Review of LATAM flight Sao Paulo Asunción in Economy

Airline LATAM
Flight LA1300
Class Economy
Seat 8A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 15 Jul 21, 15:05
Arrival at 15 Jul 21, 16:05
LA   #45 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 154 reviews
By 360
Published on 6th August 2021


Once again, welcome to another flight report! After spending my first five months living in Rio, it was time to go back home on a two week visit. Because of situation brought by the pandemic, the only airline currently flying regularly between Brazil and Paraguay is LATAM, so I hadn't much of a choice when it came to choosing. Unlike my previous reports, which were in Premium Economy, this one will be in good old Economy. The routing is as follows (I've decided to cover only the GRU-ASU leg, as it is the only one that I haven't covered before, unlike the other legs).


  • LA3270 - Economy - Rio De Janeiro —> Sao Paulo - Airbus A319 Not available
  • LA1300 - Economy - Sao Paulo —> Asunción - Airbus A320 You are here
  • LA1301 - Economy - Asunción —> Sao Paulo - Airbus A320 Not available
  • LA4747 - Economy - Sao Paulo —> Rio De Janeiro - Airbus A320neo Not available


The tickets were bought through the LATAM Paraguay website. This type of Economy fare included a 23 kg checked luggage and a 10 kg hand luggage. It also allowed for free seat selection, which, for me, is a huge aspect to consider when choosing a fare.

AT the airport

My previous flight from SDU landed at GRU around 11:55, a little more than two hours before the scheduled time of boarding to ASU, 14:05. I had plenty of time for going through customs and grabbing lunch at Terminal 3. It was my first time departing from it, so I was curious to see the inside for myself.
Terminal 3 check-in hall. As I was connecting, and my lugagge was dispatched directly from SDU, I didn't need to go to a counter: 

photo 20210715_122622

Departures board. In pre-pandemic times, the international departures in the same time period would fill three screens.

photo 20210715_122507

After going through security and customs quite quickly, I went through a duty-free hall.

photo 20210715_123727

To my delight, I could already see some planes as I came closer to the gates concourse, like this Iberia A350-900. Behind it, there was a LA A320 (Spoiler alert: it turned out to be the one flying me to ASU), an LA A321 and a Swiss 777-300ER.

photo 20210715_123856

Terminal 3's main concourse:

photo 20210715_123944

View of the apron. You can see a Copa 737 MAX 9, a United 777-200 and a Lufthansa 747-8.

photo 20210715_124101

There was also a UA 787-9, and in the background, a Delta A330-200 and a Aerolineas Argentinas E190 (still in Austral livery). On a sidenote, it's strange to see a perfectly clear, blue sky in GRU, isn't it?

photo 20210715_124218photo 20210715_124419photo 20210715_124423

Spotting didn't end there, as I found myself with a majestic Air France A359.

photo 20210715_124558

As I still had more than an hour left to boarding, I decided to grab lunch. I found a Subway close to my gate, 323. Here you can see the main corridor. Perhaps as a reminder of the harsh pandemic times, there was a considerable amount of closed stores and restaurants.

photo 20210715_132728

Just as I finished lunch, all passengers of our flight were summoned to gate 323 to show the documentation required for entering Paraguay. Besides the usual documentation, as ID or passport, Paraguay nowadays requires, vaccinated or not, a negative PCR result done at least 72 hours before the flight, and a QR code generated by filling out an online health declaration. After showing said doccuments, I decided to stay near the gate. This allowed me to get a more detailed sight of the IB A359. I noted how much LA advanced in the process of repainting its whole fleet in the new livery. During my whole stay at GRU, I just saw one 767-300ER still in the old TAM livery.

photo 20210715_133147photo 20210715_133319

Our A320, PR-MAG, was parked besides the A359.

photo 20210715_133153photo 20210715_133307


- Airline: LATAM (LA)
- Aircraft: Airbus A320
- Registration: PR-MAG
- Age: 19 years (2002)
- Scheduled time of departure: 15:05 (ATD 15:06)
- Schduled time of arrival:
16:05 (ATA 16:00)
- Flight duration:
02:00 (Actual duration: 01:54)
- Take-off from runway:
- Landing in runway: 20 

Boarding started at 14:18. We were divided in five groups. Priority and Premium Economy passengers comprised the first two groups, while the rest of us formed the last three. I, with my seat being 8A, boarded on group 4. It's worth noting that social distancing was not kept during the process.

photo 20210715_141816photo 20210715_141940

Proceeding to the plane.

photo 20210715_142225photo 20210715_142238photo 20210715_142337

We were greeted by the flight attedants at the door, who directed us to our seats. The plane, despite its age, had been refurbished with the  current standard LA interior, featuring leather slimline RECARO seats with adjustable headrests.
My seat, 8A.

photo 20210715_142403

View from my window. The IB A359 was still there.

photo 20210715_142506

The front seat pocket contained contained the safety card. I guess LA descontinued their Vamos magazine during the pandemic.

photo 20210715_142519


We started pushback at 14:57, 8 minutes before our scheduled time of departure. Soon after, we began taxiing to runway 27R.

photo 20210715_145733

A LX 77W waiting to go home to ZRH. 

photo 20210715_150121

A LA A321 and 77W parked in remote positions, beyond Terminal 3.

photo 20210715_150247

Entering runway 27R.

After a short stop, the IAE V2500 engines roared and we started take-off roll. After a few seconds, the wheels left the ground at 15:06, 1 minute behind schedule.

It was a beautiful afternoon down in São Paulo!

Climbing to FL340.

Initially, the sky was clear with scattered cirrus clouds. However, as we headed to the west, it became increasingly overcast.

photo 20210715_151854photo 20210715_152751photo 20210715_153958

The meal was served 36 minutes into the flight. It consisted in a bag of chips, a cereal bar, and a beverage of your choosing, along with a moist towelette. I went with a Coke. In my opinion, the service could be more elaborate in an two-hour international flight; for example, I would have liked a hot sandwich instead of the bag of chips. However, I understand we aren't in a position of asking too much during these hard times for the industry. The FAs were polite and smiled when interacting the passengers, without reaching a hyper-polished, SQ-like level.

photo 20210715_154207

The plane was equipped with Wi-Fi, but only to support the LATAM Play entertainment app, which included a selection of movies, series, games, and, most importantly, a map. It's worth noting the plane had power ports located down between the front seats.
As we crossed the Paraguayan border, more clouds began to appear.

photo 20210715_160543photo 20210715_161934photo 20210715_162908

Because of the overcast and rainy weather conditions, we entered Paraguayan airspace from the north, which is unusual in this route. We started descending towards Asuncion's Silvio Pettirossi International Airport at 15:34 PYT, 01:28 into the flight. As you can see, we had to penetrate several layers of clouds.

After a brief period of total whiteness, ground came to sight.

photo 20210715_165359photo 20210715_165528

Paraguay River.

photo 20210715_165625

On final approach to runway 20. We overflew Asuncion's northern suburbs.

We landed at 16:00, 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

After vacating the runway, we were assigned gate 2. Besides us, there was a Air Europa 789 and an Eastern (the shabby reincarnation, of course) 763.

DEplaning & arrival

The deplaning process, as the boarding back in GRU, was done by groups, and, much to my surprise, was very organized and ordered, so kudos to the crew for that.

photo 20210715_171135

The best angle I could get of our plane, PR-MAG.

photo 20210715_171217

Going through customs was a lengthy process, because passengers now have to go through a Health Ministry desk and present the required documentation (Covid test + QR code) before continuing to customs. To make things worse, only half of the customs booths were functioning. Almost an hour passed from deplaning to getting to baggage claim. From there, it was just walking to the arrivals hall.

Because of social distancing measures, only passengers and staff can stay inside the terminal building. Because of this, relatives now wait outside. As I went outside to meet my family after five months, I had the chance to take a picture of the already veteran (41 years-old) terminal building.

photo 20210715_180117
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Cabin crew8.5

Sao Paulo - GRU


Asunción - ASU



On this short South American flight, LATAM provided what was expected, without going further. From the modern cabin, polite flight attendants, to the simple catering, it was a nice experience overall. The only unpleasant experience was going through customs at ASU, but that can be blamed on local bureaucracy.



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    Pilpintu 757 Comments

    Qué tal, Diego!

    the only airline currently flying regularly between Brazil and Paraguay is LATAM

    La miseria de la pandemia no parece conocer límites!! XD

    it's strange to see a perfectly clear, blue sky in GRU, isn't it?

    Y me imagino que con el cambio climático se verá cada vez más seguido, igual que donde yo vivo.

    a negative PCR result

    Hoy me hice mi primer PCR y lo odié! Me salieron lagrimitas. :'''(

    I noted how much LA advanced in the process of repainting its whole fleet in the new livery.

    Yo tenía la esperanza de que se hubieran arrepentido.

    refurbished with the  current standard LA interior, featuring leather slimline RECARO seats

    Alabado sea Jebús!! Los asientos tapizados con esa cosa como lana sintética me hacían estornudar!!

    I understand we aren't in a position of asking too much during these hard times for the industry

    No le pidas a latam que salga de las papas fritas y la barrita de cereal, con o sin pandemia! No conocen otra cosa.

    Eastern (the shabby reincarnation)

    Interesante propuesta la de esta aerolínea, de volar a destinos poco atendidos, como Nicaragua. Espero que no sea un nuevo caso como el de Latin American Wings, una aerolínea chilena ya extinta con la que pude volar una vez y que hacía vuelos entre Santiago y Puerto Príncipe. Terminó mal.

    the already veteran (41 years-old) terminal building.

    Encuentro que ASU tiene una arquitectura muy interesante. Pensé que era de los 60! Pero se ve muy bien. Yo creo que tiene para otros 40 años más. :)

    Gracias por compartir! Cuídate!!

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