Review of British Airways flight London Glasgow in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BAXXX
Class Economy
Seat XXA
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 10 Oct 06, 14:00
Arrival at 10 Oct 06, 15:00
BA   #38 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 843 reviews
By GOLD 205
Published on 4th December 2021

Hello Everyone and welcome to this special and old old report!

This report is special to me as I think this was my second flight on my own, and happened when I was a teenager to visit an old friend of mine that was studying in Scotland. 

I can't remember how much we paid, all I remember is that I bought online for the first time!
It really felt like new technology, I wasn't even sure that the booking was real!!
I will try to find the boarding pass and booking documents I am sure that I put it somewhere. 

at london - heathrow airport

I left you at what was - I think - the old terminal 2.
I am going to show you another ghost from the past: the terminal 1 and its old tunnels. 

photo t1-2

You can still see them on google maps: on top the new T2
bottom left is the old T1 building still visible
bottom right is the old tunnels part of T1 that you can still see to this day 

photo map

At my "tunnel" gate

photo t1

onboard the b767

Aircraft: Boeing B767-336ER
Registration: G-XXXX
Engines: 2x RR RB211
Age: XXXX Years
Layout: C24W24Y144

I didn't take any pictures of my plane but looking at the wings, it looks like it was a B767-300.
This was the golden era of aviation where long haul aircrafts where used even on domestic routes!
Look at the BMI tail… BMI was a direct competitor of BA for those of us that weren't around at the time :) 

photo pphoto-161

push back and aligning onto 27L

photo tkoff-lhr

and take off!

photo tkoff-lhr1photo tkoff-lhr2

Soon v1…

photo tkoff-lhr3

Look the T4 (now used as a Skyteam based mostly) was the international hub for BA and friends (look at the B747 Qantas)

photo tkoff-lhr4

I do remember some lound and worrying noise coming from the back as the plane rotated… Maybe some freight not attached properly? A tail strike?

photo tkoff-lhr5

Reaching the clouds…

photo crasse

And getting through them

photo photo-162photo crasse2

Almost godmighty!

photo crasse3

You wanted to look at the engines? there you go!

photo cruis2

And the sun on my face - always a good idea for october!

photo cruise

What a view! I will always remember this beautiful feeling of freedom above the sea of clouds… And made a promess to myself to keep flying a as much as possible in my life.

photo photo-163

Another view of the engine…

photo photo-164photo photo-165

Something tells me it was quite cold outside…!

photo photo-166

at glasgow international airport

We landed and turned around at the end of the runway - a first for me

photo photo-167

A few pictures of glasgow

photo photo-213photo photo-242photo photo-325

and the surrounding islands

photo photo-288photo photo-291

all very green isnt'it?

photo photo-295
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British Airways

Cabin crew7.5

London - LHR


Glasgow - GLA



I can't really appreciate and judge such an old flight, and especially with nowadays standards and criteria.
I left it at 7,5 for every mark. But this flight is still vivid as it was the firt time i was booking a flight with my money on my own!

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