Kong Singapore in Economy

Flight 3K 696
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 15 Jan 12, 22:15
Arrival at 16 Jan 12, 02:15
3K 47 reviews
By 3404
Published on 9th October 2013
3 nights just went by so quickly and it was soon the day to fly home. On the morning of the day of departure at around 0600am, I received an SMS that my Jetstar flight had been retimed from 2025hrs to 2155hrs. Groans… Another delay on Jetstar. Well, at least this time they sent the correct message and I could shop for an additional hour in Hong Kong.

On to the trip home. Jetstar uses HKG's Terminal 2, which is just basically a check-in and departure immigration/security terminal, no gates or arrival facilities. After checking in, you would still need to board a train to Terminal 1 where the plane would be parked. However Terminal 2 houses an Aviation Discovery Center, which I made a short visit to, and a outdoor viewing gallery (which was closed due to bad weather)

HKIA Terminal 2, which is only a check-in terminal to house more counters.
photo 6741816063_3a024d3e84_b

Looks more like a mega-mall than an airport terminal.
photo 6741811773_e3d642f4a4_b

A must to visit the Aviation Discovery Center!
photo 6741811027_1c9198f1f8_b

Lots of airplane models! Can you identify all of them?
photo 6741811201_1b8f2ecdb3_b

Wonder if any of this type is still flying?
photo 6741815867_7c07735e10_b

Everything about airplanes!
photo 6741816283_ac62fee89b_b

Pretty ladies through the years.
photo 6741811531_849ed66ab7_b

Trying out the old CX First Class seat!
photo 6741811267_5676926ceb_b

After a short tour around the center, we proceeded through immigration (long queue!!) and security to board the shuttle train to Terminal 1. Now, if one would to be late for a flight, the hassle of transferring terminals to reach the plane would definitely not be very fun, especially if your plane is parked at the far-end of Terminal 1 (which required another train transfer), at the remote terminal (which my Jetstar flight would depart from and requires a bus transfer) or a bus gate (which you would have to board also at T1).

However, we decided to check out the Traveler's Lounge, which is Plaza Premium Lounge's new flagship lounge, in T1 after reading good reviews about it. I was definitely not disappointed!
photo 6741813445_f7b36cc8d6_b

Some facts about The Travelers' Lounge, which opened in Jan 2010.

Featuring 15,000 sq ft of extravagance and luxury, the flagship lounge is located in Terminal 1, near Departure Gates 1-4 at the Hong Kong International Airport. No expense has been spared from the tasteful designer furnishings to the private members club style service. Everything is built to give travelers the perfect pre-flight pampering. The concept, a brainchild of Mr. Song Hoi See, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited has been created to bring the level of luxurious comfort unheard of previously in the world.

It is divided into different zones to suit the mood of the visitors. The aim is to give all travelers the ultimate pre-flight experience. It is the fusion of innovation, creativity and designer luxury, says Mr. Song Hoi See, CEO of Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited.

Upon arrival at the grand entrance, the tasteful décor is graciously accentuated by the displays of authentic antique statues from Han dynasties. Adjacent to the reception, a lively oval-shaped bar dominates the heart of the lounge. In a new concept that brings together traditional coffee houses and high-end chic wine bars, the lounge also provides the irresistible freshly baked pastries. Take a seat and our baristas will serve you with a selection of specialty coffees and a fudge chocolate brownie topped with a scoop of home-made ice-cream.

For those with an appetite, there will be a sumptuous all day buffet which includes authentic Hong Kong style culinary delights, heart-warming mini-clay pot steamed rice with a choice of toppings. There are also drinks, treats and healthy snacks at our renowned noodle and salad bar for the health- conscious. In keeping with the international travelers passing through the airport, there will also be choices of Vegetarian and Halal food. Airport lounge catering has never been that enticing!

For the busy business executives, wireless hot spots are available. On top of that, there is also a full service business centre with fully equipped workstations and networked printers for last-minute proposal printing. There is also a secluded library, featuring Hong Kong's rich and varied historical images over the decades. The library, whilst historic in design, is equipped with the latest hi-tech meeting facilities such as large screen LCD TV and video conferencing system.

After a hectic day, sometimes all you want to do is chill out. Check out the Galleria, an oasis of tranquillity. Featuring extra-wide sofas with extra leg room, there is also a 24 hours a-la-carte menu, wine bar, private resting suite with shower. This is to pamper the tired and stressed out executives who are rushing to catch a flight straight from work.

In terms of entertainment, the lounge area which surrounds the bar features designer plush leather sofas, LCD TV with international channels showing flight schedule, news, latest movies and sporting events.

For the ultimate pre-flight indulgence, take advantage of our in-lounge spa that features a full range of spa enjoyment: soothing massage, barber services, manicure and pedicure services. Don't forget to try out the first in Asia, the Relaxing Float Spa System. This popular European spa treatment is currently rocking the spa industry worldwide. Suspended gravity-free, your body is relieved of all pressure on the spine and joints, allowing you to slip into a state of deep relaxation.

Lets take a look at the lounge, which is also used by a number of airlines' premium customers.

Upon entering, there is an oval-shaped bar with lots of comfortable seating around it. A business center is also situated near the entrance.
photo 6741812457_ff2e36c98e_b

Tapas were offered at the bar in the evening.
photo 6741813285_daa5d7f6ac_b

As well as delicious-looking desserts and pastries!
photo 6741812851_f1fe704dd7_b

Further in is the main F&B area, where there is a salad bar,
photo 6741811949_62115bc47a_b

hot food buffet,
photo 6741812141_a523d93a02_b

and snacks/beverages area.
photo 6741813067_a43704c4f5_b

I really had a feast in the lounge!
photo 6741812297_866d785685_b

More food!
photo 6741812649_d21b149567_b

After having our fill, we left the lounge to proceed to the gate. Our flight would be departing from gate 510, which is actually at a remote terminal housed with 10 gates for narrow-body aircraft. In order to go to the terminal across the tarmac, we had to board a 5min shuttle-bus ride.
photo 6741813607_7a1d5b8dbe_b

The small terminal is self-sufficient on its own, with some eateries and shops.
photo 6741814137_cae333f3db_b

Our departure gate, 510. By this time, the flight had been further delayed due to late arrival. New departure time is now 2215hrs, almost a 2hrs delay from the original scheduled time.
photo 6741813943_a420f007a5_b

The A320 which will ferry us back. It turned out to be 3K's oldest A320, 9V-JSA.
photo 6741813763_11dbcc8cd6_b

15 January 2012
Jetstar Asia
3K 696
Hong Kong (HKG) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Finally boarding began shortly after 2200hrs. Flight was almost full and crew were actively helping to store the tons of hand-carry luggage. Weather was rainy. According to the captain, the initial delay was due to operational reasons (what reason, I don't know) and the further delay was due to a punctured tyre that needs replacement in Changi.

At the gate.
photo 6741814307_0f2e3d3198_b

Crew were actively helping with luggage and ensuring all passengers get settled as soon as possible.
photo 6741814459_04fb5293ee_b

Seat pitch was slightly better at row 24 than row 25 on the previous flight.
photo 6741815255_3e7de2c187_b

We finally pushed back at around 2240hrs, a 2hrs delay.

Had a very long taxi to the runway 07R. Passed lots of Cathays.
photo 6741814629_12ee2ae1e2_b

Spot the SQ? Parked right at the 2nd last gate at the far end of the terminal.
photo 6741814793_d391d1f966_b

Finally took off at about 2250hrs.

Weather was quite bumpy for the first 15min after takeoff. After that, the pilot turned off the seatbelt signs and the signs remained off even though there were instances of slight turbulence for the first hour of flight. I bet if it were SQ, the signs would be on for a full hour, haha. As usual, the friendly crew took our meal orders. On this sector, only the Japanese Curry, Vietnamese Chicken Curry and Vegetarian choice were available. I chose the vegetarian choice while my friend had the Japanese Curry. These 2 choices tasted better than the choices we had on the flight up.

Mock braised chicken with mushroom and rice. Very flavorful.
photo 6741814921_dc0434570b_b

Japanese style chicken curry with rice. Not bad too!
photo 6741815093_0e39336017_b

Very friendly crew members conducting the buy-on-board service.
photo 6741815359_d2fcfb647b_b

After the meal service, the cabin was dimmed and I knocked out till we were almost approaching Singapore. As our flight was delayed till the wee morning, there were no hold for arrival and it was a straight descent to the runway.

Lights of Batam.
photo 6741815463_c23211fd85_b

Flaps down.
photo 6741815587_e24d26fab0_b

Final approach into Rwy02C.
photo 6741815685_58e70cc899_b

Landing at 0215hrs, a delay of 2 hours. The announcements made by the purser were actually quite outstanding.

Arrived at Terminal 1, parked beside a sister plane.
photo 6741815753_08b21aaefc_b

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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu7.0

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited The Travelers' Lounge (East Hall)


Hong Kong - HKG


Singapore - SIN



Service wise, Jetstar is still my preferred low-cost carrier. However, probably I am unlucky with them, 2 out of the past 6 flights being delayed for more than 2 hours did not sit too well. I am not too sure of the reason for the operational delay, probably because of aircraft scheduling due to maintenance? Jetstar would need to enhance on its punctuality if it wants to attract business travellers as these frequent delays would not go down well with time-conscious travellers.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Singapore (SIN)


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