Review of Singapore Airlines flight New York Frankfurt in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ25
Class Business
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:50
Take-off 15 Nov 13, 20:10
Arrival at 16 Nov 13, 10:00
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 14909
Published on 18th November 2013
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Going from EWR to JFK is not that easy and quite expensive even with public transportation

Anyway I finally was in the Airtrain from Jamaica to JFK, heading to Terminal 4

There was a lot of works for a new DL terminal, as it seemed

A smurf
photo 201311SQ22_0659

So I arrived at Terminal 4 at about 4:45 pm
The Terminal was very airy
photo 201311SQ22_0661

My flight was on time
photo 201311SQ22_0662

Almost nobody at the Business SQ check-in counters : I wasn't able to OLCI for this flight
photo 201311SQ22_0663photo 201311SQ22_0664

I received my BPs, except the last, a TK flight, that the agent wasn't able to issue, and an invitation for The Wingtips lounge
photo 201311SQ22_0665

There was a fast track for Business class pax so security check was quite fast (although the fast track agent was also the TSA precheck agent)
and I headed to the lounge
photo 201311SQ22_0666photo 201311SQ22_0667

The lounge has already been reported by Denzee
It was very large and pleasant with different areas but will be overcrowded in no time
photo 201311SQ22_0675photo 201311SQ22_0687photo 201311SQ22_0688

I sat there first but there wasn't any power outlet
photo 201311SQ22_0673

so I went here
photo 201311SQ22_0698

There was a shower inside the bathroom
photo 201311SQ22_0705photo 201311SQ22_0668

Childish graffiti :(
photo 201311SQ22_0669photo 201311SQ22_0670

The control tower
photo 201311SQ22_0671

LX on a remote position
photo 201311SQ22_0672

photo 201311SQ22_0674

Let's go to the buffet
photo 201311SQ22_0676photo 201311SQ22_0677

Cold food

Soft drinks and beers : only cranberry and tomato juice and the beers offer was not really attractive
photo 201311SQ22_0684photo 201311SQ22_0685photo 201311SQ22_0686

Hot food (plastic plates and cutlery)

My (poor) selection
photo 201311SQ22_0697

The wifi was too slow to even be able to read emails :(

Only one glass was still available
photo 201311SQ22_0706

So a bit spotting before leaving this place as soon as possible
photo 201311SQ22_0699

EY at a remote position
photo 201311SQ22_0700photo 201311SQ22_0703

This one was too fast for my camera
photo 201311SQ22_0701

photo 201311SQ22_0702photo 201311SQ22_0704

photo 201311SQ22_0707

Kuwait Airways
photo 201311SQ22_0708

I headed to the gate
photo 201311SQ22_0709

Boarding was a mess as it wasn't possible to have a queue
EK spotted when I was in the jetbridge
photo 201311SQ22_0711

My seat 15A
photo 201311SQ22_0712

Only two windows instead of three in the 77W, on each seat was a pillow but no blanket
photo 201311SQ22_0743

View of the cabin : I choose the mini cabin with less seats
photo 201311SQ22_0713

and from a nice SQ girl
photo 201311SQ22_0714photo 201311SQ22_0715

The cabin was very hot and a lot of people (including me of course) were complaining.

Few minutes later there was a Captain's annoucement : he was explaining that JFK airport authority could only provide hot air and was apologizing for the inconvenience

One restroom is already out of order
photo 201311SQ22_0716

I was offered the beverage of the month as PDB because it's almost impossible to say no to a smiling SQ girl (sigh …)
but it was not good at all !
photo 201311SQ22_0717

Big side storage spaces
photo 201311SQ22_0718

but dirty
photo 201311SQ22_0752

My aircraft is an Airbus A380-800 9V-SKK, first flight was on the 10/09/2009

The shoebox instead of a big footrest on first rows or exit rows
photo 201311SQ22_0719

The headphones
photo 201311SQ22_0720

The legroom is decent but less than a 77W seat in first row
photo 201311SQ22_0721

Safety card
photo 201311SQ22_0722

Seat pocket stuff
photo 201311SQ22_0723

The menu and the wine list

Newspapers and magazines
photo 201311SQ22_0742

Seat control
photo 201311SQ22_0744

The power outlet was ok but it didn't fit my AC adapter :(

Always a smile on a SQ girl's face
photo 201311SQ22_0750

One turns out the seat into a bed with this handgrip
photo 201311SQ22_0751

Bye Bye jetbridge
photo 201311SQ22_0753photo 201311SQ22_0754

Pushback and taxi to the runway
photo 201311SQ22_0756photo 201311SQ22_0760

We were waiting a long time before take off
I was listening to Massive Attack
photo 201311SQ22_0761

Late take off
photo 201311SQ22_0762photo 201311SQ22_0763

It was time fo some Bollinger champagne now with nuts
photo 201311SQ22_0765photo 201311SQ22_0772

The dinner service began
photo 201311SQ22_0780

I asked for the Sauternes and it was available although it wasn't in the wine list
photo 201311SQ22_0783

It was not the usual butter
photo 201311SQ22_0784

The bread selection : unfortunately no fougasse tonight but there was the garlic bread
photo 201311SQ22_0785photo 201311SQ22_0786

Antipasto plate, Marinated prawns and bocconcini with grilled vegetables and basil pesto
photo 201311SQ22_0779

Then my book the cook choice Rack of Lamb
Roast rack of lamb with natural jus, roasted vegetables, and creamy garlic mash
photo 201311SQ22_0791

The lamb was overcooked and the mashed potatoes were lyophilized
photo 201311SQ22_0792

No other comments but to prove that I'm not a liar(and not an eternal grumbler) a picture of the same dish served in 2010
photo 201010BKK_0197800x600-1

No water refill
photo 201311SQ22_0793

A bit disappointed, so I asked for another main…

Please note there was no second bread service and I was not offered new cutlery for my second main either

Seared chicken in thyme jus, roasted zucchini, carrot, bell pepper and pea mash
photo 201311SQ22_0796

Then it was dessert time
Passion fruit mousse cake with passionfruit-mango sauce
photo 201311SQ22_0798

Sharp cheddar, reny picot brie, blue cheese with condiments and crackers
photo 201311SQ22_0801

A selection of fresh fruit
photo 201311SQ22_0802

Near the restrooms are the stairs to the Suites
photo 201311SQ22_0803

The restrooms

The sleeping position is much less confortable than with the seats I had for my two other SQ flights but sill decent
photo 201311SQ22_0808

Enough for a 3 hours nap until we were flying above Manchester UK
photo 201311SQ22_0809

Then about 1 hour and half before landing it was breakfast time
The table was dressed with the usual butter cup
photo 201311SQ22_0810

A selection of fresh fruit
photo 201311SQ22_0812

Fresh but not ripe
photo 201311SQ22_0813

Assorted breakfast rolls
photo 201311SQ22_0814

The croissant was too industrial
photo 201311SQ22_0815

Not hot dish !

We began the descent

The winglet
photo 201311SQ22_0822

Looking at the pillow disjointed and at this long hair, you could imagine that it was a wild night;)
Don't !

Soft landing behind schedule when this LH cargo was taking off
photo 201311SQ22_0832

Long taxi to the gate
LH 747-8
photo 201311SQ22_0834

AC (dedicated to AirCanada881)
photo 201311SQ22_0835

A NH 787

Pax to SIN in transit had to leave the aircraft

A last view of 9V-SKK
photo 201311SQ22_0843
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Independent The Oasis


New York - JFK


Frankfurt - FRA



Another good flight with SQ.

Not very different from the two others but these flights didn't match my expectations, probably too high because to my eyes SQ was the benchmark

The catering was still disappointing, especially as I have so many incredible memories of great SQ meals, as I already noted in my previous SQ FRs.

A big thumb down : no hot dish for breakfast

Information on the route New York (JFK) Frankfurt (FRA)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Singapore Airlines avec 8.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 8 heures et 20 minutes.

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  • Comment 93577 by
    Flysim 517 Comments
    Thanks for this report !

    To me, this lounge don't really deserve EY and SQ even more if we look closer at the majority of other carriers using it.

    A nice flight with Singapore with a great product, but that's a pity some details just spoil the journey a bit. For instance, I can't imagine there was no hot dish for breakfast as you said.

    Concerning dinner, how about the chicken ? (And oh that butter, please don't. lol)

    I didn't see this album from Massive Attack contained a song called Atlas Air, nice music to hear while taxiing though.

    The pillow. lol

    Thank you again for sharing ;)
  • Comment 93581 by
    pititom GOLD 11491 Comments
    Thank you for this new episode :)

    The terminal work equals what they should do at LAX : destroy and rebirth ! The lounge is quite ok (please do not misunderstand me, here again I lower my expectation because it's the USA where you can be extactic about a lounge because Premium Drinks are only $8). The offering is very indian-style (looks like LHR T4 ^^)

    Beer's selection not attractive ?? There's Bud Light :D !!

    The seat really looks huge on the overhead picture. Too bad you have to sleep across ^^

    The bubble picture is great and innovative :)

    The whole catering looks totally ex-USA and doesn't bring any superlative in mind. Was the 2010 dish ex-USA too ?

    All in all, maybe the best option from USA to Europe, even if it doesn't live up to your expectations (when I was a kid, I had a hot meal from CDG to BCN with AF in Y...)
    • Comment 284469 by
      lagentsecret AUTHOR 12184 Comments
      Thanks to be my devil's advocate, one more time ;)
      The 2010's Rack of Lamb was ex-SIN
      BTW I wasn't a kid anymore three years ago !
      Anyway I agree with you, it's certainly the best option from USA east coast to Europe, whatever the class you're travelling.
  • Comment 93591 by
    Bargi62 SILVER 3586 Comments
    Thanks for this report and good flight.
    As show in the previous flight not every thing is perfect especially breakfast but it's a great product and service from US.
  • Comment 93593 by
    Durian 1171 Comments
    Thanks for sharing !
    There must be 2-3 *A lounges in JFK, you wanted to try this one specifically ?
    Once one realizes this is a US lounge, the F&B is not so bad. The plastic cutlery is a big NO !
    Surprising the boarding was not well organized ? No traditional 3 lines for Suites, J and other ?
    First time I see a breakfast so « light » (read sad) in J.
    I wouldn’t like the timing of this flight, too early to sleep.
  • Comment 93598 by
    GASQKL 23 Comments
    This certainly looks very diferrent with my own experience when this flight was still flown by a B744. The quality of SQ's catering has indeed gone down so much. For someone who is based in Singapore and flies out on SQ very often, I am just sad that this is happening with SQ. Most of the time, what saves the SQ flight is the crew especially the senior ones. They are still one of the best set of crews in the industry.
  • Comment 93601 by
    Papoumada GOLD 7321 Comments
    SQ offers a quality product.

    However, is it due to higher expectations or memories from the past, reading your reports of your 3 legs with them gives an impression of deception all through the way.

    To be honnest, what you have been given looks just average compared to what Durian might have had on the flights he reported.

    Anyway, ad far the spring still runs with Bollinger, there is not much to complain about !

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Comment 93671 by
    AirCanada881 1616 Comments
    Thanks for this report 007 and for the dedicace :)

    I feel that SIA has failed to deliver what you've anticipated so much to experience with this flight. It seems every airline nowadays is attempting to cut corners and it's really sad. That being said, as you said SQ is the benchmark and their service always leaves some sort of WOW effect especially for passengers like me who aren't so lucky to be travelling in forward cabins.

    The A380 remains a fascinating machine, one day hopefully I can fly on one :D
  • Comment 93779 by
    A380B77W 4295 Comments
    Thanks for this very good FR :)

    9V-SKK is my SQ A380, I saw his cockpit :D !!!!!

    SQ is still SQ, but it's not accepable to have a disappointed catering in their flights :(
  • Comment 93804 by
    East African 1592 Comments
    Very nice FR with, according to others' reviews, the best airline in the world!
    At this level every detail counts, and the Bollinger is a nice detail ;-) thanks
  • Comment 93819 by
    KL651 TEAM 4534 Comments
    Wow one again your flights with SQ didn't sound really good, or at least that's the reader's perception.
    It's mostly the meals who seem to have been average on all your flights.
    For the rest, it remains classy and confortable mais not top notch.
    Thanks for this FR.
  • Comment 94071 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thanks for sharing another great and detailed report on this iconic carrier.

    It's about time that JFK updates some of its terminals. I agree with Pititom that LAX should be completely demolished and start all over. What a disgrace for a U.S. gateway airport.

    It seems that SQ has been suffering from catering issues and my flight from HKG-SFO a few days ago was not perfect either. My lamb dish could have used a better presentation and there were no chocolates with the tea at the end of the meal, even though this was described on the menu.

    Despite these shortcomings, SQ is a great way to fly.

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